Claiming activity in the mid-Atlantic region fell more than 12 percent in 2015 versus the prior year, according to our year-end Claimbox report.

The declines were nearly across the board; every state in the region saw a drop, as did every track but Parx Racing (which saw claiming activity rise nine percent) and the Meadowlands (which had six horses claimed in 2015 versus just one the prior year).

All in all, that meant that 2,561 horses were claimed in the region in 2015, versus 2,913 the prior year.  That’s a dip of 12.1 percent.  Similarly the value of those claims also fell, from over $31 million to $27,079,500.

The region’s busiest track by far was Parx Racing, which was also the only major track to see more claims this year than in 2014.  The Bensalem oval saw 953 horses claimed during the year, up from 870 last year, with a combined value of $10,721,500 (average: $11,250).  The only track to exceed that average over the course of the year was Monmouth Park, where there were 308 claims made with an average value of $13,315 (gross: $4,101,000).

The three Maryland tracks — Laurel Park, Pimlico, and Timonium — saw claiming activity drop over 20 percent, with 532 horses claimed this year versus 671 a year ago.

But the biggest decliner was Charles Town.  At that track, the number of horses taken via the claimbox plummeted from 319 last year to just 171 in 2015 — a 46 percent drop.

The report incorporates data from Monmouth Park, the Meadowlands, Parx Racing, Penn National, Delaware Park, Pimlico, Timonium, Laurel Park, and Charles Town.


[su_row] [su_column]Who’s claiming horses

  1. Patricia Farro — 96 claims for $1,345,500.00
  2. Jamie Ness — 86 claims for $1,104,750.00
  3. Kieron Magee — 82 claims for $1,015,500.00
  4. Michael Pino — 74 claims for $864,500.00
  5. Timothy Kreiser — 54 claims for $643,250.00
  6. Hugh McMahon– 46 claims for $516,250.00
  7. Mario Serey, Jr. — 41 claims for $432,000.00
  8. Wayne Potts — 41 claims for $357,750.00[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/2″] Who’s losing horses

  1. Patricia Farro — 82 for $882,750.00
  2. Jamie Ness — 79 lost for $830,750.00
  3. Michael Pino — 61 lost for $646,500.00
  4. Ramon Preciado — 47 lost for $587,500.00
  5. Scott Lake — 45 lost for $421,750.00
  6. Hugh McMahon — 43 lost for $393,500.00
  7. Philip Aristone — 39 lost for $385,500.00

Overall 461 trainers claimed at least one horse during the month, while 525 had one or more claimed away.

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[su_row] [su_column]Claims by track

  1. Parx Racing — 953 claims for $10,721,500.00
  2. Penn National — 457 claims for $3,875,000.00
  3. Laurel Park — 390 claims for $4,217,750.00
  4. Monmouth Park — 308 claims for $4,101,000.00
  5. Charles Town — 171 claims for $1,263,750.00
  6. Delaware Park — 134 claims for $1,371,000.00
  7. Pimlico — 130 claims for $1,410,500.00
  8. Timonium — 12 claims for $65,500.00
  9. The Meadowlands — 6 claims for $53,500.00[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/2″] Claims by owner

  1. Midwest Thoroughbreds — 44
  2. Breakaway Stable LLC 41
  3. Robert Tresente — 38
  4. Joseph Besecker — 36
  5. Jagger Inc.— 35
  6. Pewter Stable — 26
  7. Home Team Stables — 25


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[su_row] [su_column]Most claimed horses

  1. Steel Curtain — 6
  2. Blings Express — 6
  3. Puget Sound — 6
  4. Darn Quiet — 5
  5. Devilish Gait — 5
  6. Take Down Two — 5
  7. Just Ace — 5
  8. No More Strippers, Crockefeller, Dan and Sheila, Captured, One for Don, Musket Mary, Score One — 5 each
[su_column size=”1/2″] Most shakes

  1. Silver Legend — 12/21/15, LRL, 9
  2. Supsa — 12/31/15, LRL, 8
  3. Tuberose — 1/10/15, LRL, 8
  4. Blings Express — 9/20/15, MTH, 8
  5. Hop Skip and Away6/27/2015, MTH, 7
  6. Verisimilitude 12/2/2015, PEN, 7
  7. 5 tied with 6 each




1Farro, Patricia96$1,345,500.00
2Ness, Jamie86$1,104,750.00
3Magee, Kieron82$1,015,500.00
4Pino, Michael V.74$864,500.00
5Kreiser, Timothy C.54$643,250.00
6McMahon, Hugh I.46$516,250.00
7Serey, Jr., Mario41$432,000.00
8Potts, Wayne41$357,750.00
9Gonzalez, Claudio A.39$450,500.00
10LeBarron, Keith W.34$677,500.00
11Aristone, Philip T.34$329,500.00
12Preciado, Ramon33$465,500.00
13Graci, Kimberly A33$266,000.00
14Lake, Scott A.30$310,750.00
15Krebs, Steven30$283,250.00
16Brown, Jr., Howard R.29$269,000.00
17Demasi, Kathleen A.28$348,000.00
18Bernardini, Jay P.27$307,000.00
19Kulp, Brandon L.26$233,500.00
20Eppler, Mary E.25$274,500.00
21Brown, Ronney W.25$172,500.00
22Navarro, Jorge24$375,000.00
23Dandy, Ronald J.23$225,500.00
24Vega, Richard21$232,500.00
25Stickler, Jr., Lester J.21$194,000.00
26Perri, Gina20$130,750.00
27Locke, John G.20$114,250.00
28Moore, Michael M.19$229,500.00
29Vera, Miguel19$178,500.00
30Zulueta, Marcos18$295,500.00
31Capuano, Dale18$232,250.00
32Cartagena, Keisy18$137,000.00
33Hollahan, Heather18$134,000.00
34Trombetta, Michael J.17$224,750.00
35Nations, Keith15$257,500.00
36Reid, Jr., Robert E.15$233,500.00
37Lynch, Cathal A.15$183,500.00
38Sillaman, Richard P.14$165,500.00
39Patterson, Kevin S.14$157,500.00
40Brooks, Gerald E.14$150,500.00
41Sacco, Gregory D.14$148,250.00
42Curry, Dee14$127,000.00
43Kravets, Bruce M.14$113,250.00
44Worcester, IV, Henry E.14$106,000.00
45Mangual, Manolo13$79,250.00
46Rojas, Eduardo E.12$129,250.00
47White, Donald R.12$105,000.00
48Sinnefia, Paulina12$95,500.00
49Farrior, Anthony12$86,500.00
50DiMauro, Stephen L.11$120,500.00
51Capote, Gaston R.11$75,500.00
52Murphy, Shane11$60,500.00
53Iannotti, IV, Thomas10$155,000.00
54Gaudet, Lacey10$152,000.00
55Salvaggio, Mark V.10$133,500.00
56Thompson, J. Willard10$111,000.00
57Guerrero, J. Guadalupe10$110,000.00
58Cox, Kenneth M.10$108,000.00
59Cibelli, Jane9$152,500.00
60Ward, Dennis9$115,750.00
61Wyner, Harold9$92,500.00
62Nunn, Douglas9$87,500.00
63Velazquez, Alfredo9$87,500.00
64Pecoraro, Anthony9$82,500.00
65Albert, Linda L.8$117,000.00
66Guerrero, Juan Carlos8$111,000.00
67Allen, III, A. Ferris8$83,000.00
68Mosco, Robert8$78,500.00
69Mick, Stephen R.8$70,500.00
70Whylie, Herold O.8$64,750.00
71Haynes, Ernest M.8$59,000.00
72Conner, John D.8$56,500.00
73Lezell, David G.8$47,000.00
74Shelansky, Richard8$44,500.00
75Jacobson, David7$200,000.00
76Servis, Blane7$117,500.00
77Wolfendale, Howard E.7$98,000.00
78Velazquez, Daniel7$73,500.00
79McBurney, Patrick B.7$72,500.00
80Allen, Randy7$66,000.00
81Rodriguez, John M.7$60,000.00
82Rodriguez, Miguel A.7$55,000.00
83Chacon, Gustavo7$53,000.00
84McGuire, James D.7$49,500.00
85Nicholson, Jr., James E.7$42,500.00
86Rozell, Ron7$42,500.00
87Figgins, III, Ollie L.7$39,000.00
88Wilson, Tony6$126,000.00
89Saville, Niall6$110,000.00
90Vitali, Marcus J.6$104,500.00
91Harvatt, Charles R.6$100,500.00
92Reynolds, Joan A.6$93,500.00
93Montoya, Marya K.6$80,500.00
94Bennett, Gerald S.6$69,500.00
95Kopaj, Paul6$67,500.00
96Rojas, Murray L.6$65,000.00
97Albright, Amy6$62,500.00
98Beattie, Todd M.6$61,500.00
99Hooper, Timothy6$58,750.00
100Walters, Henry6$57,500.00
101Dimitriou, Harry E.6$55,750.00
102Auwarter, Edward K.6$50,000.00
103Worton, Dorothy Elisabeth6$44,000.00
104Stites, Flint W.6$43,250.00
105Pattershall, Mary A.6$42,500.00
106Salvaggio, Jr., Michael W.6$41,500.00
107Eubanks, Annette M.6$41,000.00
108Englehart, Jeffrey S.6$41,000.00
109Rose, William S.6$40,000.00
110Tapsas, Elias6$35,000.00
111Ferreira, Fernando6$32,500.00
112Beattie, Stephanie S.6$26,000.00
113Dilodovico, Damon R.5$114,500.00
114Schoenthal, Phil5$95,000.00
115Einhorn, Skip5$92,000.00
116Kobiskie, Dane5$82,000.00
117Robb, John J.5$66,000.00
118Levine, Peter5$64,000.00
119Mongeon, Kathy P.5$61,000.00
120Salzman, Jr., John E.5$59,000.00
121Leatherbury, King T.5$57,500.00
122Shuman, Mark5$57,500.00
123Hartsell, Jr., John J.5$57,000.00
124Synnefias, Dimitrios K.5$51,000.00
125Vazquez, Juan C.5$48,000.00
126Collazo, Victor O.5$45,000.00
127Ryerson, James T.5$45,000.00
128Magill, Patrick J.5$43,500.00
129Gonzalez, Aldana5$41,250.00
130Matier, Sandra5$40,000.00
131Arnold, Pamela A.5$38,750.00
132Walters, David5$38,250.00
133Sims, Monti N.5$37,750.00
134Beattie, Cody5$37,250.00
135St. Lewis, Uriah5$35,500.00
136O'Hern, Heather T.5$35,500.00
137Stopherd, Edwin C.5$34,000.00
138Comi, Jr., Ralph W.5$33,750.00
139Pearce, Penny5$32,500.00
140Lingenfelter, Thomas H.5$32,250.00
141Bouchard, Leslye G.5$30,000.00
142Romero, Rodolfo5$28,500.00
143Martinez, Alexander5$26,500.00
144Ryan, Derek S.4$80,000.00
145Ice, Tim A.4$66,250.00
146Houghton, Roy D.4$66,000.00
147Tzortzakis, Emmanuel4$60,000.00
148Dibona, Bobby S.4$59,000.00
149Tracey, Ray4$54,000.00
150Ritchey, Timothy F.4$52,250.00
151Alexander, Bruce F.4$50,000.00
152Adams, Douglas S.4$47,500.00
153Miller, Craig S.4$41,750.00
154Keefe, Timothy L.4$35,000.00
155Noble, James F.4$30,000.00
156Calderon, Luis4$30,000.00
157McClellan, Erin C.4$29,000.00
158Albright, George R.4$27,500.00
159Judy, Marcus4$27,500.00
160Conner, Sandra E.4$26,500.00
161Rigattieri, John4$24,500.00
162Rodriguez, Mario Rafael4$22,500.00
163Sobarzo, Bernardo P.4$20,000.00
164Delozier, III, Joseph W.4$19,000.00
165Keller, Christopher M.4$18,500.00
166Houghton, Dove P.3$70,000.00
167Orseno, Joseph F.3$67,500.00
168Iwinski, Allen3$51,000.00
169Coletti, Jr., Edward J.3$50,000.00
170Tammaro, III, John J.3$41,500.00
171Shaw, Timothy J.3$41,000.00
172McCaslin, John S.3$41,000.00
173Paterson, Kevin3$40,000.00
174Dunn, Felissa3$38,500.00
175Lima, Rolando J.3$37,500.00
176Marlin, Joy3$37,500.00
177Martin, Silvio L.3$33,750.00
178Davis, Samuel G.3$31,500.00
179Marrotta, Patrick3$31,500.00
180Milian, Carlos J.3$30,500.00
181Feliciano, Jr., Benjamin M.3$30,000.00
182Reese, Cynthia G.3$30,000.00
183Jones, Jr., Michael E.3$30,000.00
184Geist, David W.3$27,250.00
185Wilhelm-Saldana, Jennie3$25,000.00
186Hess, Jacob G.3$25,000.00
187Madrigal, Sr., Rodrigo3$24,250.00
188Potts, Ron G.3$22,500.00
189Gaudet, Linda S.3$22,500.00
190Juarez, Calixto3$20,500.00
191Padilla, Juan3$20,000.00
192Dini, Michael3$20,000.00
193Pessanha, Ney3$19,500.00
194Smith, Thomas R.3$19,000.00
195Demeza, Donald L.3$19,000.00
196Bedard, Alan3$18,000.00
197Boggs, M. Joanna3$18,000.00
198Amthor, K. Gordon3$18,000.00
199Rodriguez, Franklin3$17,750.00
200Betancourt, Eli3$17,500.00
201Capuano, Gary3$17,500.00
202Neilson, David L.3$17,500.00
203Dominguez, Luis R.3$17,500.00
204Frock, Charles L.3$17,500.00
205Geralis, Emanuel J.3$17,000.00
206Volpe, John3$16,000.00
207Caison, Jody L3$15,000.00
208Monjes, Ruben A.3$15,000.00
209Kee, Willie J.3$15,000.00
210Aguirre, Anthony3$15,000.00
211Buskey, III, Bob E.3$15,000.00
212Ayres, Jr., Joseph W.3$14,500.00
213Pointer, Norman R.3$14,000.00
214O'Connell, Kathleen2$55,000.00
215Hawthorne, Bobbi Anne2$40,000.00
216Randolph, Amy2$36,000.00
217Campbell, William A.2$32,500.00
218Cannon, Charles P.2$30,000.00
219McCooey, Jr., Thomas S.2$30,000.00
220Bailes, W. Robert2$29,500.00
221Nunn, David2$28,500.00
222Rogers, Ronald W.2$28,500.00
223Brown, Steven R.2$27,500.00
224Lauro, Evan C.2$27,500.00
225Capilupi, Savino A.2$25,000.00
226Runco, Jeff C.2$25,000.00
227Linder, Jr., Louis C.2$25,000.00
228Principe, Alison2$23,500.00
229Martin, Sandee D.2$23,500.00
230Morey, William E.2$23,000.00
231Snyder, Floyd W.2$22,500.00
232McBride, Susan2$22,500.00
233Hendriks, Richard J.2$21,000.00
234Haughton, Donnovan2$21,000.00
235Sienkewicz, William M.2$20,500.00
236Meckling, Susan2$20,000.00
237Spina, Chuck2$20,000.00
238Nunley, Randy2$19,000.00
239Gorham, Michael E.2$17,500.00
240Frangella, Jr., James A.2$17,500.00
241Fields, Kevin J.2$17,500.00
242Kotenko, Robert2$17,500.00
243Zalalas, Michael2$17,500.00
244Schiano-Dicola, Raimondo2$17,000.00
245Chircop, Steven2$16,250.00
246Rideoutt II, Anthony M.2$16,000.00
247Burton, Tim2$15,500.00
248Stokes, Jamie A.2$15,000.00
249Velasquez, Danny2$15,000.00
250Campitelli, Francis P.2$15,000.00
251Crowell, Susan L.2$15,000.00
252Tracy, Jr., Ray E.2$15,000.00
253Elamri, Hassan2$15,000.00
254Dunn, John J.2$15,000.00
255Jones, Michael P.2$15,000.00
256Hogan, William J2$15,000.00
257Michaels, Jr., Thomas H.2$15,000.00
258Nichol, Kevin2$15,000.00
259Mazerski, Thomas E.2$15,000.00
260Allen, Jeffrey S.2$15,000.00
261Polachek, Janet2$15,000.00
262Day, Diane M.2$15,000.00
263Brennan, Regina2$15,000.00
264Salazar, Marco P.2$14,500.00
265Cronk, Samuel F.2$14,250.00
266Wilson, Campbell2$14,250.00
267Cave, Hubert L.2$14,000.00
268Gamber, Robert E.2$13,000.00
269Rodriguez, Miguel2$13,000.00
270Arroyo, Enrique2$12,500.00
271Pollara, Frank L.2$12,500.00
272Maymo, Alejandro2$12,500.00
273Miller, Elizabeth Ann2$12,500.00
274Garibay, Lucia2$12,500.00
275Castillo, Michelle2$12,500.00
276Craig, Gary2$12,500.00
277Mann, Farrel2$12,500.00
278Robinson, Catherine H.2$12,250.00
279Dove, Jr., Kevin2$12,000.00
280Souder, Donald E.2$12,000.00
281Coronel, Juan M.2$11,250.00
282Bartoni, Wayne P.2$11,250.00
283Kieser, Charles H.2$11,250.00
284Lane, Scott J.2$11,250.00
285Popovich, James A.2$11,000.00
286Scocca, Linda K.2$11,000.00
287Rathman, Elisha2$10,250.00
288Vasquez, Juan C.2$10,000.00
289Carlisle, John C.2$10,000.00
290Boyd, Roy L.2$10,000.00
291Barth, Calvin2$10,000.00
292Wolfendale III, William H.2$10,000.00
293McCarthy, Kevin2$9,500.00
294Thurston, Jerry A.2$9,000.00
295Tsirigotis, Sr., James2$9,000.00
296Griffin, Jacqueline2$9,000.00
297Hushelpeck, Henry2$8,000.00
298Zavitsanos, James2$8,000.00
299Klesaris, Steve1$40,000.00
300Klesaris, James1$35,000.00
301Russo, Anthony J.1$30,000.00
302Preciado, Guadalupe1$25,000.00
303Aro, Michael Charles1$25,000.00
304Barr, Donald H.1$25,000.00
305Kopp, Glenn1$25,000.00
306Servis, John C.1$25,000.00
307Komlo, William R.1$25,000.00
308Graham, Robin L.1$25,000.00
309Parker, Kathleen1$25,000.00
310Belsoeur, Yvon1$20,000.00
311Carlesimo, Jr., Charles J.1$20,000.00
312Downing, William1$20,000.00
313Breen, Kelly J.1$20,000.00
314Bourke, David M.1$20,000.00
315Fromal, Joann1$17,500.00
316Lawrence, Chuck1$16,000.00
317Pickett, Crystal G.1$16,000.00
318Mazza, Joseph W.1$16,000.00
319Matz, Michael R.1$16,000.00
320Jenkins, Suzanne H.1$15,000.00
321McMullen, Marilyn G.1$15,000.00
322Reyes, Alejandro1$15,000.00
323Mitchell, Thomas M.1$15,000.00
324Glorioso, Ronald S.1$15,000.00
325Kurtinecz, Lilli1$15,000.00
326Abrams, Ronald B.1$12,500.00
327Householder, N. Eddie1$12,500.00
328Ciresa, Martin E.1$12,500.00
329Fields, Kevin L.1$12,500.00
330Woolley, Tim1$12,500.00
331Jeannont, Dianne M.1$12,500.00
332Pompay, Teresa M.1$12,500.00
333Rosenthal, Gina1$11,000.00
334Merryman, Ann W.1$11,000.00
335Mancilla, Carlos A.1$10,500.00
336Bishop, Findley G.1$10,000.00
337Rone, Mike L.1$10,000.00
338Benson, Liam Daniel1$10,000.00
339Lehman, Edward1$10,000.00
340Katona, Alexis J.1$10,000.00
341Coker, Jr., Gerald A.1$10,000.00
342Araya, Rene A.1$10,000.00
343Smylie, Timothy J.1$10,000.00
344Reed, Candace1$10,000.00
345Harris, Holly L.1$10,000.00
346Correnti, Armand W.1$10,000.00
347Chinn, Fred J.1$10,000.00
348Shockey, Charles A.1$10,000.00
349Contreras, Javier1$10,000.00
350Dickey, Keith C.1$9,000.00
351Zimmerman, Matthew John1$9,000.00
352Rodriguez, Rudy R.1$8,000.00
353Correa, Alex A.1$8,000.00
354Manchio, Robert S.1$8,000.00
355Mobberley, Gretchen B.1$8,000.00
356Armstrong, Jay L.1$7,500.00
357Taylor, Bryant R.1$7,500.00
358Radford, Kathryn L.1$7,500.00
359Kazamias, Peter1$7,500.00
360Dotolo, David1$7,500.00
361Farley, James1$7,500.00
362Condon, Leslie A.1$7,500.00
363Williams, Charlie J.1$7,500.00
364Foglia, Anthony1$7,500.00
365Carango, Anthony1$7,500.00
366Botty, John T.1$7,500.00
367Taylor, Robert J.1$7,500.00
368Wames, John J.1$7,500.00
369Katz, Gary R.1$7,500.00
370Abadia, Fermin1$7,500.00
371Learn, Shane1$7,500.00
372Hawthorne, Bobbie Jo1$7,500.00
373Thurston, Jarod1$7,500.00
374McMahon, Demelza1$7,000.00
375Shanley, Mark A.1$7,000.00
376Breithaupt, Brooke1$6,500.00
377Murillo, Ricardo A.1$6,250.00
378Houle Webb, Lucy A.1$6,250.00
379Simoff, Andrew L.1$6,250.00
380Gaffney, Hubert1$6,250.00
381Servideo, Robert1$6,250.00
382Clark, Thomas A.1$6,250.00
383Ippolito, Mark1$6,250.00
384King, Lawrence1$6,250.00
385St. Clair, David1$6,000.00
386Ashby, Lynn A.1$6,000.00
387Gonzalez, Angel1$6,000.00
388Berrios, Manuel1$6,000.00
389Pierce, Jr., Joseph H.1$6,000.00
390Bielak, Don1$5,000.00
391Servis, Jason1$5,000.00
392Rafter, Carl1$5,000.00
393McCarthy, Brenda1$5,000.00
394Hassig, Alison1$5,000.00
395Herbert, James1$5,000.00
396Reggetts, Stephen L.1$5,000.00
397Boniface, Kevin C.1$5,000.00
398Bobadilla, Jose F.1$5,000.00
399Hussey, David A.1$5,000.00
400Leaf, Jr., Robert1$5,000.00
401Machiz, Stacy1$5,000.00
402Maher, Edward1$5,000.00
403Webb, Samuel E.1$5,000.00
404Maldonado, Jonathan1$5,000.00
405Kelly, Timothy James1$5,000.00
406Martin, Jane1$5,000.00
407Reardon, M. C.1$5,000.00
408Larrosa, Analia R.1$5,000.00
409Granville, Pedro1$5,000.00
410Iverson, Gerald1$5,000.00
411Matos, Saul1$5,000.00
412Eff, Joseph A.1$5,000.00
413Starkey, James H.1$5,000.00
414Pimental, John I.1$5,000.00
415Espinosa, Victor M.1$5,000.00
416Griffith, Dennis1$5,000.00
417Militello, Guy1$5,000.00
418Cooney, Susan S.1$5,000.00
419Coram, Robert E.1$5,000.00
420Tasso, Mark L.1$5,000.00
421Stahlin, John L.1$5,000.00
422Correnti, Anthony1$5,000.00
423Meehan, Elizabeth E.1$5,000.00
424Crane, Dean F.1$5,000.00
425Cruz, Narciso A.1$5,000.00
426Rogers, J. Michael1$5,000.00
427Davidovich, Jamen1$5,000.00
428Romeka, Steven1$5,000.00
429Tobin, Edwin L1$5,000.00
430Dillon, Jacob L.1$5,000.00
431Derr, Robert A.1$5,000.00
432Corrales, Jose1$5,000.00
433Viands, Stacey R.1$5,000.00
434Soto, Carlos1$5,000.00
435Persaud, Randi1$5,000.00
436Pennella, Rhea M.1$5,000.00
437Rofe, Jean L.1$5,000.00
438Rodriguez, Alexander1$5,000.00
439Fisher, John L.1$5,000.00
440McCutchen, Jason1$5,000.00
441Pane, Pasquale J.1$5,000.00
442Garrido, Raul A.1$5,000.00
443Frock, Charles A.1$5,000.00
444Vance, David W.1$5,000.00
445McKanas, Leon J.1$5,000.00
446Penaloza, Miguel1$5,000.00
447Pradenas, Sergio H.1$4,500.00
448Englehart, Chris J.1$4,500.00
449Herbst, Preston L.1$4,500.00
450Aleksic, Sonja1$4,500.00
451Shuchman, Allan1$4,000.00
452Hammond, Robert L.1$4,000.00
453DeMario, Charles A.1$4,000.00
454Delacour, Arnaud1$4,000.00
455Diaz, Jorge1$4,000.00
456Rendon, Alex1$4,000.00
457Wynn, George A.1$4,000.00
458Shuman, Joseph P.1$4,000.00
459Oliva, Robert1$4,000.00
460George, Bryan A.1$4,000.00
461Martinez, Joey1$4,000.00