This short video from Jeff Krulik aims to nutshell what The Racing Biz will be and what it’ll cover.  Except that in future, there’ll be a lot less of Vespe’s mug in the videos and a lot more of the characters and stories that Jeff so adeptly unearths.  Jeff’s an Emmy-winning filmmaker and an inveterate handicapper — but what he is most of all is a storyteller with a camera.

On Opening Day for The Biz, we’ve got part one of a two-part interview with Maryland Racing Commission chairman Bruce Quade, plus Nick Hahn’s story about Colonial Downs’s seemingly counter-intuitive to barbeque its turf course six weeks before its opening day.  A writer and racing radio show host, Nick knows the Virginia racing scene as well as anyone, has an eagle eye for a good story — and has been known to cash a winning ticket or two.

We’ll be introducing new members of the team as the week goes on, and Saturday will find The Biz at the Charles Town Classic and at Pimlico for three stakes (and a glass of wine at the Decanter celebration of wine and racing).  And who knows what else might turn up…

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