From an Association of Racing Commissioners International release

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) has formally announced the members of the committee recently formed to work with individual commissions to complete the implementation of the ARCI medication reforms.

The 12 members of the ARCI Compliance Committee, as it will be officially known, were invited by Chairman Mark Lamberth. Lamberth has assigned the committee members to three working teams, with each team reviewing the regulatory policies of a set of racing jurisdictions.

The committee teams will begin by completing a thorough review of the medication policies in each United States jurisdiction, and then will work state-by-state to advance the ARCI medication reforms.

Lamberth stated that the committee will begin work this week, and three teams will meet on a regular basis. The committee work report to the ARCI Board of Directors during their meeting in December.


Team MemberMember JurisdictionTeam Assigned
John T. Ward, Jr.Kentucky Horse Racing CommissionTeam A
Jonathan ZachemFlorida Division of Pari-Mutuel WageringTeam A
Judy WagnerLouisiana State Racing CommissionTeam A
Domenic DiCeraIllinois Racing BoardTeam A
Rick BaedekerCalifornia Horse Racing BoardTeam B
Jeff CollitonWashington State Horse Racing CommissionTeam B
Tom DiPasqualeMinnesota Racing CommissionTeam B
Dr. Corinne SweeneyPennsylvania State Horse Racing CommissionTeam B
Mike HopkinsMaryland Racing CommissionTeam C
Duncan PattersonDelaware Thoroughbred Racing CommissionTeam C
Robert WilliamsNew York State Gaming CommissionTeam C
Frank ZanzucckiNew Jersey Racing CommissionTeam C




Team ATeam BTeam C
LouisianaNew MexicoNebraska
OhioOregonNew Jersey
OklahomaPennsylvaniaNew York
TexasWashingtonNorth Dakota
WyomingSouth Dakota
West Virginia