Arnaldo Bocachica. Photo by The Racing Biz.

Jockey Arnaldo Bocachica did it with volume, while trainer Kevin Patterson picked his spots. Either way, in the end, they were the top-rated Charles Town jockey and trainer for 2020.

Bocachica led the West Virginia track in starts, wins, and earnings. Among regular CT riders, he also led in earnings per start and win percentage.

Bocachica, who is leading trainer Jeff Runco’s go-to rider, won 160 of 541 starts this year at Charles Town, good for a 30% strike rate. His mounts earned over $2.7 million at a $5,122 per start clip, nearly twice the track average per start of $2,652.

All of that gave Bocachica 4.58 points in our rating system, leaving him well clear of runner-up Fredy Peltroche. Peltroche, who was 12th with 43 wins on the season, had 3.54 points after posting a wagering return on investment of +27%, the highest by far of any regular CT rider.

The rankings take into account win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. Specific to each track, they compare each jockey to the average at the track, with the higher the score, the better. Jockeys who make fewer starts than the average at a given track see their scores reduced to minimize the impact on the standings of a rider who wins with, say, two of four starters.

The average at Charles Town was 2.70 points.

After Peltroche, Christian Hiraldo (3.48 points), Denis Araujo (3.43), and Gerald Almodovar (3.39) round out the top five. Almodovar and Hiraldo are second and third in wins, respectively, followed by Reshawn Latchman and Araujo. Latchman, who won 64 races, is eighth in the rankings with 3.19 points.


1Bocachica Arnaldo4.58541160$2,771,238
2Peltroche Fredy3.5427843$775,306
3Hiraldo Christian3.4840670$1,533,974
4Araujo Denis3.4332262$955,757
5Almodovar Gerald3.3940175$1,454,118
6Ho Wesley3.3436553$1,091,698
7Acosta J D3.3428546$980,335
8Latchman Reshawn3.1946364$1,432,417
9Montano Jose3.1116934$484,870
10Lopez Antonio2.9243449$1,204,491
11Batista Luis A2.9139652$1,020,320
12Thorpe Darius2.8733947$907,541
13Delgado Carlos J2.5438140$1,244,140
14Diaz Jr Sunday2.5048357$1,117,162
15Maldonado Ramon R2.3418921$275,088
16Villegas Jerry2.2226928$447,363
17Larrosa Gustavo2.2133333$625,492
18Marrero Carlos2.0119316$369,558
19Trotman Keimar2.0132929$562,438
20Rodriguez Victor2.0138929$600,703
21Simpson Jason1.6732419$477,648
22Carmouche III S J1.6411616$301,126
23Rivera Javier1.4214412$221,300
24Rocha Wladimir1.341948$237,639
25Morales Kelvin O1.3130215$356,375
26Schneider Joseph0.921046$130,348
27Mayhew Glenmore W0.40462$53,843
28Whitacre Grant0.40302$59,430
29Ortiz Yomar Orlando0.34164$53,159
30Gomez Kevin0.2483$41,630
31Betancourt Jose R0.1942$15,167
32Hamilton Weston0.1772$19,610
33Diaz Carlos A0.1662$33,969
34Olmo Christian J0.1221$18,438
35Cruz Angel0.10181$39,245
36Toledo Jevian0.0951$27,702
37Halliday Vince0.0961$31,513
38Burgos Alberto0.0911$13,020
39Perez Xavier0.0841$23,025
40Whisman Avery0.0511$8,060

While Bocachica finished atop the Charles Town standings in most categories, trainer Kevin Patterson shot to the head of the rankings with a small, high-percentage stable. Patterson won 31 of 78 starts at CT in 2020, good for a 40% strike rate but just eighth in the wins category and with just one-third of track wins leader Jeff Runco’s total of 93.

Patterson led all trainers who made at least 50 starts at CT – the average of the top 100 trainers there was 64 starts – in win percentage and earnings per start ($5,435 versus a track average of $2,823). He also had a +6% wagering ROI; the track average was roughly -18%.

All of that gave Patterson 5.16 points and the advantage over runner-up Anthony Farrior, who finished with 4.52 points after winning with 32% of his starters.

They were followed by local stalwarts John McKee (4.39 points), Tim Grams (3.77), and Jeff Runco (3.51). The average for all local trainers was 2.39. The rankings are determined in a fashion similar to the jockey ranks.

Runco led the track once again – for the 15th consecutive year – by wins with 93. He was also second among local trainers with at least 50 starts in earnings per start, with $4,986.

Runco was followed in the wins category by Ronney Brown, Farrior, McKee, and Ollie Figgins, III. Brown finished 11th in our rankings with 2.93 points, while Figgins was ninth (3.10).

The track’s leader in wagering ROI was Timothy Shanley. Shanley, who won with 10 of 114 starters in 2020, nevertheless posted a gaudy wagering ROI of +84%. Two of his 10 winners this year went off at more than 60-1. He finished 25th in our rankings with 2.29 points.


1Patterson Kevin S5.167831$423,947
2Farrior Anthony4.5214446$692,946
3McKee John D4.3921244$1,021,163
4Grams Timothy C3.7716336$788,282
5Runco Jeff C3.5142493$2,114,150
6Casey James W3.3315129$683,857
7Magee Kieron3.333015$186,767
8Carlisle John C3.2713428$403,615
9Figgins III Ollie L3.1020841$548,809
10Pickett Crystal G2.9513523$510,494
11Brown Ronney W2.9342368$1,059,264
12Craig Jr Lewis E2.876210$192,023
13Contreras Javier2.8522632$771,567
14Walters David2.819616$324,685
15Rideouttii Anthony M2.79619$164,582
16Allen Jeffrey S2.72505$180,265
17Coker Jr Gerald A2.67546$130,470
18Weeks Michael Lee2.67558$132,552
19Casey John A2.5914719$521,642
20Viands Stacey R2.59549$126,666
21Stehr Joseph P2.57908$219,332
22Haynes Ernest M2.57599$153,664
23Reynolds Joan A2.499111$201,883
24Ramosagosto Miguel2.43738$139,456
25Shanley Timothy2.2911410$151,873
26Greaves Vernon2.18517$114,082
27Velez Irving2.17289$119,265
28Hurley Jack2.16438$93,475
29Dunham Bernard G2.15319$137,455
30Sandoval Michael2.14299$104,008
31Lucas Anthony2.129710$182,565
32Davis Russell E2.03747$116,725
33O'Dwyer Jeremiah2.03158$154,289
34Mangual Manolo2.03676$137,945
35Comi Jr Ralph W1.98397$91,099
36Caison Jody L1.979912$190,909
37Groves Janice1.97325$122,916
38Butts Mike E1.95597$110,802
39Dollinger-Stehr L1.89607$116,927
40Joy Kevin J1.8711715$176,850
41Pyke Joseph1.84735$118,009
42Perez Ernesto1.82284$84,039
43Jones Jr Michael E1.8015012$281,146
44Campbell Marshall T1.77445$89,073
45Hanagan Lela G1.70316$85,122
46Gazzier Kristy1.69576$112,842
47Adams Douglas S1.61465$79,728
48Pennella Rhea M1.611058$158,681
49Larrosa Analia R1.61335$91,131
50Correa Jr Alex A1.591049$115,772
51Ingram Adam L1.54787$93,740
52Viands Gregory1.51474$83,720
53West Aaron M1.51347$92,334
54Mcentee Paul1.49246$104,503
55Schneider Geoffrey L1.46255$69,720
56Atkins William Earl1.43324$86,616
57Obed-Letts Keturah E1.41855$109,425
58Keller Christopher M1.41414$63,109
59Downie Lofflin1.38293$30,192
60Potts Wayne1.34176$67,089
61Boggs M Joanna1.33654$71,330
62Locklear James Dean1.33384$44,004
63Kravets Bruce M1.31274$60,471
64Alsbrookiii Joseph B1.30593$83,911
65Collins Timothy M1.301167$234,987
66Tobin Edwin L1.281155$157,263
67Cruz Jesus1.27156$83,153
68Aylor Jr William L1.23573$62,651
69Capuano Dale1.20205$101,857
70Kopecki Sara E1.13383$52,584
71Barber Donald C1.07383$55,340
72Johnson Dewayne C1.07473$44,257
73Feliciano Jr B M1.06234$65,196
74Laster Robert B1.04403$38,732
75Sterling Michael E1.04204$98,133
76Bass Curtis W1.04283$32,588
77Williams Abdul0.99263$62,444
78King Yolonda Y0.97213$55,078
79Schottroffe Edward T0.95303$37,509
80Epley Jr Steve0.93164$57,826
81Sillaman Richard P0.93104$52,151
82Atkins Michael G0.93764$85,364
83Deiter Kelly Lynn0.90123$25,268
84Meehan Elizabeth E0.88253$55,250
85Aylor Natasha L0.87483$41,872
86Frock Charles L0.87143$35,032
87Stahlin John L0.83343$56,939
88Capellini John A0.79243$53,053
89Barr Donald H0.77123$40,894
90Rawlings Amanda C0.6872$27,579
91Hess Jacob G0.67243$33,571
92Schoenthal Phil0.6683$41,400
93Salazar Marco P0.6562$31,000
94Stites Flint W0.6272$58,500
95Delong Ben0.5752$34,500
96Milosevic Milan0.5632$32,300
97Magill Patrick J0.5592$19,685
98Robb John J0.4972$56,272
99Frock Charles A0.4742$26,200
100Chapman James K0.4752$36,213