Maryland Million
Maryland Million crowd. Photo by The Racing Biz.

by Frank Vespe

Sometimes, the newest/shiniest/best looks a lot better in the wrapping than it does in your hand.

Such, as it happens, has been the case with the software that powers The Racing Biz.

It sure sounded good when described to us.

When deployed, however? Not so much.

You may have noticed that we went about one silent week; nary a post from December 30 until January 6. This wasn’t our intention, but we were foiled by technological forces clearly beyond our control, or, more precisely, beyond our ability to control once deployed.

The control we could have exercised — not to deploy in the first place, or to have done so more judiciously — we did not, and once the cat was out of the bag… well, all heck broke loose after that.

For all this, and most importantly our recent silence, we’re sorry. We should have done better, and, in future, we will do better.

Thanks for sticking with us. Last year — 2018 — was a terrific year for The Racing Biz in which we set readership records while continuing to provide the timely news coverage, insightful analysis, and fascinating features for which you count on us.

And 2019 — despite this rocky start — will be better yet. That’s a promise you can take to the bank.