From a Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races release

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races has cancelled live racing for Thursday evening, January 14 as it continues to repair a drainage leak under the track apron that created a hole on the outside rail of the track this past Saturday evening.

After the hole of approximately 6 to 8 inches in diameter was discovered right at the outside fence, a small area around it was dug out in order to assess the situation. It was determined that the issue on the track itself was confined to the outside rail, with the cause occurring elsewhere under the apron. With needing the hole on the outside rail to remain open to help in diagnosing where the actual problem under the apron was, Charles Town officials determined it would fall short of the time needed to backfill it and race Thursday evening.


“With this situation we have, there is no issue whatsoever with the track surface that would impact the running of a race,” said Charles Town’s Vice President of Racing Operations Erich Zimny. “The racing surface itself is fine, the small hole that existed is on the outside fence and not near where horses run during a race and this is not seen as an ongoing issue with the racetrack. Should the weather cooperate and nothing unexpected arises, our full intention is to race Friday evening.”

Charles Town, which is currently conducting live racing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, is slated to resume on Friday, January 15 at 7:05 P.M. EST.