Which Maryland trainers are nearing career milestones?

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Union Blues

Last Friday, veteran Maryland trainer Hamilton Smith earned the 2,000th win of his career. That’s no small feat; it requires a trainer to win at a high level and for a long time, and neither is easy.

It got us thinking: which Maryland trainers are nearing career milestones of their own? And who are the leading active trainers in the state?


  • Jerry Robb is the closest of any Maryland trainer to a major career milestone. He’ll join Ham Smith with 2,000 wins sometime this year and quite possibly soon: he has 1,992 wins as of January 15, 2020.
  • Dale Capuano will most likely reach 3,500 wins during the 2020 campaign, the “highest” milestone we’re likely to see in Maryland this year. He has 3,470 wins to date. Capuano ranks 24th all-time in trainer wins.
  • Jamie Ness is even closer to his next big milestone. He has 2,975 wins to date and needs just 25 to reach the 3,000 mark. Ness ranks 33rd all time.
  • Others closing in on career milestones include Hugh McMahon (32 wins to 1,000), Wayne Potts (43 wins to 500), and Graham Motion (52 wins to 2,500).


Of course, when it comes to wins by Maryland trainers, one name looms large: King T. Leatherbury. Leatherbury ranks fifth all time with 6,503 wins and is, as he’s always delighted in telling audiences, “as Maryland as crab cakes.”

But Leatherbury is also winding down a fabulous career that really culminated a couple of years back when he won admittance to the national racing Hall of Fame. His runners made just 46 starts last year, the fewest he’d made in more than 50 years (and perhaps ever; Equibase stats don’t include his starts from the early 1960s or earlier). And he won just two of those.

Among trainers who won at least 10 races at Laurel Park last year (and excluding one or two, like Jeremiah Englehart, for whom Maryland constitutes just a small part of their business), here are the all-time leaders by wins, as of January 15, 2020:

1Dale Capuano3470
2Jamie Ness2975
3Graham Motion2448
4Ferris Allen2189
5Hamilton Smith2000
6John J. Robb1992
7Mike Trombetta1827
8Mark Reid1773
9Tom Proctor1343
10Michael Gorham1260
11Gary Capuano1205
12Hugh McMahon968
13Rodney Jenkins913
14Mary Eppler890
15Donald Barr810
16Cal Lynch806
17Kieron Magee750
18Robbie Bailes744
19Claudio Gonzalez736
20Damon Dilodovico710
21Ann Merryman640
22Tim Keefe531
23Wayne Potts457
24Chuck Lawrence449
25Jose Corrales442
26Phil Schoenthal426
27Arnaud Delacour393
28Kenny Cox347
29John Salzman, Jr.237
30Marilyn McMullen217
31Anthony Farrior212
32Lacey Gaudet163
33Jonathan Maldonado144
34Kelly Rubley142
35Horacio DePaz90
36Carlos Mancilla70
37Jerry O’Dwyer66
38Rodolfo Sanchez-Salomon54
39Brittany Russell28


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