We’re excited to add a new feature to The Racing Biz in the form of Dottie Miller’s PhotoBlog.  Dottie, a talented photographer often found at Maryland racetracks (and other places where horses gather), will from time to time share some of the photos she really enjoys and discuss what she likes about them and why they speak to her.


Right Squall

Right Squall. Photo by Dottie Miller.



I’m an equine color and genetics fan. This is Right Squall, who has a very rare somatic mutation to her coat. It causes different colored hairs to grow in random areas, in her case white ones. I found her to be very unique, and her braids against the flowers in the background made her simply stunning to my eye. I took this on the steps next to the paddock.


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Victor Carrasco's saddle.

Victor Carrasco’s saddle. Photo by Dottie Miller.

Here is Victor Carrasco’s saddle while in the paddock. I loved the colors of the saddle cloth and the care that her put into his saddle with his initials