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Photo by Allison Janezic.

Which jockeys and trainers at Parx Racing have been hot? Funny you should ask: we wondered the same thing.

So we created a quick-and-dirty metric for the handicappers among us. The metric includes wins, win percentage, and wagering return on investment in one number. To limit it to who’s hot, we’ve included data from just the past 50 or so days — since January 29, 2021.


Ruben Silvera led the track with 21 wins in the last 50 or so days, he’s winning at a 23.3% clip, and he leads all jockeys with a score of 116. That makes him the only rider in the colony in triple digits over the last 50 days..

Jaime Rodriguez (94 points) and Frankie Pennington (91) are his nearest pursuers. They’re followed by Jeremy Laprida (81) and Mychel Sanchez (74).

Silvera also has a solid +8% wagering ROI, though that leaves him far beyond the leader among jocks with at least five wins; that’s Jonathan Ocasio, who’s +125%, a score that propels him to seventh overall with 68 points.

Among the top five, Rodriguez, at +7%, and Laprida (+20%) both also have positive ROIs. Pennington has 17 wins and a 21.8% strike rate, while Sanchez checks in with 13 wins.

The average score of all riders at Parx was 48.8.

1Silvera Ruben116
2Rodriguez Jaime94
3Pennington Frankie91
4Laprida Jeremy81
5Sanchez Mychel J74


Trainer Ernesto Padilla-Preciado has won with six of his 22 starters since January 29, and that 27% strike rate certainly helps push him up in the rankings, but what puts him over the top is his huge +157% wagering ROI.

Padilla-Preicado has 129 points overall, leading a six-member cadre of trainers with triple-digit scores (Robert Mosco, with 102 points, is sixth in the standings).

Four of the top five in the standings — Howard Brown, Jr., Butch Reid, and Louis Linder are the others — all have positive ROIs, and all are winning at better than a 25% clip, with Reid, who’s 6-for-14, at 42.9%.

The lone trainer in the top five who does not have a positive ROI is Jamie Ness. Ness leads the track in wins during the seven week-period with 14 and has a strike rate of 22.2%, but his ROI is -18%.

The leader in ROI among trainers with more than one win is Jacinto Solis. He’s won with three of seven starters with a +577% ROI. He’s eighth in the colony with 96 points, his scored knocked down to that level because he’s had so few starters.

The average score of all trainers at Parx was 47.4 points.

1Padilla-Preciado E129
2Brown Jr Howard R125
3Reid Jr Robert E123
4Linder Jr Louis C113
5Ness Jamie108