Joe Bravo registered his 5,000th win in ’15. Photo by Bill Denver/EQUI-PHOTO.

The latest Top Midlantic Jockey and Trainer ranks are out, current through racing action of August 23.

Among trainers, Bernie Houghton remains at the head of the class, while jockey Joe Bravo has moved to a narrow advantage over last week’s leader, Edwin Gonzalez, who is in second. Riding a moderate schedule, Bravo has won with 22 of 74 starters at Monmouth Park and has 5.102 ratings points – just ahead of the 4.958 accrued by Gonzalez.

Houghton has 4.770 points to lead runner-up John McKee. Anthony Farrior, second last week, dropped to third.

The ranks are compiled by comparing the performance of each trainer or jockey in three metrics – win percentage, earnings per start, and $2 wagering return on investment – to the average of the top 25 jockeys or trainers by starts at that track. The average of the top 25 jockeys at each track ranges from approximately 2.43 points to 2.64 points, while that for trainers falls between 2.39 and 2.66 points.

The formula also includes a component designed to reduce scores for trainers and jockeys who have raced significantly less frequently than average in the region in order to give more credence to larger sample sizes. Thus, for example, Ben Perkins, Jr. would have led the trainer standings, but he’s had only 22 at Monmouth, about half of the average in the region. That knocks him down to fourth overall with 4.566 points.

The list includes racing action from May 15 through August 23. Jockeys with fewer than 20 starts and trainers with fewer than 17 starts do not qualify.


1Bravo Joe5.1027422
2Gonzalez Edwin4.95814147
3Bocachica Arnaldo4.62218456
4Hiraldo Christian4.48912926
5Castillo Angel4.28210220
6Pennington Frankie4.08011527
7Alvarado Jr Roberto E4.0419017
8Mccarthy Trevor3.93323453
9Lopez Paco3.87615942
10Karamanos Horacio3.83318132
11Russell Sheldon3.82811021
12Sanchez Mychel J3.81416534
13Cedeno Carol3.77021045
14Suarez Angel3.70318931
15Toledo Jevian3.70221737
16Crispin Alexander3.70211226
17Laprida Jeremy3.6816313
18Pimentel Julian3.57410618
19Beato Inoel3.55010318
20Acosta J D3.47913721
21Vargas Jr Jorge A3.4668311
22Latchman Reshawn3.45619532
23Gallardo Antonio A3.44611821
24Thorpe Darius3.39710919
25Ho Wesley3.33813322
26Peterson Ferrin3.31011424
27Caballero Hector3.287599
28Chiappe Ricardo3.22010116
29Lynch Feargal3.1386112
30Perez Xavier3.13614721
31Cruz Angel3.10514720
32Peltroche Fredy3.0948511
33Lopez Antonio3.09017321
34Almodovar Gerald3.08714423
35Rodriguez Angel R3.07310516
36Marquez Charlie3.03719527
37Silvera Ruben3.03313919
38Rodriguez Jaime3.02710517
39Wolfsont Andrew3.0178713
40Ferrer Jose C2.98411016
41Boyce Forest2.9609115
42Diaz Vladimir2.8657110
43Haddock Dexter2.83210812
44Batista Luis A2.72714720
45Rosales Victor2.69610711
46Nunez Anthony Y2.6918110
47Cora David2.6919312
48Otero William P2.6786611
49Mejia Tomas B2.6628911
50Hernandez Julio A2.64813322
51Conner Tyler2.49014217
52Carrasco Victor R2.486899
53Larrosa Gustavo2.48511112
54Nguyen Jason2.459338
55Gonzalez Silvestre2.4389310
56Ocasio Luis M2.4229411
57Gomez Kevin2.3931219
58Juarez Nik2.38910814
59Adorno Abner2.37314516
60Lyapustina Tais2.369658
61Diaz Jr Sunday2.36018021
62Maldonado Ramon R2.299918
63Villegas Jerry2.278849
64Montanez Rosario2.233707
65Pedroza Brian2.233529
66Montano Jose2.230448
67Ruiz Jorge2.18911411
68Rodriguezcastro LA2.177619
69Delgado Carlos J2.15113913
70Inirio Maicol J2.13010811
71Cintron Alex2.12918621
72Garcia Wilmer A2.122939
73Scampton Brittany2.079634
74Diaz Jr Hector R2.07314418
75Trotman Keimar2.0671069
76Hamilton Weston2.0181328
77Castillo Isaac2.01111311
78Rosado Johan1.99612311
79Ortiz Yomar Orlando1.9611189
80Torres Jomar1.93212410
81Milan Gerardo1.876918
82Bowman Adam1.843837
83Coa Keiber J1.841527
84Rivera Javier1.777517
85Rodriguez Victor1.776995
86Whitney Dana G1.757845
87Davis Katie1.647525
88Labarre Rebecca G1.597596
89Whisman Avery1.5591108
90Simpson Jason1.4901086
91Schneider Joseph1.477675
92Rivera Edwin1.443995
93Morales Kelvin O1.4081066
94Whitacre Grant1.400314
95Mena Raul1.3551049
96Panaijo Jorge1.334602
97Corujo Leonardo1.307484
98Medina Jaime1.189583
99Spanabel Skyler1.169594
100Villa-Gomez Huber1.158304
101Hernandez Carlos J1.1411066
102Vargas Jr Jorge L1.020573
103Maragh Romero Ramsay1.005635
104Hernandez Jann N0.994404
105Mangalee Navin0.900443
106Rocha Wladimir0.898852
107Rosado Roberto J0.898513
108Betancourt Jose R0.890532
109Flores Jr Laureano0.874522
110Batista Jose A0.852563
111Chaves Manuel0.792312
112Centeno Daniel0.787503
113Salgado Anthony0.752563
114Rodriguez Edilberto0.733322
115Lopez Charles C0.724294
116Bisono John0.715273
117Davis Jacqueline A0.662502
118Halliday Vince0.640522
119Berticelli Lucas E0.612552
120Marrero Carlos0.601662
121DeCarlo Christopher P0.529202
122Garcia Wilfredo J0.419242
123Rojas Jose F0.264541

The jockey rankings look fairly similar to last week’s. The top five all were in the top five a week ago, with only the order jumbled. Angel Castillo, second a week ago, drops to fifth, while, of course, Bravo displaces Gonzalez atop the list.

Among the second five, two riders who were among the top 10 a week ago have dropped out of the top list. Mychel Sanchez (sixth a week ago) and Alexander Crispin (ninth) both fell from the top 10, Sanchez to 12th and Crispin to 16th. They were replaced by newcomers Roberto Alvarado (7th), who has 17 wins at Delaware Park; and Horacio Karamanos (10th). The veteran Karamanos leads all Laurel Park riders with 32 wins.


1Houghton T Bernard B4.7705415
2McKee John D4.7177019
3Farrior Anthony4.6075219
4Perkins Jr Benjamin W4.5662210
5Stidham Michael4.4034813
6Casey James W4.2845212
7Huston Rory K4.275518
8Robb John J4.2716517
9Kulp Brandon L4.1794916
10Breen Kelly J3.6946116
11Demasi K A3.5038618
12Dilodovico Damon R3.4526414
13McBurney Patrick B3.433538
14Kreiser Timothy C3.4016517
15Vazquez Juan C3.3636112
16Hollendorfer Jerry3.300329
17Coker Jr Gerald A3.278346
18Pickett Crystal G3.251519
19Shanley Timothy3.244406
20Casey John A3.2356010
21Grams Timothy C3.2115411
22Rubley Kelly3.183468
23Lynch Cathal A3.183449
24Martin Silvio L3.174347
25Ness Jamie3.17426664
26Russell Brittany3.148339
27Salvaggio Mark V3.1274010
28Robertson McLean3.1236214
29Figgins III Ollie L3.1207717
30Coletti Jr Edward J3.101446
31Trombetta Michael J3.0907111
32Carlisle John C3.0745010
33Motion H Graham3.039346
34Delgado Jose H3.0215614
35Potts Wayne3.0218814
36Vega Richard3.018346
37Runco Jeff C2.98615630
38Gonzalez Claudio A2.98320137
39Pecoraro Anthony2.950298
40Dini Michael2.928419
41Camejo Jose M2.896417
42Mcclellan Erin C2.838407
43Graci Kimberly A2.8276412
44Walters David2.811386
45Reid Mark J2.790289
46Merryman Ann W2.754374
47Wyner Harold2.714336
48Keefe Timothy L2.703325
49Whylie Herold O2.692317
50Servis John C2.661307
51Pino Michael V2.589509
52Farro Patricia2.5537912
53Simoff Andrew L2.510237
54Smith Hamilton A2.487656
55Contreras Javier2.4858210
56Mcmahon Demelza2.470367
57Schoenthal Phil2.410384
58Cibelli Jane2.392367
59Corrales Jose2.3796311
60McMahon Hugh I2.324618
61Ferreira Fernando2.304193
62Capuano Dale2.281548
63Diaz Jorge2.275416
64Sanchez-Salomon R2.171396
65Johnston Robert JW2.153246
66Stites Flint W2.136546
67Lake Scott A2.10410012
68Gaudet Lacey2.094444
69Brown Ronney W2.06714417
70Sacco Gregory D2.049294
71O'Dwyer Jeremiah2.007355
72Caison Jody L2.002345
73Lucas Anthony2.000335
74Kravets Bruce M2.000466
75Klesaris Steve1.956245
76Stehr Joseph P1.928323
77Gorham Michael E1.926325
78Magee Kieron1.923618
79Mancilla Carlos A1.919442
80Velazquez Daniel1.907296
81Milian Carlos J1.901385
82Carvajal Jr Luis1.880415
83Hogan William J1.858232
84Linder Jr Louis C1.844548
85Tobin Edwin L1.746483
86Bennett Gerald S1.724364
87Jones Jr Michael E1.696554
88Sweezey J Kent1.667345
89Rodriguez Franklin1.659163
90Reynolds Joan A1.658335
91Guerrero Juan Carlos1.653294
92Potts Jr Ron G1.634293
93Rodriguez Paige1.629213
94Spina Chuck1.590403
95Albright George R1.543253
96Reid Jr Robert E1.514253
97Stephens John D1.484233
98Obed-Letts Keturah E1.459373
99White Donald R1.456322
100Taylor Joseph1.347535
101Compton Greg1.335204
102Joy Kevin J1.327354
103Soto Carlos1.319274
104Salvaggio Jr M W1.299272
105Collins Timothy M1.270462
106Dominguez Mario A1.200353
107Mosco Robert1.194323
108Zalalas Michael1.192362
109Moore Michael M1.166222
110O'Connell Kathleen1.087243
111Madrigal Sr Rodrigo1.040272
112Bailes W Robert1.036352
113Allen III A Ferris1.025462
114Correa Jr Alex A0.972403
115Delacour Arnaud0.933212
116Serey Jr Mario0.822332
117Gaffney Hubert0.783192
118Mazza Joseph W0.765271
119Ippolito Mark0.712161
120Pimental John I0.700292
121Bennett Dale0.678193
122Sinnefia Paulina0.675182
123Caruso Nick Joseph0.671222
124Morrow Shaun C0.645182
125Oliva Robert0.633252
126Boggs M Joanna0.581341
127Ryan Derek S0.489331
128Geist David W0.446171
129Bobadilla Jose F0.445491
130Einhorn Skip0.416431
131Shea Timothy H0.334181

The trainer rankings likewise look substantially similar to last week’s edition. Bernie Houghton retains the top spot, and eight of the top 10 were among the top 10 last week.

Kathleen DeMasi and Gerald Coker, eighth and 10th, respectively, last week both fell out of the top 10. DeMasi is now 11th, while Coker fell to 17th place. Their spots in the top 10 were taken by a pair of Monmouth-based trainers in Rory Huston (now seventh) and Kelly Breen (10th). Huston, with eight wins from 51 starts, builds his strong standing on a preposterously good ROI: +130%. He’s had winners that were 13-1, 14-1, and 68-1 (!) thus far at the meet.

Breen leads all Monmouth trainers by wins, with 16, and starts, with 61. He has good numbers in win percentage (26%) and earnings per start ($8,016).