Ttrainer Bernie Houghton (right) after winning the 2019 Md. Million Nursery. Photo by Dottie Miller for The Racing Biz.

Trainer Anthony Farrior has thrived at Charles Town since the track reopened in mid-May. Farrior, who primarily runs there and at Laurel Park, is winning at a 41% clip (15-for-37), earning purses at nearly twice the average rate for the track, and has returned bettors a positive wagering return on investment (ROI).

All of that makes him the hottest trainer in the Mid-Atlantic based on our metrics, which incorporate those three factors and compare them to the averages for the track.

Farrior hsa 4.929 points in our rating system. That’s nearly double the average — 2.493 — of all 88 trainers who’ve recorded at least 15 starts at a given track.

The list is somewhat top-heavy with Charles Town trainers, who comprise four of the top 10 spots. All Charles Town trainers who have made at least 15 starts have an average score of 2.795, the region’s highest. The lowest, by contrast, was Monmouth Park, whose trainers with at least 15 starts averaged just 2.058.

That said, all six operating tracks in the region — Charles Town, Laurel, Delaware, Monmouth, Parx, and Penn National — are represented in the top 17.

Jerry Robb, who has won with eight of 24 starters at Laurel Park since the track’s return from its coronavirus-spurred hiatus, is first at that track and third overall with 4.291 points.

Robb is just ahead of Delaware Park’s leader. That’s Anthony Pecoraro, who’s won with six of 16 starters there and has 4.183 points.

Who’s the top Midlantic jockey?

Leaders from other tracks include Bernie Houghton (Penn Natonal leader, fifth overall), who has 3.893 points; Herold Whylie (Parx Racing, ninth overall), who has 3.617 points; and Jerry Hollendorfer (Monmouth Park, 17th overall), with 3.112 points. Hollendorfer, the Hall of Fame trainer who was kicked out of the Stronach Group tracks in California, has made himself at home at the Jersey Shore with seven wins from 17 starters.

For interpretive purposes, in general, a track’s leader is typically about 0.5 points ahead of its second-place trainer. Penn National’s Houghton enjoys the largest lead, about one point ahead of Kathleen De Masi, while Hollendorfer is less than 0.2 points ahead of Michael Stidham (2.947) at Monmouth. The list includes all racing through Sunday, July 26.


1Farrior Anthony374.929CT
2Patterson Kevin S204.432CT
3Robb John J244.291LRL
4Pecoraro Anthony164.183DEL
5Houghton T Bernard B353.893PEN
6Capuano Gary203.756LRL
7Casey John A423.752CT
8Coker Jr Gerald A323.645CT
9Whylie Herold O183.617PRX
10Reid Mark J163.605DEL
11McKee John D493.597CT
12Casey James W393.561CT
13Shanley Timothy293.338CT
14Ness Jamie373.273LRL
15Wyner Harold223.271PRX
16Russell Brittany253.123LRL
17Hollendorfer Jerry173.112MTH
18Camejo Jose M273.051DEL
19Motion H Graham223.026LRL
20Ness Jamie463.009PRX
21Delacour Arnaud183.005LRL
22Servis John C192.959PRX
23Stidham Michael152.947MTH
24Rideouttii Anthony M202.880CT
25Demasi K A222.824PEN
26Craig Jr Lewis E212.811CT
27Adams Douglas S152.808CT
28Demasi K A292.802PRX
29Runco Jeff C1152.707CT
30Graci Kimberly A352.682PEN
31Dini Michael182.662MTH
32Potts Wayne452.659LRL
33Rubley Kelly342.643LRL
34Gaudet Lacey292.641LRL
35Grams Timothy C392.587CT
36Lynch Cathal A272.577LRL
37Salvaggio Mark V282.553PEN
38McBurney Patrick B222.548MTH
39Kulp Brandon L292.530PEN
40Caison Jody L282.515CT
41Trombetta Michael J492.509LRL
42Magee Kieron182.489DEL
43Gorham Michael E192.451DEL
44Figgins III Ollie L562.427CT
45Walters David282.420CT
46Corrales Jose432.417LRL
47Pino Michael V182.402PRX
48Vega Richard182.332PRX
49Haynes Ernest M192.320CT
50Velazquez Daniel182.306DEL
51Dilodovico Damon R452.305LRL
52Gonzalez Claudio A752.293LRL
53Vazquez Juan C392.259PRX
54Sanchez-Salomon R282.246LRL
55Kreiser Timothy C402.237PEN
56Lake Scott A282.232PRX
57O'Dwyer Jeremiah272.187LRL
58Breen Kelly J262.181MTH
59Capuano Dale372.122LRL
60D'Angelo Ricardo162.064LRL
61Reynolds Joan A232.060CT
62Cibelli Jane252.060MTH
63Spina Chuck192.031MTH
64Carlisle John C392.030CT
65Albright George R162.008PEN
66Contreras Javier651.973CT
67Huston Rory K261.952MTH
68Merryman Ann W311.951LRL
69Gonzalez Claudio A341.922PRX
70McMahon Hugh I491.909LRL
71Coletti Jr Edward J201.824PRX
72Robertson McLean281.823DEL
73Milian Carlos J231.815PRX
74Mcmahon Demelza161.766PEN
75Pickett Crystal G381.720CT
76Delgado Jose H291.635MTH
77Joy Kevin J291.620CT
78Diaz Jorge231.548PRX
79Linder Jr Louis C321.547PRX
80Ness Jamie741.527DEL
81Sacco Gregory D161.419MTH
82Stites Flint W281.402PEN
83Smith Hamilton A461.402LRL
84Brown Ronney W1041.357CT
85Sweezey J Kent191.219MTH
86Kravets Bruce M331.008PEN
87Mcclellan Erin C240.954PEN
88Carvajal Jr Luis220.926MTH