At this evening’s World Series game, look for men in suits and women in evening dresses…

No, wait.  Don’t look for that at all.  Look for 38,000 people wearing things that say “Boston” on them.

But at Friday and Saturday’s Breeders’ Cup races, it’ll be a different story.  It is, in fact, one of racing’s odd, quirky, and endearing charms that people still — mysteriously — feel the urge to dress up on big days. Suits, ties, dresses — and hats, hats as far as the eye can see, hats as gaudy as the day is long, as elaborate as a Rube Goldberg invention, and sometimes, as topical as today’s paper.

Nary a “Palace Malice” muscle shirt to be found.

Maybe it’s pretentious, maybe it’s just silly — but ultimately, some folks just like to dress up to go to the races, and it’s hard to find anything wrong with that.

So we see in our Midweek Movie, when Jeff Krulik catches up with a couple of Maryland Million day racegoers, and what he finds is: red hats and a purse that, well, pretty much defies description.  Unless you own this puppy, chances are you haven’t seen its likes before

Oh, and one other thing they — and many other race fans — like: grays.


(Featured image by Laurie Asseo.)