What’s new in the mid-Atlantic that we haven’t yet highlighted?

  • Trainer Tim Keefe will tackle the Ironman Cozumel triathlon — for charity (here).
  • A bill in Pennsylvania would spike the verging-on-insolvency state Thoroughbred and harness racing commissions and put the responsibility for regulating racing in the hands of the state’s Gaming Control Board.  “There hasn’t been enough regulatory oversight of the racing industry in Pennsylvania in the last few years,” said the bill’s sponsor (here).
  • New Jersey conducted an “experiment” in online gaming, which has at least one casino owner (and political donor) up in arms (here).
  • “Racing is here to stay” in New Jersey, says one of Monmouth’s top people.  It also lost money last year (here).
  • Delaware-certified bonuses are set to rise in 2014 (here).
  • Pennsylvania’s Diamond B Farm will welcome two new sires for the 2014 season (here).
  • Those concerned that there’s too little focus in racing on the Kentucky Derby – anyone? – will be happy to know that the first Derby Future Pool is open for wagering today through Saturday.  Two horses bred in the mid-Atlantic — both bred in Virginia — are named in the first pool: Bond Holder and Noble Moon.

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