More than $1.5 million of claims were made in the mid-Atlantic in February — a one percent increase from the prior month.

Overall, 145 horses were claimed at Parx Racing, Laurel Park, Penn National, and Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in February.  Though that was seven fewer than the 152 claimed in January, the average price rose nearly six percent, to $10,384.

Parx Racing saw by far the most claiming action, with 61 horses changing hands with a combined value of $662,500, both comfortably tops in the region.  Laurel, with 38 claims, had the highest average claim value of $11.013.  There were 31 horses claimed at Penn National and just 15 at Charles Town.

Spotty weather may well have had an impact on the level of claiming activity in the region in February.  All four operating tracks were forced to cancel at least four days of live racing, with Charles Town bailing eight separate times in the month.


[su_row] [su_column]Top Claimers for the quarter

  1. Patricia Farro — 9 claims for $107,000.00
  2. Tim Kreiser 7 claims for $88,250.00
  3. Michael Pino — 6 claims for $77,500.00
  4. Jamie Ness — 5 claims for $52,500.00
  5. Philip Aristone — 5 claims for $46,000.00
  6. Kathleen DeMasi — 4 claims for $52,500.00
  7. Kimberly Graci — 4 claims for $39,000.00[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/2″] Who’s losing horses

  1. Patricia Farro — 8 lost for $101,250.00
  2. Scott Lake — 5 lost for $72,500.00
  3. Michael Pino — 5 lost for $55,000.00
  4. Jerry Robb — 3 lost for $40,000.00
  5. Wayne Potts — 3 lost for $40,000.00
  6. Bernie Houghton — 3 lost for $40,000.00
  7. Timothy Hooper — 3 lost for $35,500.00[/su_column][/su_row]

Eighty-four trainers claimed at least one horse during the month, while 95 had one or more claimed away.  The Claimbox Report covers claiming activity at Parx Racing, Penn National, Laurel Park, and Charles Town Races.


Horses Claimed
Gross Value
Ness, Jamie11$123,500.00
Kreiser, Timothy C.11$123,250.00
Farro, Patricia10$114,500.00
Aristone, Philip T.9$86,000.00
Potts, Wayne8$104,000.00
Magee, Kieron8$98,500.00
McMahon, Hugh I.8$72,250.00
Demasi, Kathleen A.7$93,500.00
Pino, Michael V.6$77,500.00
Gonzalez, Claudio A.6$71,500.00
Graci, Kimberly A6$49,000.00
Bernardini, Jay P.5$46,000.00
Lake, Scott A.5$38,000.00
Moore, Michael M.4$60,000.00
Stickler, Jr., Lester J.4$44,250.00
Brown, Ronney W.4$38,750.00
Perri, Gina4$32,500.00
Hollahan, Heather4$27,500.00
Sillaman, Richard P.3$55,000.00
Preciado, Ramon3$43,500.00
Reid, Jr., Robert E.3$42,500.00
Iannotti, IV, Thomas3$41,000.00
Rojas, Murray L.3$40,000.00
Kobiskie, Dane3$35,000.00
Worcester, IV, Henry E.3$30,500.00
Serey, Jr., Mario3$30,000.00
Cartagena, Keisy3$27,500.00
Farrior, Anthony3$24,000.00
Haynes, Ernest M.3$22,500.00
Kravets, Bruce M.3$18,250.00
LeBarron, Keith W.2$40,000.00
Schoenthal, Phil2$32,500.00
Wolfendale, Howard E.2$32,500.00
Dilodovico, Damon R.2$29,500.00
Lauro, Evan C.2$27,500.00
Robb, John J.2$23,500.00
Sims, Monti N.2$21,250.00
Keefe, Timothy L.2$20,000.00
Cox, Kenneth M.2$20,000.00
Beattie, Cody2$19,000.00
Mangual, Manolo2$18,500.00
Salvaggio, Jr., Michael W.2$18,500.00
Eubanks, Annette M.2$18,500.00
Groff, Erin C.2$18,000.00
Rodriguez, Miguel A.2$17,500.00
Lynch, Cathal A.2$15,000.00
Stokes, Jamie A.2$15,000.00
Patterson, Kevin S.2$14,500.00
Hooper, Timothy2$14,500.00
Locke, John G.2$14,250.00
Lezell, David G.2$12,500.00
Maymo, Alejandro2$12,500.00
Kulp, Brandon L.2$12,000.00
Dimitriou, Harry E.2$10,250.00
Ayres, Jr., Joseph W.2$9,500.00
Levine, Peter2$9,500.00
Rozell, Ron2$9,000.00
Brooks, Gerald E.1$25,000.00
Nations, Keith1$25,000.00
Brown, Steven R.1$22,500.00
Shuman, Mark1$20,000.00
Saville, Niall1$20,000.00
Haughton, Donnovan1$16,000.00
Vega, Richard1$16,000.00
Walters, Henry1$16,000.00
Zulueta, Marcos1$16,000.00
Snyder, Floyd W.1$15,000.00
Salvaggio, Mark V.1$15,000.00
Trombetta, Michael J.1$15,000.00
Miller, Craig S.1$15,000.00
Feliciano, Jr., Benjamin M.1$15,000.00
Reynolds, Joan A.1$12,500.00
Leatherbury, King T.1$12,500.00
Merryman, Ann W.1$11,000.00
Albert, Linda L.1$11,000.00
Rosenthal, Gina1$11,000.00
Mancilla, Carlos A.1$10,500.00
Allen, Randy1$10,000.00
Smith, Thomas R.1$10,000.00
Arnold, Pamela A.1$10,000.00
Capote, Gaston R.1$10,000.00
Meckling, Susan1$10,000.00
Velazquez, Daniel1$10,000.00
Wyner, Harold1$10,000.00
Beattie, Todd M.1$10,000.00
Vera, Miguel1$10,000.00
Synnefias, Dimitrios K.1$10,000.00
Brennan, Regina1$10,000.00
Marrotta, Patrick1$8,000.00
Rodriguez, Miguel1$8,000.00
Mick, Stephen R.1$8,000.00
Manchio, Robert S.1$8,000.00
Burton, Tim1$8,000.00
Allen, III, A. Ferris1$7,500.00
Dotolo, David1$7,500.00
Armstrong, Jay L.1$7,500.00
Day, Diane M.1$7,500.00
Craig, Gary1$7,500.00
Chacon, Gustavo1$7,500.00
Castillo, Michelle1$7,500.00
Englehart, Jeffrey S.1$7,500.00
Gaudet, Lacey1$7,500.00
Wames, John J.1$7,500.00
Polachek, Janet1$7,500.00
Taylor, Bryant R.1$7,500.00
Garibay, Lucia1$7,500.00
Miller, Elizabeth Ann1$7,500.00
Ferreira, Fernando1$7,500.00
Farley, James1$7,500.00
Martin, Silvio L.1$7,500.00
Martin, Sandee D.1$7,500.00
Kazamias, Peter1$7,500.00
Rodriguez, Franklin1$7,500.00
Juarez, Calixto1$7,500.00
Cave, Hubert L.1$6,500.00
Murillo, Ricardo A.1$6,250.00
Chircop, Steven1$6,250.00
Conner, John D.1$6,250.00
Bartoni, Wayne P.1$6,250.00
Neilson, David L.1$5,000.00
Martin, Jane1$5,000.00
Magill, Patrick J.1$5,000.00
Montoya, Marya K.1$5,000.00
Bouchard, Leslye G.1$5,000.00
McCutchen, Jason1$5,000.00
Albright, George R.1$5,000.00
Bedard, Alan1$5,000.00
Crane, Dean F.1$5,000.00
Tobin, Edwin L1$5,000.00
Geist, David W.1$5,000.00
Rafter, Carl1$5,000.00
Dandy, Ronald J.1$5,000.00
Paterson, Kevin1$5,000.00
Hendriks, Richard J.1$5,000.00
Salzman, Jr., John E.1$5,000.00
Correnti, Anthony1$5,000.00
Judy, Marcus1$5,000.00
Buskey, III, Bob E.1$5,000.00
Viands, Stacey R.1$5,000.00
Granville, Pedro1$5,000.00
McCarthy, Kevin1$4,500.00
Aleksic, Sonja1$4,500.00
Stopherd, Edwin C.1$4,000.00
George, Bryan A.1$4,000.00