Laurel Park: Alternative jockey rankings through July 12

by | Jul 14, 2018 | Breaking, Maryland, MD Racing, Racing, Top Stories

Jevian Toledo. Photo by The Racing Biz.

by Chelsea Lowman

There have been some major changes in our rankings at Laurel Park over the past couple of weeks, and with those changes comes some new names to the leaderboard. With 368.57 points to his name, Jevian Toledo has burst onto the top position in our point standings, stealing the position away from Edgar Prado, who now resides in eighth.

Toledo isn’t the only new name in the top five when it comes to points. Jorge Vargas has climbed all the way from seventh to second, with a total of 326.36 points under his belt. Horacio Karamanos has slid into the third spot on the leaderboard, with 307.07 points to his name. Completing the top five are J.D. Acosta and Steve Hamilton, who have 297.53 and 295.20 points, respectively.   

Our ranking system incorporates wins, win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. The leading rider in each category receives a score of 100 per category, with other jockeys obtaining a percentage of that. That means that a leader in all four categories would receive a score of 400 total.

This rating system is designed to highlight individuals who win frequently, and score in major races. Our stats have been applied to each jockey at Laurel Park who has made at least 20 starts during the meet and won at least once.

Toledo’s recent success over the colony can be attributed to his hot winning streak that he has going on. Since June 21, Toledo has ridden to victory 11 times, and even visited the winner’s circle three times in one day, when he rode Whateverybodywants, Killer Kitten, and No Refunds to glory on June 30.

Karamanos has added eight wins to his resume since our previous check-in, and now sits in second in the win category with 14 wins under his belt. Vargas is close behind him in third, with 13 trips to the winner’s circle so far. Feargal Lynch is fourth, with 12 wins to his name. There is a tie for fifth-place between Acosta and Sheldon Russell, who each have 11 wins apiece.  

Toledo’s leading ways continue, as he leads the colony in terms of win percentage, as well. His strike rate of 23.19 percent has him just ahead of Vargas, who has a win percentage of 22.81 percent. Not far behind in third is Hamilton, with a strike rate of 22.73 percent. Karamanos sits in fourth with a win percentage of 18.67 percent. Rounding out the top five are Rosario Montanez and Edgar Prado, who each have a win percentage of 18.52 percent.

Hamilton has taken over as the leader when it comes to earnings per start. His average earnings of $7,298 have him just ahead of Vargas, whose earnings per start are $6,901. Toledo comes in next at number three, with earnings per start of $6,648. Karamanos and Prado complete the top five, with earnings per start of $6,380 and $5,678, respectively.

Acosta has the highest wagering ROI over the colony, returning an average of $3.64 for every $2 win wager placed on his horses. Tais Lyapustina, the previous leader, now sits in second with an ROI of $3.16.  Toledo slides into third, with an ROI of $2.82. Hamilton and Jorge Ruiz are tied in fourth, with the same ROI of $2.40. Montanez finishes off the top five, with an average ROI of $2.08.

The rankings include all races run at Laurel Park through July 12, 2018.




$2 ROI
1Toledo Jevian368.571623.19%$6,648$2.82
2Vargas Jr Jorge A326.361322.81%$6,901$1.90
3Karamanos Horacio307.071418.67%$6,380$1.88
4Acosta J D297.531115.94%$4,381$3.64
5Hamilton Steve D295.20522.73%$7,298$2.40
6Montanez Rosario264.111018.52%$4,715$2.08
7Lynch Feargal257.141216.22%$5,342$1.42
8Prado Edgar S241.66518.52%$5,678$1.92
9Centeno Daniel237.521015.63%$5,570$1.14
10Russell Sheldon233.301116.18%$4,953$0.98
11Pimentel Julian223.97715.56%$5,650$1.30
12Ruiz Jorge190.25510.87%$3,371$2.40
13Gomez Kevin175.15810.53%$3,575$1.12
14Rosado Johan166.56311.54%$3,106$2.02
15Hamilton Weston161.67108.40%$3,189$0.70
16Carrasco Victor R149.21411.11%$3,242$1.16
17Lara Ezequiel123.65310.71%$2,078$1.10
18Lyapustina Tais122.4712.56%$1,339$3.16
19Boyce Forest117.3748.00%$3,181$0.52
20Perez Xavier103.0336.67%$3,010$0.52
21Torres Jomar98.7637.69%$2,215$0.60
22Cintron Alex95.4735.45%$2,599$0.64
23Rodriguez Luis J61.8315.00%$1,801$0.34