Sheldon Russell
Jockey Sheldon Russell. Photo Jim McCue, Maryland Jockey Club.

Jockey Arnaldo Bocachica has run away from his Charles Town rivals in pretty much every statistical category – among them our Top Midlantic Jockey rankings for the track.

The rankings which take into account win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. Specific to each track, they compare each jockey to the average at the track, with the higher the score, the better.

The averages for the currently operating tracks are in a very narrow band, ranging from a low of 2.62 at Parx Racing to a high of 2.70 at Charles Town Races. Jockeys who make fewer starts than the average at a given track see their scores reduced to minimize the impact on the standings of a trainer who wins with, say, two of four starters.


With just two days of live racing to go at Charles Town, Bocachica will take home top honors easily. He has 4.55 points, which leaves him more than 1.0 points clear of runner-up Christian Hiraldo (3.50).

Bocachica’s 157 wins are more than twice the number earned by any other rider, and his earnings per start, more than $5,000, are also well more than any other CT regular. And even with 532 starts, his wagering return on investment, -20%, is slightly above average at the track.

Of the CT regulars, the top jock in terms of wagering ROI is Fredy Peltroche. With 268 mounts, Peltroche has returned bettors a profit of +26%. That helps Peltroche reach third in our rankings with 3.47 points, and he’s followed by Denis Araujo (3.43) and Gerald Almodovar (3.37).

1Bocachica Arnaldo4.55
2Hiraldo Christian3.50
3Peltroche Fredy3.47
4Araujo Denis3.43
5Almodovar Gerald3.37
6Acosta J D3.33
7Ho Wesley3.30
8Latchman Reshawn3.20
9Montano Jose3.07
10Lopez Antonio2.95
11Thorpe Darius2.90
12Batista Luis A2.83
13Diaz Jr Sunday2.55
14Delgado Carlos J2.53
15Maldonado Ramon R2.33
16Villegas Jerry2.25
17Larrosa Gustavo2.24
18Rodriguez Victor2.06
19Trotman Keimar2.02
20Marrero Carlos2.01
21Simpson Jason1.71
22Carmouche III S J1.67
23Morales Kelvin O1.31
24Rocha Wladimir1.29
25Rivera Javier1.28
26Schneider Joseph0.93
27Mayhew Glenmore W0.41
28Whitacre Grant0.41
29Ortiz Yomar Orlando0.34
30Gomez Kevin0.24
31Betancourt Jose R0.19
32Hamilton Weston0.17
33Diaz Carlos A0.17
34Olmo Christian J0.12
35Cruz Angel0.10
36Toledo Jevian0.10
37Halliday Vince0.09
38Burgos Alberto0.09
39Perez Xavier0.08
40Whisman Avery0.05


Just as his wife Brittany Russell is leading the Laurel Park trainer standings, jockey Sheldon Russell is in charge in our jockey rankings for Laurel Park.

Russell, who leads the track in win, win percentage, earnings, and earnings per start, has 5.84 points. That gives him a solid lead over Jorge Ruiz, who is second with 5.07 points. They are followed by Victor Rosales (4.15), Jevian Toledo (4.11), and Victor Carrasco (3.90).

Russell has even managed to return bettors more than they wagered on him, generating an ROI of +34%. In that area, however, Rosales (+79%) and Ruiz (+58%) clearly have the edge.

Laurel has five days left in its 2020 season.

1Russell Sheldon5.84
2Ruiz Jorge5.07
3Rosales Victor4.15
4Toledo Jevian4.11
5Carrasco Victor R3.90
6Crispin Alexander3.59
7Perez Xavier3.18
8Cruz Angel3.09
9Rosado Johan3.08
10Mccarthy Trevor3.02
11Davis Katie3.01
12Karamanos Horacio2.53
13Pimentel Julian2.52
14Ortiz Yomar Orlando2.23
15Gomez Kevin1.95
16Cintron Alex1.87
17Hamilton Weston1.81
18Corujo Leonardo1.71
19Acosta J D1.71
20Boyce Forest1.59
21Lyapustina Tais1.48
22Chirinos Roimes1.45
23Centeno Daniel1.28
24Cedeno Carol1.21
25Whitacre Grant1.16
26Glaser Lauralea1.14
27Rodriguez Jaime1.12
28Garcia Luis1.08
29Labarre Rebecca G1.08
30Cortez Alcibiades C0.52
31Joyce Jonathan0.47
32Suarez Angel0.36
33Evans Cecily0.34
34Betancourt Jose R0.31
35Correa Julio0.29


The Parx Racing jockey standings – at the top, at any rate – look remarkably like the win standings.

Meet leader Mychel Sanchez also owns the top spot in our jockey rankings. Sanchez, who has won 125 races at the Bensalem oval this year, also leads our jockey rankings with 4.42 points. That gives him the boost over Ruben Silvera (3.87 points) and Frankie Pennington (3.82).

They are followed at the top by Angel Castillo (3.45) and Jeremy Laprida (3.44). The top seven jockeys by wins are also the top seven in our Parx rankings, though in slightly modified order.

Sanchez builds his edge on solid overall numbers. His 21% strike rate is the highest among Parx regulars, and his earnings per start of $5,531 is just behind Pennington’s $5,589 for the lead among regulars. Even his wagering ROI of -1% is among the top regulars at the track.

The ROI leader among jockeys with more than 20 starts at Parx is Hector Caballero, who has a +20% ROI in 203 starts. Caballero is ninth overall with 2.81 points.

Parx has six days of live racing left in its season.

1Sanchez Mychel J4.42
2Silvera Ruben3.87
3Pennington Frankie3.82
4Castillo Angel3.45
5Laprida Jeremy3.44
6Rodriguez Angel R3.39
7Gonzalez Silvestre2.99
8Ocasio Luis M2.85
9Caballero Hector2.81
10Nunez Anthony Y2.71
11Frey Kyle2.69
12Bisono John2.57
13Rivera Edwin2.54
14Nguyen Jason2.50
15Milan Gerardo2.45
16Rosado Roberto J2.43
17Haddock Dexter2.43
18Rodriguezcastro LA2.26
19Salgado Anthony1.97
20Torres Jomar1.89
21Esquivel Emmanuel1.88
22Garcia Wilfredo J1.78
23Bowman Adam1.68
24Ocasio Jonathan1.66
25Hernandez Jann N1.62
26Adorno Abner1.59
27Mangalee Navin1.51
28Flores Jr Laureano1.47
29Arroyo Angel S1.38
30Rivera Luis D1.07
31Cedeno Carol1.04
32Carmouche Kendrick1.02
33Cruz Joel0.86
34Rodriguez Jaime0.84
35Vargas Jr Jorge A0.82
36Burke Jermaine0.76
37Villanueva Luis G0.63
38Gonzalez Jorge Luis0.62
39Conner Tyler0.59
40Rosado Johan0.54
41Lopez Erick0.53
42DeCarlo Christopher P0.41
43Lopez Paco0.37
44Perez Jorge M0.34
45Worrie Andre S0.33
46Castillo Jr Angel0.29
47Gutierrez Reylu0.29
48Felix Jr Javier M0.27
49Sarmiento Rigo0.25
50Pinero Felix A0.24
51Flores Emilio0.22
52Castillo David0.19
53Halliday Vince0.19
54Flores Adrian0.19
55Torres Wesley0.19
56McCarron Matthew Otis0.18
57Hole Taylor M0.18
58Gonzalez Edwin0.16
59Wood George0.14
60Wolfsont Andrew0.14
61Vasquez Rolando0.14
62Mejia Tomas B0.13
63Rosales Victor0.11
64Diaz Jr Hector R0.09


No jockey has a longer lead in our rankings than does Edwin Gonzalez at Penn National. Gonzalez has 5.16 points; that’s nearly a point-and-a-half ahead of second-place Tyler Conner, who has 3.70.

Those two are followed by Inoel Beato (3.35), Ricardo Chiappe (3.19), and Andrew Wolfsont (3.18).

Penn is currently scheduled to have five more live racing cards in 2020.

Gonzalez has 164 wins in Grantville. That’s more than twice as many as any other rider there; Conner is second with 81.

Gonzalez also leads regular riders at the track in win percentage (34%) and earnings per start ($4,944). His wagering ROI of -4% is well above the track average of -24%. The leader in that category at Penn is Brittany Scampton, whose 18 winners have generated a +25% ROI. Scampton is 11th overall in the standings with 2.25 points.

All numbers are based on “Statsmaster” data.

1Gonzalez Edwin5.16
2Conner Tyler3.70
3Beato Inoel3.35
4Chiappe Ricardo3.19
5Wolfsont Andrew3.18
6Hernandez Julio A2.88
7Cora David2.80
8Diaz Vladimir2.79
9Otero William P2.71
10Inirio Maicol J2.67
11Scampton Brittany2.25
12Whitney Dana G1.93
13Corujo Wilfredo1.88
14Davis Jacqueline A1.81
15Rodriguez Edilberto1.73
16Rojas Jose F1.64
17Chaves Manuel1.53
18Flores Emilio1.36
19Silvera Ruben1.15
20Vargas Jr Jorge L1.11
21Rodriguez Angel R0.83
22Lloyd John W0.70
23Sheroski Stephanie E0.63
24Baker Christopher J0.55
25Esquivel Emmanuel0.48
26Garcia Wilfredo J0.44
27Arroyo Angel S0.38
28Corujo Leonardo0.36
29Toledo Jevian0.33
30Halliday Vince0.30
31Cruz Joel0.29
32Albright Kaylia0.25
33Marquez Charlie0.25
34Nunez Anthony Y0.25
35Frey Kyle0.24
36Mangalee Navin0.22
37Hamilton Weston0.21
38Gonzalez Silvestre0.21
39Haddock Dexter0.21
40Milan Gerardo0.20
41Davis Katie0.18
42Bowman Adam0.17
43Torres Jomar0.17
44Flores Jr Laureano0.17
45Russell Sheldon0.16
46Whisman Avery0.16
47Salgado Anthony0.15
48Mccarthy Trevor0.15
49Nguyen Jason0.14
50Vanek Helen Marie0.13
51Ruiz Jorge0.13
52Perez Xavier0.13