[boxify cols_use =”3″ cols =”6″ position =”right” box_spacing =”5″ padding =”3″ background_color =”gray” background_opacity =”10″ border_width =”1″ border_color =”blue” border_style =”solid” height =”740″ ]MTHA BOARD CANDIDATES


  • Christine E. Bricker*
  • Edward M. Buxbaum
  • Robert L. Cole, Jr.
  • Ellen M. Charles
  • H. Neil Glasser*
  • Jessica Ryley Hammond
  • JoAnn Hayden
  • Richard J. Hoffberger*
  • Michael F. Horning*
  • Brent E. Johnson
  • R. Larry Johnson*
  • Charles J. Reed
  • Eric G. Singer
  • Mark B. Lapidus
  • Robert T. Manfuso
  • Harry Kassap


  • A. Ferris Allen, III
  • Robert W. Bailes*
  • Dale Capuano*
  • Damon R. Dilodovico
  • Linda S. Gaudet*
  • Christopher W. Grove*
  • Timothy L. Keefe*
  • H. Graham Motion
  • Larry J. Murray*
  • Philip B. Schoenthal
  • Valora A. Testerman
  • Michael J. Trombetta
  • Katharine M. Voss*

* – Incumbent[/boxify]

Twenty-nine owners and trainers will stand for election to the board of directors of the Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association (MTHA), the group announced at its annual membership meeting last night.

Maryland horsemen will choose the board, comprised of 15 of those 29, via a mail-in vote that will take place in July and August.  That board will include at least seven owners and at least seven trainers.

Twenty-six of the nominees — all 13 nominated trainers and 13 of 16 nominated owners — came through as part of the nominations committee’s slate of nominees.

In addition, three owner nominees were added from the floor: Mark Lapidus, Robert Manfuso, and Harry Kassap.

Among the owner nominees are five currently sitting members of the board.  Two owner-members — current president Richard Meyer and Howard Bender — are not standing for re-election.  Current owners-members who are standing for re-election include Christine Bricker, Neil Glasser, Richard Hoffberger, Michael Horning, and Larry Johnson.

The nominations committee also included eight other owners on the list.

All seven trainers currently on the board are running for re-election.

The ballot is expected to be mailed to all members in mid-July to be returned by mid-August.