We’re excited to add a new feature to The Racing Biz in the form of Dottie Miller’s PhotoBlog.  Dottie, a talented photographer often found at Maryland racetracks (and other places where horses gather), will from time to time share some of the photos she really enjoys and discuss what she likes about them and why they speak to her.


Victor Carrasco

Victor Carrasco. Photo by Dottie Miller.


Here’s Victor Carrasco in the saddle. He had come back after a race and was waiting on the trainer and valet to meet him at the rail to unsaddle. I took this of him as he waited as it shows the elements riders deal with and the expression on his face tells a lot.


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Feargal Lynch.

Feargal Lynch. Photo by Dottie Miller.

Here is Feargal Lynch during warm-ups. I was on the first turn when I took this with a long zoom. I liked the color of the silks against the sky and glass in the background.