Over the next couple of weeks, The Racing Biz will celebrate the holiday season by sharing a few of our (and your) favorite pictures, articles, and videos from 2013.  Our folks have been on the spot for many of the most important racing days of the mid-Atlantic season and have come up with compelling words and images to tell the tales they’ve heard and seen.  We hope you’ll enjoy them…


A lot of what’s important in a horse race takes place before the race even begins.  In this vignette, trainer-owner Ted Maher gets his hard-knocking Lonely Whistle ready to run: putting the tack on, cinching up the girth, stretching out the legs.  Then he discusses the game plan with his rider, legs him up on the horse, and hopes for the best.  It’s a good look at the moments before, and after, a race in which a trainer’s foremost thoughts are with his horse.

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