The Racing Biz, LLC, a media company focused on Thoroughbred racing and breeding in the mid-Atlantic region, will host the third in a series of digital panel discussions designed to tackle issues of diversity and inclusion within the Thoroughbred industry on April 21 at 5 p.m. EDT.

The series, titled “Truth to Power,” was created by The Racing Biz founder Frank Vespe in partnership with freelance journalist Teresa Genaro and TVG Digital Content Editor Alicia Hughes for the purpose of bringing together participants from the racing realm and other sports to share their perspectives on racial, gender, and social inequality within their respective industries and the importance of and efforts to promote greater inclusion.

The upcoming panel will focus on horseplayers’ experiences, the power of horseplayers, and racing’s marketing efforts and the overall customer experience. It is set to feature David Gutfreund, winner of the 2018 NHC Tour, and fellow horseplayer and “Going in Circles” podcast co-host Barry Spears.

The most recent “Truth to Power” panel took place on March 17 and highlighted the grass-roots efforts being made to attract people of color to Thoroughbred racing and other sports. The panel featured Renee Hess, founder of Black Girl Hockey Club; Ron Mack, founder of the Legacy Equine Academy; and Leon Nichols, CEO and founder of the Louisville-based Project to Preserve African American Turf History.

The April 21 panel will be streamed on both The Racing Biz website (www.theracingbiz.com) and on its social media platforms @TheRacingBiz.