Charles Town: Latest jockey ratings through March 13

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Breaking, Racing, West Virginia, WV Racing

Bound to Windsor, here winning the West Virginia Triple Crown Nutrition Breeders Classic. Photo by Coady Photography.

by Frank Vespe

As was the case two weeks back, Christian Hiraldo, Xavier Perez, and Gerald Almodovar lead our alternative jockey rankings at Charles Town Races inclusive of all races run through March 13, 2018.

In fact, little has changed at the top, with Hiraldo, who is second in the colony with 21 wins, holding a lead of about 11 points over Perez, with Almodovar another 11 points back in third. Hiraldo checks in with a score of 311.50.

Our system takes into account wins, win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. The trainer leading the colony in each category receives a score of 100 for that category, with other conditioners getting a percentage of that. That would give a trainer leading in all categories a perfect score of 400.

In brief, the rating system rewards those who win often and in the biggest races. We applied the stats to every jockey at Charles Town who’s made at least 25 starts and won at least one race.

Although he does not lead in any of the four considered categories, Hiraldo secured the top spot by scoring well in all of them. In addition to being second by wins, he is fifth in win percentage (19.27 percent), fourth in earnings per start ($2,940), and fifth in wagering return on investment ($2.72 per $2 wager).

That combination of factors was enough to give him the edge over Perez (300.78 points), whose success has come in limited Charles Town action, as his base of operations is Laurel Park. Perez scores at or near the top in three categories, but in wins, he is well down this list with just seven. Those seven scores, however, have come in just 26 starts, which places him first in win percentage (26.92 percent). His earnings per start of $3,407 is second in the colony, and his wagering return on investment is, at $2.86, third.

Almodovar continues to lead the colony with 25 wins to date. He also scores well in win percentage and in earnings per start, but his overall tally of 289.98 is harmed by his lower return on wagering investment. Almodovar returns bettors just $1.26 per two-dollar wager.

The remainder of the top five includes Fredy Peltroche (264.37 points), who was sixth two weeks back; and J. D. Acosta (259.60), who was fourth.

Antonio Lopez, who leads the colony with earnings per start of $3,584, checks in seventh overall with a 240.74 rating. His nine wins are well behind the leaders’ tallies, as is his $1.18 wagering return on investment. Carlos Castro (11th, 206.32 points) leads the colony with a wagering ROI of $3.68.

The report covers racing action through March 13, 2018.



$2 ROI
1Hiraldo Christian311.502119.27%$2,940$2.72
2Perez Xavier300.78726.92%$3,407$2.86
3Almodovar Gerald289.982520.33%$2,876$1.26
4Peltroche Fredy264.371418.67%$2,373$2.68
5Acosta J D259.601220.00%$2,428$2.56
6Bocachica Arnaldo245.111817.65%$3,037$0.84
7Lopez Antonio240.74919.57%$3,584$1.18
8Flores Oscar237.591115.94%$2,089$2.80
9Montano Jose216.471216.90%$2,600$1.22
10Batista Luis A206.911212.50%$1,772$2.32
11Castro Carlos L206.32312.00%$1,783$3.68
12Cruz Angel196.19718.42%$2,446$1.16
13Rodriguez Luis J165.711010.42%$1,658$1.50
14Cecil Kim165.5547.27%$1,061$3.42
15Ho Wesley157.30712.28%$1,480$1.56
16Rodriguez Victor155.7199.78%$1,644$1.38
17Thorpe Darius143.5079.72%$1,618$1.26
18Maldonado Ramon R130.0889.41%$1,152$1.14
19Rodriguez Guillermo117.2039.38%$1,568$0.98
20Villegas Jerry92.8436.25%$1,072$1.02
21Larrosa Gustavo86.2534.92%$1,461$0.56
22Chilo Maximo84.9435.88%$1,091$0.76
23Marrero Carlos83.8035.66%$1,216$0.62
24Batista Jan C76.5236.52%$1,074$0.38
25Soto Jr John A45.3912.08%$875$0.34