Over the next couple of weeks, The Racing Biz will celebrate the holiday season by sharing a few of our (and your) favorite pictures, articles, and videos from 2013.  Our folks have been on the spot for many of the most important racing days of the mid-Atlantic season and have come up with compelling words and images to tell the tales they’ve heard and seen.  We hope you’ll enjoy them…


The Bowie Training Center’s days are numbered.  As part of the agreement among Maryland’s horsemen, breeders, and racetracks, the Maryland Jockey Club, which owns the tracks, will be able to close the training center, which it owns, once it has built sufficient stabling to house the horses that will be displaced.  But if the track is meeting its end soon, it is going out in something of a blaze of glory, with horses like Grade 1 winner Dance to Bristol, Grade 2 winner Miss Behaviour, and De Francis winner Immortal Eyes all carrying Bowie’s banner into battle successfully.  Jeff Krulik spent a morning there, and this video gives you a flavor of the place.

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