1. Wayne Potts — 3 claims for $21,250
  2. 5 with two each — Kimberly Graci, Jamie Ness, Ramon Preciado, John Locke, Mark Salvaggio

Priciest claim: Kimberly Graci, $16,000

* 38 trainers claimed at least one horse[/half][half]HORSES CLAIMED AWAY FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 21

  1. Marcos Zulueta — 2 claimed away for $16,000
  2. Three others — Jamie Ness, Greg Sacco, and Tim Kreiser — also lost 2 each.

Dimitrios Synnefias lost the priciest horse, $16,000

* 41 trainers lost at least one horse[/half]


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  • HIGHEST NET GAIN: Henry Worcester and Ernest Haynes — 4 each
  • HIGHEST NET LOSS: McLean Robertson, Hugh McMahon, Greg Sacco, Mike Trombetta — (-4) each


For the week…

Claiming activity in the mid-Atlantic dropped precipitously during the week ending October 21.

Overall, 45 horses were claimed in the region with a combined value of $330,250.  That was a 31 percent drop in the number of horses claimed and a 59 percent drop in their value.  The average claim value fell 41 percent, to $7,339.  That was the lowest weekly claim value since mid-February.

The dip was likely driven by a couple of factors.  Both Laurel Park and Charles Town ran full days of stake races on Saturday, elminating any claiming activity on those two days.  In addition, with rain forcing Laurel’s racing off the turf on Thursday and Friday, there were numerous scratches, eliminating many potential claims.

For the week, Parx Racing led in the number of claims, with 15, and their gross value ($120,000).  Delaware’s four claims had an average value of $8,250, tops in the region.  Penn National saw 13 horses claimed, while Laurel had 10 and Charles Town three.  No horses were claimed at the Meadowlands.

The claimbox report covers claiming activity at the Meadowlands, Delaware Park, Parx Racing, Penn National, Laurel Park, and Charles Town Races.

Weekly Dollar Value of Horses Changing Hands

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