Charles Town: Latest jockey ratings through April 24

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Breaking, Racing, Top Stories, West Virginia, WV Racing

Xavier Perez and Anna’s Bandit. Photo by Coady Photography.

by Chelsea Lowman

There have been some changes in the Charles Town jockey ratings at since our previous ranking, but jockey Christian Hirlado has remained consistent at the top. With 331.62 points in our alternative jockey ratings, Hiraldo continues to lead the colony.

The most significant change in our point standings came in the form of Xavier Perez jumping from seventh place to second. His decisive victories in the Dance to Bristol Stakes, aboard Lake Ponchatrain, and Down Town Allen Stakes, with Anna’s Bandit, on April 21 were enough to dramatically improve his position. With 322.50 points under his belt, Perez now sits in second, ahead of Arnaldo Bocachica (313.77), Jose Montano (287.89), and J. D. Acosta (283.67), who complete the top five.

Our ranking system incorporates wins, wins percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. The leading rider in each category receives a score of 100 per category, with other jockeys obtaining a percentage of that. That means that a leader in all four categories would receive a score of 400 total.

The rating system is designed to highlight individuals who win frequently, and score in major races. Our stats have been applied to each jockey at Charles Town who has competed in at least 30 races and won at least once.

Just like before, Hiraldo remains second in the win column. Hiraldo has added seven victories to his resume since our last check-in, bumping his win count up to 39. However, Hiraldo is not the only rider that has been making some noise in the winner’s circle. Since our last review, Arnaldo Bocachica has also been collecting wins. Bochachica has ridden to glory nine times over the last couple of weeks, seizing his place on top in wins and obtaining second place in terms of win percentage, with a rate of 22.86 percent. With 40 wins under his belt, he remains merely one step ahead of Hiraldo. Gerald Almodovar now sits close behind in third with 38 wins.

Antonio Lopez, who previously led the colony with a win percentage of 24.36 percent, has now dropped to third with a new win percentage of 21.21%. The new leader is none other than Perez, whose success in the stakes races over the weekend has seen his win percentage climb from 21.88% to 25.71%.

Perez also leads the colony in terms of earnings per start at $5,170. Lopez follows in second with earnings of $3,696 per start, and is rounded out by Bochachica with $3,688, Hiraldo with $3,233, and Montano, with $3,139 earnings per start.

Perez’s winning trend continues, as he leads his fellow riders with the highest wagering return on investment. His ROI of $2.54 has him comfortably ahead of Hiraldo and Acosta, who are tied in second with an ROI of $2.32.

This report includes racing action through April 21, 2018.



$2 ROI
1Hiraldo Christian331.623920.63%$3,233$2.32
2Perez Xavier322.50925.71%$5,170$2.54
3Bocachica Arnaldo313.774022.86%$3,688$1.36
4Montano Jose287.892420.51%$3,139$2.22
5Acosta J D283.672220.75%$2,927$2.32
6Lopez Antonio263.172121.21%$3,696$1.44
7Almodovar Gerald262.713818.45%$2,723$1.10
8Batista Luis A226.042113.13%$1,896$2.18
9Peltroche Fredy203.001913.77%$2,055$1.58
10Ho Wesley199.811515.00%$1,671$1.82
11Flores Oscar199.761512.71%$2,088$1.84
12Rodriguez Luis J196.312313.29%$1,939$1.26
13Cruz Angel188.481016.39%$2,469$1.32
14Thorpe Darius170.491410.61%$1,697$1.56
15Larrosa Gustavo156.9187.84%$1,512$1.96
16Whitacre Grant145.39412.50%$2,736$0.86
17Maldonado Ramon R133.28149.33%$1,332$0.92
18Cecil Kim131.4055.26%$896$2.06
19Rodriguez Guillermo120.8968.45%$1,496$1.12
20Rodriguez Victor115.84116.96%$1,376$0.88
21Marrero Carlos92.7657.14%$1,370$0.66
22Chilo Maximo91.2255.56%$1,080$0.92
23Villegas Jerry80.8155.75%$1,033$0.66
24Batista Jan C61.5635.66%$965$0.34
25Rocha Wladimir56.5124.00%$841$0.50
26Soto Jr John A50.8023.08%$1,057$0.34