King for a Day
King for a Day upset Maximum Security to win the 2019 Pegasus Stakes . Photo By Bill Denver/EQUI-PHOTO

There may be a starter or two in Saturday’s Pegasus Stakes at Monmouth Park whose connections are coming down with a late case of “Derby fever” but Hall of Fame trainer Steve Asmussen isn’t among them – at least not yet.

The Asmussen-trained Pneumatic, fourth in the Belmont Stakes, will be part of an eight-horse field of 3-year-olds in the $150,000 stakes race that offers a final opportunity to earn points for the Kentucky Derby.

“He’s a talented 3-year-old and off the Belmont Stakes Steve felt this was the right spot for him,” said Scott Blasi, Asmussen’s long-time assistant. “I don’t think you look any further past Saturday. We’d like to see him run a good race off being fourth in the Belmont Stakes.”

Traditionally a prep for the Haskell Stakes, the Pegasus was moved on the COVID-19 adjusted calendar as a last chance points race for the Sept. 5 Kentucky Derby. A total of 20 Kentucky Derby points will go to the winner, with eight to the second-place finisher, four for third and two for fourth.

The lightly-raced Pneumatic currently sits 22nd on the Kentucky Derby points list with 25 points, with the race limited to 20 starters. So far, there are 16 firm commitments.

“If you’re considering the Derby points are always important,” said Blasi. “Steve just thinks it’s a good spot to run back off the Belmont Stakes.”

The mile and a sixteenth Pegasus Stakes will also feature Jesus’ Team, fourth in the Haskell Stakes, and the Kelly Breen-trained As Seen On TV, who was third in the Fountain of Youth.

“It’s a competitive race,” said Blasi.

Pneumatic, a son of Uncle Mo-Teardrop by Tapit, will arrive at Monmouth Park with just four career starts after being unraced at 2. He won his first two starts at Oaklawn, then was third in the Grade 3 Matt Winn at Churchill Downs on May 23.

His fourth-place finish followed in the Belmont Stakes, where he was 2½ lengths behind new stablemate Max Player, who was recently moved from Linda Rice’s barn to Asmussen’s and is already Kentucky Derby qualified.

As for Pneumatic possibly joining Max Player in the Kentucky Derby starting gate in three weeks, Blasi reiterated that the Pegasus is the sole focus for the Winchell Thoroughbreds-owned colt.

“I don’t think we’re looking further past Saturday and then we’ll evaluate what we can do from there,” Blasi said. “The Belmont Stakes was a tough spot. He’s a lightly-raced colt that is going to continue to improve.”


Click the arrow at right for video PPs of every horse in every North American Derby prep.

Ajaaweed2/8/2020Sam F. Davis S.TAM3
10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE4
Ajourneytofreedom2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF7
Alpha Sixty Six12/7/2019RemsenAQU6
10/5/2019Champagne S.BEL5
Alternate Time12/15/2019Springboard MileRP10
American Butterfly2/17/2020Southwest S.OP7
10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE6
American Farmer2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF2
American Theorem3/14/2020Rebel S.OP7
9/27/2019American PharoahSA2
Ancient Warrior7/18/2020Haskell StakesMTH7
Anneau d’Or08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP8
08-01-20Shared Belief StakesDMR4
6/6/2020Santa Anita DerbySA4
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP5
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG9
12/7/2019Los Alamitos FuturityLRC2
11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA2
Answer In2/17/2020Southwest S.OP3
12/15/2019Springboard MileRP2
Art Collector08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP1
7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE1
As Seen On Tv3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP8
2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP3
Attachment Rate08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP2
7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE5
5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD4
3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU3
Austrian3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP9
Authentic7/18/2020Haskell StakesMTH1
6/6/2020Santa Anita DerbySA2
3/7/2020San Felipe S.SA1
1/4/2020Sham S.SA1
Automate9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD8
Azul Coast6/6/2020Santa Anita DerbySA7
2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF1
1/4/2020Sham S.SA2
Background7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND8
Bango1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG9
Basin7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE10
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP2
3/14/2020Rebel S.OP3
Bear Alley6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN10
Big City Bob10/5/2019Champagne S.BEL3
Blackberry Wine2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG7
Bourbon Bay1/1/2020Jerome S.AQU3
By Your Side10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE5
Bye Bye Melvin3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB10
Candy Tycoon7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR7
3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP6
2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP2
Caracaro08-08-20Travers StakesSAR2
7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR2
Celtic Striker7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR4
5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD6
3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU11
1/1/2020Jerome S.AQU4
Chance It3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB5
Chapalu2/8/2020Sam F. Davis S.TAM7
Charlatan5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP1
Chase Tracker2/17/2020Southwest S.OP8
Chestertown7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR6
3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG8
Clear Destination2/1/2020Holy Bull S.GP7
Cleon Jones12/7/2019RemsenAQU7
Coach Bahe3/14/2020Rebel S.OP5
Code Runner6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN11
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP8
Collusion Illusion9/27/2019American PharoahSA9
Cosmo7/4/2020Los Alamitos DerbyLA3
Country Grammer08-08-20Travers StakesSAR5
7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR1
2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP5
Crypto Cash5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP6
Czechmight2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF8
Dack Janiel’s6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN13
3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP8
Dean Martini08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP6
6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN1
Defense Wins9/27/2019American PharoahSA6
Dennis’ Moment2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP10
11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA8
9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD1
Digital2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG5
Dr Post7/18/2020Haskell StakesMTH3
6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL2
Dubai Bobby1/1/2020Jerome S.AQU6
Earner7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND4
Eight Rings11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA6
9/27/2019American PharoahSA1
Embolden12/15/2019Springboard MileRP3
Encoder2/1/2020Robert B. Lewis S.SA5
Enforceable7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE4
3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG5
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG2
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG1
11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD4
10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE3
Established6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN12
Ete Indien3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP3
2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP1
2/1/2020Holy Bull S.GP2
Excession3/14/2020Rebel S.OP2
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG8
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG7
Express Train9/27/2019American PharoahSA4
Extraordinary7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND5
Fame to Famous7/18/2020Haskell StakesMTH5
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG11
Fancy Liquor3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP3
Farmington Road6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL8
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP4
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG4
Field Pass3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP1
Fighting Seabee11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD7
Final Final2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF9
Finnick the Fierce7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE7
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP3
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG7
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG4
11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD2
First Deputy3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU8
Flap Jack5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD9
3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU6
Flute Maker9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD7
Fore Left6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL9
9/27/2019American PharoahSA7
Fort McHenry3/7/2020San Felipe S.SA6
Forza Di Oro12/7/2019RemsenAQU8
Friar’s Road6/6/2020Santa Anita DerbySA6
Full Flat11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA5
Gear Jockey2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP8
Gold Street2/17/2020Southwest S.OP9
1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP1
Gouverneur Morris5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP3
3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP4
10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE2
Gozilla10/5/2019Champagne S.BEL4
Great Power7/4/2020Los Alamitos DerbyLA4
Green Light Go10/5/2019Champagne S.BEL2
Halo Again3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP4
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG8
Hard Lighting7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE9
High Velocity2/1/2020Robert B. Lewis S.SA3
12/7/2019Los Alamitos FuturityLRC3
Honor A. P.08-01-20Shared Belief StakesDMR2
6/6/2020Santa Anita DerbySA1
3/7/2020San Felipe S.SA2
Hunt the Front7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE12
Independence Hall3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP5
2/8/2020Sam F. Davis S.TAM2
1/1/2020Jerome S.AQU1
Indian Peak2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF3
Informative6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN9
5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD8
3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU7
Invader3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP2
Jack the Umpire1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG11
January Won10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE7
9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD6
Jesus’ Team7/18/2020Haskell StakesMTH4
Juggernaut9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD9
Jungle Runner6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL10
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP8
1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP8
12/15/2019Springboard MileRP4
Katzarelli7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR9
King Guillermo5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP2
3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB1
King Theo10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE8
Kirkcules12/15/2019Springboard MileRP8
Kiss Today Goodbye08-01-20Shared Belief StakesDMR3
Lebda7/18/2020Haskell StakesMTH6
6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN6
9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD3
Letmeno3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB9
9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD4
Liam’s Lucky Charm2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP9
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG10
Life On the Road10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE9
Little Menace08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP11
Lykan1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP7
Lynn’s Map3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG13
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG6
1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP5
Mailman Money3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG11
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG4
Major Fed7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND2
5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD10
3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG4
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG2
Man in the Can7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE13
Market Analysis3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB6
Masterday2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP6
Max Player08-08-20Travers StakesSAR3
6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL3
2/1/2020Withers S.AQU1
Maxfield5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD1
10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE1
Maximiliano12/15/2019Springboard MileRP5
Mayberry Deputy2/1/2020Holy Bull S.GP5
Mischevious Alex3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU1
Mo Hawk7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR8
Mo Mosa5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP7
3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB12
Modernist7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR5
6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL7
3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG3
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG1
Monday Morning Qb2/1/2020Withers S.AQU4
Montauk Traffic3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU4
Moon Over Miami2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG8
Mr. Big News7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE6
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG5
Mr. Monomoy2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG1
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG3
Mr. Shortandsimple2/1/2020Withers S.AQU7
My First Grammy3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP7
My Friends Beer5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP9
Myamanoi3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP7
Mysterious Stones2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF10
Mystic Guide7/16/2020Peter Pan StakesSAR3
Nadal5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP1
3/14/2020Rebel S.OP1
Necker Island08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP3
7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND3
5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD5
3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU5
New Commission2/1/2020Withers S.AQU5
New Eagle1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG13
11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD5
No Getting Over Me7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND9
2/8/2020Sam F. Davis S.TAM5
No Parole3/14/2020Rebel S.OP8
Nucky1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP9
9/27/2019American PharoahSA8
Ny Traffic7/18/2020Haskell StakesMTH2
5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD2
3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG2
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 2FG3
Perfect Revenge2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG10
Perfect Star1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG10
Pneumatic6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL4
5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD3
Polar Bear Pete1/1/2020Jerome S.AQU5
Portos3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG14
2/1/2020Withers S.AQU3
Praise Loudly2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF11
Premier Star2/8/2020Sam F. Davis S.TAM6
Prince James12/7/2019RemsenAQU5
Prince of Pharoahs2/1/2020Withers S.AQU6
1/1/2020Jerome S.AQU2
Ready to Roll2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG9
Relentless Dancer3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB4
2/1/2020Holy Bull S.GP4
Rogue Element6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN7
3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP9
Rowdy Yates08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP4
6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN4
12/15/2019Springboard MileRP7
9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD5
Royal Act3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG9
2/1/2020Robert B. Lewis S.SA2
Rushie7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE3
6/6/2020Santa Anita DerbySA3
Sacred Rider2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF6
Scabbard2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG6
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG5
11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA4
9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD2
Scoring1/4/2020Sham S.SA5
Shake Some Action5/23/2020Matt Winn S.CD7
3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG6
Sharecropper3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG12
Shared Sense08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP5
7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND1
1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP6
Shashashakemeup2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG11
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG6
Shipman’s Song12/15/2019Springboard MileRP11
Shivaree08-08-20Travers StakesSAR7
7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE11
3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP2
Shooters Shoot6/6/2020Santa Anita DerbySA5
Shoplifted2/17/2020Southwest S.OP4
1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP3
12/15/2019Springboard MileRP1
11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA7
9/27/2019American PharoahSA5
Shotski2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP4
2/1/2020Withers S.AQU2
Silver Prospector5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP7
3/14/2020Rebel S.OP6
2/17/2020Southwest S.OP1
1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP4
11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD1
Silver State3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG7
2/15/2020Risen Star Div. 1FG3
1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG2
Sixto3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU9
Slew Tang Clan12/15/2019Springboard MileRP9
Social Afleet3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG10
Sole Volante6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL6
3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB2
2/8/2020Sam F. Davis S.TAM1
South Bend08-08-20Travers StakesSAR4
6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN2
11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD6
Southgate12/15/2019Springboard MileRP6
Spa City3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB7
Sprawl08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP9
6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN5
Storm the Court6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN3
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP6
3/7/2020San Felipe S.SA3
11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA1
9/27/2019American PharoahSA3
Swagsational3/7/2020San Felipe S.SA7
Swiss Skydiver7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE2
Sycamore Run1/18/2020Lecomte S.FG12
Taishan7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND6
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP9
2/17/2020Southwest S.OP5
1/4/2020Sham S.SA4
Tap It to Win6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL5
10/5/2019Breeders’ FuturityKEE10
Texas Swing3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB3
The Falcon2/29/2020Fountain of Youth S.GP7
The Stiff3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP6
2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF5
Thousand Words08-01-20Shared Belief StakesDMR1
7/4/2020Los Alamitos DerbyLA2
3/7/2020San Felipe S.SA4
2/1/2020Robert B. Lewis S.SA1
12/7/2019Los Alamitos FuturityLRC1
Three Technique3/14/2020Rebel S.OP4
1/24/2020Smarty Jones S.OP2
Tiesto7/11/2020Blue Grass StakesKEE8
Tiz Rye Time2/8/2020Sam F. Davis S.TAM4
Tiz the Law08-08-20Travers StakesSAR1
6/20/2020Belmont StakesBEL1
3/28/2020Florida DerbyGP1
2/1/2020Holy Bull S.GP1
11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD3
10/5/2019Champagne S.BEL1
Tizamagician2/1/2020Robert B. Lewis S.SA4
Toledo2/1/2020Holy Bull S.GP3
Toma Todo3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP10
Trident Hit08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP10
Truculent08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP12
10/5/2019Champagne S.BEL6
Two Last Words11/30/2019Kentucky Jockey ClubCD8
Uncaptured Hero1/4/2020Sham S.SA6
Uncle Chuck08-08-20Travers StakesSAR6
7/4/2020Los Alamitos DerbyLA1
Uncork the Bottle2/1/2020Holy Bull S.GP6
Unrighteous6/27/2020Ohio DerbyTDN8
3/7/2020Tampa Bay DerbyTB8
Unthrottled3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP11
Untitled3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU2
Vanzzy2/1/2020Withers S.AQU8
Victory Boulevard3/14/2020Jeff Ruby SteaksTP5
Villainous2/17/2020Southwest S.OP6
War Stopper3/7/2020Gotham S.AQU10
Wells Bayou5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 2OP5
3/21/2020Louisiana DerbyFG1
2/17/2020Southwest S.OP2
Wine and Whisky2/15/2020El Camino Real DerbyGGF4
Winning Impression08-09-20Ellis Park DerbyEP7
7/8/2020Indiana DerbyIND7
5/2/2020Arkansas Derby Div. 1OP4
Wrecking Crew3/7/2020San Felipe S.SA5
12/7/2019Los Alamitos FuturityLRC4
11/1/2019Breeders’ Cup JuvenileSA3
Zimba Warrior2/1/2020Robert B. Lewis S.SA6
1/4/2020Sham S.SA3
Zyramid9/14/2019Iroquois S.CD10