Bourbon Calling
Bourbon Calling (#6) was just in time to win the Russell Road Stakes. Photo by Coady Photography.

Which jockeys and trainers at Charles Town Races have been hot? Funny you should ask: we wondered the same thing.

So we created a quick-and-dirty metric for the handicappers among us. The metric includes wins, win percentage, and wagering return on investment in one number. To limit it to who’s hot, we’ve included data from just the past 50 or so days — since January 1, 2021.


When it comes to which jockeys have been hottest at Charles Town, there’s a pretty simply answer: Arnaldo Bocachica, followed by everybody else.

Bocachica, the perennial leading rider at CT, has a long lead in the win column (37 versus 24 for second-place Denis Araujo), and his 34% strike rate is also tops among local jocks. And he has a solid wagering ROI of -3%, among the better numbers for the track’s top riders.

He’s followed by Fredy Peltroche (22 wins and a +1% ROI), Araujo, Gustavo Larrosa (13 wins, +6% ROI), and Gerald Almodovar (10 wins, +10% ROI). The ROI leader among jocks with more than 21 starts at the track is Darius Thorpe, who’s won eight races and has a +17% ROI; he’s seventh in the standings with 56 points.

The average for all riders at CT was 50.0.

1Bocachica Arnaldo145
2Peltroche Fredy108
3Araujo Denis92
4Larrosa Gustavo84
5Almodovar Gerald77


Familiar names top the Charles Town trainer ranks, with co-leading trainers Anthony Farrior and Jeff Runco — each with 17 wins — also tied with 117 points. Farrior has a higher win percentage — 30% to 26% — but Runco has a better wagering ROI (-10% versus -31%), and so they meet in the middle in a dead heat.

They’re followed by Tim Grams, who has nine wins and a +17% wagering ROI that’s a big contributor to his standing. Farther back are Ronney Brown (13 wins, +3% ROI) and Javier Contreras (8 wins and a 26% strike rate).

A couple of trainers punching above their weight in wins are Laura Carson and John A. Casey. Carson has just one win this year — but it was a 65-1 longshot, and she has a +1001% ROI (!) and stands in sixth with 89 points. Casey, with three wins, has a +143% ROI and is ninth with 78 points.

The average for all Charles Town trainers was 39.5 points.

1Farrior Anthony117
2Runco Jeff C117
3Grams Timothy C114
4Brown Ronney W94
5Contreras Javier94