Guadalupe Preciado
Trainer Guadalupe Preciado got the 2,000th earlier this year. Photo by Photo By Barbara Weidl/EQUI-PHOTO.

Trainer Brittany Russell has a very narrow advantage in the win column at the current Laurel Park meet. Her 22 wins have her one ahead of Claudio Gonzalez, who has 21, with seven days left in the meet.

But in our trainer rankings, which take into account win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment, she’s going to take the meet for fun. Russell has 6.01 points – well clear of Mike Stidham, who’s second with 4.60. In fact, her total is the highest of any trainer in the Mid-Atlantic.

The rankings, which are specific to each track, compare each trainer to the average at the track, with the higher the score, the better. The average for the currently operating tracks ranges from a low of 2.27 at Laurel Park to a high of 2.46 at Penn National. Trainers who make fewer starts than the average at a given track see their scores reduced to minimize the impact on the standings of a trainer who wins with, say, two of four starters.


A pair of trainers with very high win percentages top the CT standings with just three race cards to go.

Kevin Patterson, who’s winning at a 39% clip there, has 5.08 points, while Anthony Farrior (32%) is second with 4.54.

They’re followed by John McKee – with 4.43 points, the only other trainer with a score above four – Tim Grams, and Jeff Runco. Runco Is by far the leading trainer in wins, with 91, and purse earnings (over $2 million).

Among the trainers who’ve made at least 50 starts, Tim Shanley is far and away the leader in wagering ROI. A bettor playing all 113 of his local starters would have nearly doubled his money; Shanley has a +86% ROI. Overall, Shanley is 25th overall with a score of 2.30.

1Patterson Kevin S5.08
2Farrior Anthony4.54
3McKee John D4.43
4Grams Timothy C3.80
5Runco Jeff C3.49
6Casey James W3.34
7Carlisle John C3.22
8Magee Kieron3.20
9Figgins III Ollie L3.10
10Brown Ronney W2.95
11Pickett Crystal G2.91
12Craig Jr Lewis E2.86
13Contreras Javier2.85
14Walters David2.82
15Allen Jeffrey S2.76
16Coker Jr Gerald A2.71
17Weeks Michael Lee2.69
18Viands Stacey R2.62
19Rideouttii Anthony M2.62
20Casey John A2.60
21Stehr Joseph P2.58
22Haynes Ernest M2.56
23Reynolds Joan A2.52
24Ramosagosto Miguel2.49
25Shanley Timothy2.30
26Greaves Vernon2.21
27Dunham Bernard G2.18
28Lucas Anthony2.17
29Hurley Jack2.11
30O'Dwyer Jeremiah2.06
31Davis Russell E2.03
32Mangual Manolo2.02
33Comi Jr Ralph W2.01
34Caison Jody L1.99
35Groves Janice1.99
36Sandoval Michael1.98
37Butts Mike E1.96
38Velez Irving1.95
39Dollinger-Stehr L1.93
40Jones Jr Michael E1.85
41Pyke Joseph1.84
42Campbell Marshall T1.79
43Hanagan Lela G1.72
44Gazzier Kristy1.71
45Joy Kevin J1.70
46Adams Douglas S1.63
47Larrosa Analia R1.63
48Perez Ernesto1.63
49Correa Jr Alex A1.58
50Ingram Adam L1.56
51Viands Gregory1.53
52West Aaron M1.53
53Mcentee Paul1.51
54Schneider Geoffrey L1.48
55Atkins William Earl1.45
56Keller Christopher M1.43
57Pennella Rhea M1.43
58Downie Lofflin1.41
59Potts Wayne1.36
60Locklear James Dean1.35
61Boggs M Joanna1.35
62Alsbrookiii Joseph B1.34
63Kravets Bruce M1.33
64Collins Timothy M1.32
65Tobin Edwin L1.27
66Aylor Jr William L1.25
67Capuano Dale1.22
68Gonzalez Claudio A1.19
69Obed-Letts Keturah E1.15
70Kopecki Sara E1.14
71Johnson Dewayne C1.09
72Barber Donald C1.09
73Cruz Jesus1.08
74Feliciano Jr B M1.06
75Laster Robert B1.06
76Bass Curtis W1.05
77Sterling Michael E1.05
78Williams Abdul1.00
79King Yolonda Y0.98
80Schottroffe Edward T0.97
81Epley Jr Steve0.95
82Sillaman Richard P0.94
83Deiter Kelly Lynn0.91
84Meehan Elizabeth E0.89
85Aylor Natasha L0.89
86Frock Charles L0.89
87Stahlin John L0.84
88Capellini John A0.80
89Atkins Michael G0.74
90Rawlings Amanda C0.69
91Hess Jacob G0.68
92Schoenthal Phil0.67
93Stites Flint W0.63
94Delong Ben0.58
95Milosevic Milan0.56
96Robb John J0.49
97Macerola Alfonso0.49
98Frock Charles A0.48
99Chapman James K0.48
100Class Raymond0.46


Russell’s long lead in the standings at Laurel is built in part on her gaudy 52% strike rate at the meet (22-for-42). Among trainers with at least 20 starts, she’s also by far the leader in earnings per start; her runners have brought $16,426 per start – more than double Gary Capuano, who’s second among those with at least 20 starts at the meet with just less than $8,200 per start.

Capuano is third in the rankings with a score of 3.88. That puts him just ahead of Jerry O’Dwyer (3.72) and Ricardo D’Angelo (3.65), who round out the top five.

D’Angelo leads all trainers who’ve made at least 10 starts in wagering ROI. His runners have a +157% ROI.

1Russell Brittany6.01
2Stidham Michael4.60
3Capuano Gary3.88
4O'Dwyer Jeremiah3.72
5D'Angelo Ricardo3.65
6Gaudet Lacey3.54
7Corrales Jose3.34
8Proctor Thomas F3.29
9McMahon Hugh I3.29
10Sillaman Richard P3.22
11Farrior Anthony3.21
12Capuano Dale3.18
13Vera Miguel3.10
14Cox Kenneth M2.90
15Gonzalez Claudio A2.87
16Lynch Cathal A2.85
17Sanchez-Salomon R2.77
18Nixon Justin J2.66
19Rubley Kelly2.61
20Serey Jr Mario2.60
21Robb John J2.59
22Smith Hamilton A2.58
23DeMario Charles A2.46
24Heil Nancy B2.42
25Frock Charles L2.37
26Weaver George2.31
27Reid Mark J2.25
28Tessore Bruno2.22
29Delacour Arnaud2.06
30Eppler Mary E2.04
31Eubanks Annette M1.97
32Vick Timothy M1.92
33Ness Jamie1.91
34Schoenthal Phil1.86
35Dilodovico Damon R1.84
36Lake Scott A1.82
37Salazar Marco P1.80
38Magee Kieron1.80
39Allard Edward T1.80
40Morgan Carla L1.77
41Trombetta Michael J1.76
42Bennett Dale1.74
43Bailes W Robert1.70
44Thomas Jonathan1.70
45Duarte Jr Jorge1.64
46Smith Valrie1.51
47Mancilla Carlos A1.43
48Englehart Jeremiah C1.42
49Depaz Horacio1.41
50Pickett Crystal G1.39
51Geralis Emanuel J1.38
52Maldonado Jonathan1.37
53Reid Jr Robert E1.37
54Asmussen Steven M1.36
55Albert Linda L1.34
56Cooney Susan S1.33
57Wilson Gregory L1.30
58McGaughey III C R1.25
59Salzman Sr John E1.25
60Matz Michael R1.24
61Motion H Graham1.22
62Robertson McLean1.19
63Allen III A Ferris1.18
64Savoye Jacqueline1.18
65Perkins Jr Benjamin W1.10
66Rodriguez Rudy R1.09
67Houghton T Bernard B1.05
68Merryman Ann W1.02
69Fout Paul Douglas1.02
70Campbell William A0.96
71Graham Robin L0.94
72Vukelic Robert S0.94
73Aguirre Anthony0.93
74Shuman Mark0.92
75Rodriguez Paige0.91
76McMullen Marilyn G0.90
77Casey James M0.89
78Feliciano Jr B M0.89
79Dove Jr Kevin0.88
80Hall Aimee D0.84
81Doran Carl0.82
82Rice Darci0.79
83Runco Jeff C0.76
84Rawles Alcina0.71
85Trujillo Elvis0.70
86David Carlos A0.69
87Caiazzo Corby0.69
88Beattie Todd M0.67
89Breen Kelly J0.67
90Abbottiii Francis0.66
91Pletcher Todd A0.64
92Albertrani Thomas0.63
93Lynch Anthony C0.63
94Gorham Michael E0.58
95Merryman Michael0.58
96Englehart Chris J0.56
97Samaniego Jose I0.55
98Demasi K A0.54
99Compton Greg0.51
100Haynes Ernest M0.49


Guadalupe Preciado registered his 2,000th career victory earlier in 2020, and he’s on the cusp of finishing the year as the top-ranked trainer at the track.

Preciado, whose runners are winning at a 29% clip, has 5.16 points. That gives him a narrow edge over meet wins leader Jamie Ness (103 wins from 324 starters), who has 4.95.

Parx has six days of live racing to go in the year.

Preciado and Ness are followed in the standings by Tyler Servis (4.37 points), Marcos Zulueta (4.00), and Juan Carlos Guerrero (3.72).

Preciado’s lead is built on strong numbers in every metric: a solid win percentage, earnings per start of $7,627 which are among the highest at the track, and a +17% ROI.

1Preciado Guadalupe5.16
2Ness Jamie4.95
3Servis J Tyler4.37
4Zulueta Marcos4.00
5Guerrero Juan Carlos3.72
6Servis John C3.53
7Flores-Coba Felix L3.40
8Pino Michael V3.13
9Demasi K A3.13
10Wyner Harold3.10
11Soto Carlos3.04
12Mosco Robert2.98
13Dominguez Mario A2.97
14Vega Richard2.95
15Taylor Joseph2.90
16Moore Michael M2.87
17Gonzalez Claudio A2.86
18Linder Jr Louis C2.83
19Abrams Ronald B2.80
20Martin Silvio L2.79
21Brennan Regina2.61
22Vazquez Juan C2.53
23Lake Scott A2.47
24Farro Patricia2.40
25Coletti Jr Edward J2.40
26White Donald R2.40
27Milian Carlos J2.35
28Velazquez Alfredo2.34
29Castillo Michelle2.33
30Diaz Jorge2.33
31Smylie Timothy J2.23
32Hawthorne Bobbi Anne2.23
33Guerrero J Guadalupe2.22
34Velazquez Daniel2.18
35Bouchard Leslye G2.14
36Whylie Herold O2.13
37Martinez Alexander2.03
38Catalano Jr Michael L1.96
39McCaslin John S1.91
40Reid Jr Robert E1.90
41Reese Cynthia G1.90
42Rodriguez John M1.90
43Montoya Marya K1.86
44Pearce Penny1.81
45Betancourt Jr Eli1.79
46Jones Carl C1.78
47Maymo Alejandro1.76
48Allen Randy1.65
49Aristone Philip T1.62
50Breen Kelly J1.62
51Smith Everton1.57
52Englehart Jeffrey S1.49
53Riviezzo Ralph R1.44
54Chacon Gustavo1.43
55Serey Juan1.40
56Solis Jacinto1.29
57Penaloza Miguel1.25
58Brown Jr Howard R1.22
59Padilla-Preciado E1.14
60Correnti Armand W1.14
61Krebs Steven1.13
62Bravo-Estrada Jaime1.10
63Collazo Luis Daniel1.09
64Lawrence Dalton1.09
65St Lewis Uriah1.08
66Mann Farrel1.08
67Taylor Bryant R1.05
68Gallimore Trevor1.04
69Hedus William C0.98
70Dunn John J0.98
71Kreiser Timothy C0.97
72Day Diane M0.92
73Lee Haleem R0.86
74Kirby John T0.84
75Simoff Andrew L0.81
76Delgado Jose H0.79
77Lawrence II James L0.78
78Rohena Rafael Jose0.77
79Pollara Frank L0.77
80Madrigal Sr Rodrigo0.76
81Englehart Jeremiah C0.76
82Houghton T Bernard B0.74
83Huston Rory K0.72
84Stites Flint W0.70
85Sheppard Jonathan E0.70
86Handal Raymond0.68
87Camejo Jose M0.68
88Lott Woodrow C0.67
89Graci Kimberly A0.65
90Nevin Michelle0.61
91Klesaris Steve0.60
92Allen III A Ferris0.58
93Bentley Fenneka T0.56
94Henson Frank0.54
95Hendriks Richard J0.53
96Servis Blane0.52
97Seymour Gerald E0.51
98Cibelli Jane0.44
99Rodriguez Rudy R0.39
100Dunham Bernard G0.34


It’s crowded at the top of the Penn National rankings, where the top seven trainers are all within 0.50 points of the lead.

Penn National has five days left in its meet.

Todd Beattie has the overall standings lead with 4.05 points. But that leaves him with just a narrow edge over Jamie Ness (3.98) and Brandon Kulp (3.96) in the next two spots.

Meet wins leader Tim Kreiser is fourth in the rankings with 3.83 points, and Scott Lake is fifth (3.74).

Not unlike Preciado at Parx, Beattie’s narrow advantage is built on strong performances in all metrics, including a +22% ROI and earnings per start of $3,629, which is well above the track average of $2,715.

All numbers are based on “Statsmaster” data.

1Beattie Todd M4.05
2Ness Jamie3.98
3Kulp Brandon L3.96
4Kreiser Timothy C3.83
5Lake Scott A3.74
6Demasi K A3.67
7Houghton T Bernard B3.57
8Mcmahon Demelza3.34
9Miller Craig S3.33
10Santangelo Brett T3.30
11Synnefias Dimitrios K3.17
12Fenimore Elbert3.03
13Schoenthal Phil3.00
14Stites Flint W2.90
15Graci Kimberly A2.88
16Madrigal Sr Rodrigo2.86
17Johnston Robert JW2.84
18Salvaggio Mark V2.82
19Maymo Jorge J2.82
20Salvaggio Jr M W2.80
21Rodriguez Franklin2.66
22Sheppard Jonathan E2.52
23Zalalas Michael2.23
24Kravets Bruce M2.22
25Lawrence II James L2.19
26Agnew Naoise2.17
27Mcclellan Erin C2.16
28Beattie Cody2.09
29Moreno-Barban L2.04
30Ippolito Mark1.96
31Albright George R1.95
32Ferreira Fernando1.95
33Penaloza Miguel1.95
34Martin Sandee D1.93
35Beattie Ryan1.91
36Merryman Elizabeth M1.78
37Magee Kieron1.72
38Lingenfelter Thomas H1.70
39Sinnefia Paulina1.67
40Stites William P1.67
41Albright Amy1.66
42Shea Timothy H1.65
43Oliva Robert1.64
44Farro Patricia1.52
45Englehart Chris J1.51
46Spina Chuck1.48
47Nunley Randy1.44
48Bobadilla Jose F1.38
49Kotenko Robert1.31
50Moore Michael M1.24
51Velez Irving1.21
52Wames John J1.20
53Crane Dean F1.17
54Stopherd Edwin C1.16
55Meister William S1.16
56Martinez Joey A1.15
57Brown Jr Howard R1.12
58Hendriks Richard J1.08
59Flores Wanda L1.07
60Gerlach Freya1.03
61Rogers J Michael1.00
62Stickler Jr Lester J0.96
63Demeza Donald L0.95
64Compton Greg0.95
65Sillaman Richard P0.94
66Farrior Anthony0.93
67Flores-Coba Felix L0.93
68Merryman Michael0.91
69Taylor Joseph0.91
70Crane Clovis0.90
71Aquino Omar0.87
72Beattie Amanda0.85
73Beattie Jr Richard L0.85
74Reid Mark J0.83
75Gaudet Lacey0.82
76Fernandez Miguel A0.82
77O'Dwyer Jeremiah0.80
78Servideo Cindy0.79
79Potts Wayne0.78
80Fields Kevin J0.76
81Leatherbury King T0.76
82Hawthorne Bobbi Anne0.76
83O'Callaghan Carl0.75
84Zulueta Marcos0.72
85Aristone Philip T0.72
86Feliciano Jr B M0.70
87Sells Rachel0.68
88Chatterpaul Naipaul0.64
89Pattershall Mary A0.59
90Mancilla Carlos A0.59
91Englehart Jeffrey S0.47
92Merryman Ann W0.46
93Harrison Glenn N0.35
94Delacour Arnaud0.35
95Velazquez Daniel0.31
96Sacco Gregory D0.31
97Robb John J0.28
98Woolley Tim0.25
99Capuano Dale0.24
100Allard Edward T0.24