With the carryover of its Jackpot Pick 5 climbing towards $65,000, Laurel Park has announced that it will guarantee a $100,000.00 payout to a single winner starting tomorrow, December 10.

The Jackpot Pick 5 requires bettors to pick the winners of the last five races on the card.  However, because it is a jackpot bet, the entire pool only pays out when there is one winner and only one winner.  If multiple people hit the wager — or if no one does — those who picked the highest number of correct winners split 60 percent of what is wagered that day; the remaining 40 percent is carried over until there is one unique winning ticket.

The largest Jackpot Pick 5 payout occurred last December: $106,864.

The Jackpot Pick 5 is a 50-cent wager.