Laurel Park: Alternative trainer stats through March 7

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Miss Inclusive won the Maryland Racing Media Stakes for trainer John Servis. Photo by Laurie Asseo.

by Frank Vespe

Through early March, there’s an easy answer to the question of which trainer is having the best season to date at Laurel Park under our rating system: John Servis, and it’s not close.

Servis, based at Parx Racing, has thrived in limited opportunities at Laurel Park and has 335.00 points. That gives him a 104-point bulge over Hugh McMahon, who has 230.94. For comparison purposes, the top nine trainers at Charles Town are all within less than 104 points of each other.

Our ratings number combines wins, win percentage, earnings per start, and $2 wagering return on investment. It thus values trainers who win frequently in big races, as well as those who can hit with a solid percentage of runners at square odds. The top trainer in each category receives 100 points, and thus a trainer who led a colony in all four categories would earn a perfect score of 400.

We applied this metric to every trainer at Laurel Park who has made at least 15 starts and won at least once. That leaves off several trainers who have won between one and three races and one trainer, Horacio DePaz, who has five wins from nine starters to date.

Servis leads the colony in three of four categories considered in our rankings. He has the top overall win percentage, having hit with seven of 18 runners for a strike rate of 38.89 percent. His earnings per start is off the chart, at $25,798 — roughly triple his nearest competitor. And his wagering return on investment of $4.62 is also tops.

Servis’ seven winners include Ms. Locust Point, who has won a pair of stakes, among them the Grade 2 Barbara Fritchie, and Maryland Racing Media Stakes winner Miss Inclusive.

McMahon earns the second spot on the standings by scoring well in all four categories, although he does not lead in any of them. He is third in the standings in three categories: wins, with 12; win percentage, with 29.27 percent; and $2 wagering return on investment ($3.32). He is also seventh in earnings per start.

Meet wins leader Claudio Gonzalez is third in the rankings with 218.65 points. His 20 wins are six more than any other trainer has achieved thus far. He is also seventh in win percentage (22.99 percent) and sixth in earnings per start ($6,759).

As they did in our first rankings, Dale Capuano (202.15 points) and Kieron Magee (182.63) round out the top five.

The rankings include all races run through March 7, 2018.




$2 ROI
1Servis John C335.00738.89%$25,798$4.62
2McMahon Hugh I230.941229.27%$6,144$3.32
3Gonzalez Claudio A218.652022.99%$6,759$1.54
4Capuano Dale202.151131.43%$5,834$2.02
5Magee Kieron186.631424.14%$5,252$1.58
6Farrior Anthony177.82620.69%$5,536$3.38
7Keefe Timothy L176.80724.14%$8,396$2.18
8Smith Hamilton A163.34723.33%$7,580$1.80
9Trombetta Michael J155.99819.05%$8,242$1.62
10Decker Kenneth139.39614.29%$6,123$2.26
11Lynch Cathal A134.89717.95%$4,818$1.62
12Capuano Gary125.96416.67%$5,447$1.94
13Potts Wayne125.76520.00%$3,345$1.68
14Lake Scott A117.07816.33%$3,134$1.06
15Maldonado Jonathan116.25617.14%$3,842$1.26
16Brooks Gerald E112.85412.12%$3,404$2.24
17Ness Jamie109.33714.58%$3,582$1.06
18Motion H Graham108.68315.79%$7,105$1.18
19Cartagena Keisy108.61212.50%$2,517$2.62
20Eubanks Annette M103.17210.00%$3,218$2.54
21Allen III A Ferris100.23514.29%$4,793$0.92
22Schoenthal Phil96.17415.38%$4,531$0.88
23Corrales Jose93.5069.23%$5,455$0.86
24Gaudet Lacey91.84410.81%$4,102$1.30
25Eppler Mary E83.91313.64%$3,707$0.90
26Dilodovico Damon R68.04210.53%$4,864$0.56
27Houghton Dove P44.0316.25%$2,685$0.58
28Robb John J43.9225.41%$2,820$0.42
29Worton Dorothy E38.0914.17%$2,198$0.64
30Mancilla Carlos A33.3014.17%$2,414$0.38