Who’s the top Midlantic jockey?

Arnaldo Bocachica. Photo by The Racing Biz.

Who’s the hottest mid-Atlantic jockey?

You don’t see him outside of his home track much, but you could do worse than betting on Arnaldo Bocachica. The Charles Town-based Bocachica leads the region in our jockey ratings with 6.389 points, through racing of July 22.

The ratings take into account a rider’s win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. They are based on track averages (average is 3.0) and adjusted to minimize the impact of any one of those areas. The list is limited to riders who have made at least 20 starts at a given racetrack, and those riders who have made 20 or more starts at more than one track have multiple listings.

The list includes only races conducted since May 15.

Bocachica is the dominant rider at Charles Town, with 39 wins in the last couple of months – twice as many as any other rider. He also wins at a gaudy 30 percent clip, and his earnings per start of $4,869 are just about double the track’s average. But his wagering ROI — -16% — is only average.

Overall, Boca’s 6.389 points leave him a bit ahead of the Delaware Park version of Jevian Toledo (6.284 points) and another Delaware rider, seven-pound apprentice Alexander Crispin (6.246).

Small differences are significant in this ratings system. The largest gap between a leading jockey and the second-place rider at that track is that between Edwin Gonzalez (5.223) and Andrew Wolfsont (4.099) at Penn National, a gap of 1.124 points. Gonzalez has more than twice as many wins as any other rider – 22 to nine for Julio Hernandez – and is also best in win percentage and earnings per start.

Jersey Joe Bravo, with six wins from 28 starts and a gaudy earnings-per-start figure of $23,313, leads the Monmouth Park colony with 5.701 points. Paco Lopez, who leads that track with 17 wins, is rated second, with 5.436 points.

Apprentice Victor Rosales tops the Laurel Park colony, which is crowded at the top. He has 5.026 points, powered in large part by his +71% wagering ROI; his mounts have earned the bettors about double what they would, on average, have been expected to earn. That leaves him just ahead of meet-leading winner Sheldon Russell (4.975) and veteran Feargal Lynch (4.901).

Angel Castillo, fourth at the Parx Racing meet with 12 wins, leads the standings here with 3.506 points. That leaves him just ahead of Mychel Sanchez, whose 22 wins are tops at the track; he has 3.348 points.

Only one rider has made at least 20 starts. That’s Trevor McCarthy, who’s made 80 starts at Laurel (4.32 points), 86 at Delaware (4.221), and 28 at Monmouth (3.805). No jockey will suffer more from the coronavirus-inspired jockey travel restrictions than will McCarthy.


1Bocachica Arnaldo1286.389CT
2Toledo Jevian206.284DEL
3Crispin Alexander286.246DEL
4Bravo Joe285.701MTH
5Hiraldo Christian925.466CT
6Lopez Paco575.436MTH
7Gonzalez Edwin605.223PEN
8Ho Wesley855.140CT
9Acosta J D975.116CT
10Rosales Victor575.026LRL
11Cedeno Carol1014.991DEL
12Russell Sheldon964.975LRL
13Lynch Feargal604.901LRL
14Alvarado Jr Roberto E394.860DEL
15Montano Jose444.852CT
16Peltroche Fredy794.671CT
17Almodovar Gerald924.375CT
18Ferrer Jose C424.356MTH
19Mccarthy Trevor804.320LRL
20Suarez Angel964.243DEL
21Mccarthy Trevor864.221DEL
22Wolfsont Andrew374.099PEN
23Lyapustina Tais474.034LRL
24Torres Jomar394.009MTH
25Lopez Antonio1133.964CT
26Otero William P353.909PEN
27Thorpe Darius693.870CT
28Latchman Reshawn1313.837CT
29Mccarthy Trevor283.805MTH
30Gallardo Antonio A433.788MTH
31Karamanos Horacio1013.780LRL
32Toledo Jevian1153.768LRL
33Carrasco Victor R603.735LRL
34Perez Xavier493.720LRL
35Marquez Charlie963.578LRL
36Castillo Angel653.506PRX
37Villa-Gomez Huber243.435DEL
38Diaz Jr Hector R513.412MTH
39Pedroza Brian253.353DEL
40Sanchez Mychel J953.348PRX
41Beato Inoel533.341PEN
42Pennington Frankie563.217PRX
43Cintron Alex413.215DEL
44Chiappe Ricardo493.176PEN
45Vargas Jr Jorge A233.160MTH
46Silvera Ruben823.151PRX
47Pimentel Julian573.150LRL
48Adorno Abner693.132DEL
49Rosado Johan673.105LRL
50Montanez Rosario703.090LRL
51Cora David473.087PEN
52Marquez Charlie242.995DEL
53Caballero Hector412.956PRX
54Diaz Jr Sunday1222.883CT
55Batista Luis A1032.867CT
56Peterson Ferrin312.855MTH
57Trotman Keimar612.855CT
58Ocasio Luis M392.833PRX
59Conner Tyler572.733PEN
60Gomez Kevin632.732LRL
61Ruiz Jorge722.713LRL
62Rodriguez Victor762.690CT
63Villegas Jerry572.666CT
64Davis Katie402.613LRL
65Larrosa Gustavo752.574CT
66Boyce Forest512.511LRL
67Scampton Brittany322.495PEN
68Simpson Jason682.473CT
69Castillo Isaac382.416MTH
70Rivera Javier302.284CT
71Conner Tyler342.259DEL
72Gonzalez Silvestre452.199PRX
73Bowman Adam482.185PRX
74Inirio Maicol J472.163PEN
75Hamilton Weston842.153LRL
76Hernandez Julio A622.139PEN
77Ortiz Yomar Orlando592.112LRL
78Nunez Anthony Y382.106PRX
79Schneider Joseph672.079CT
80Mejia Tomas B332.070MTH
81Juarez Nik492.012MTH
82Haddock Dexter481.952PRX
83Diaz Vladimir371.882PEN
84Maldonado Ramon R671.852CT
85Whisman Avery751.742LRL
86Rodriguez Angel R481.707PRX
87Delgado Carlos J931.682CT
88Morales Kelvin O761.644CT
89Centeno Daniel501.587DEL
90Carrasco Victor R241.562MTH
91Rocha Wladimir611.545CT
92Cintron Alex801.527LRL
93Bisono John211.359PRX
94Milan Gerardo491.262PRX
95Batista Jose A211.254MTH
96Garcia Wilmer A291.202MTH
97Davis Jacqueline A441.128PEN
98Hernandez Carlos J441.029MTH
99Vargas Jr Jorge L281.020PEN
100Mena Raul440.967DEL
101Whitney Dana G460.922PEN
102Cruz Angel780.902LRL
103Rojas Jose F200.816PEN
104Rodriguezcastro LA320.733PRX