Over the next couple of weeks, The Racing Biz will celebrate the holiday season by sharing a few of our (and your) favorite pictures, articles, and videos from 2013.  Our folks have been on the spot for many of the most important racing days of the mid-Atlantic season and have come up with compelling words and images to tell the tales they’ve heard and seen.  We hope you’ll enjoy them…

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Nobody follows Colonial Downs as closely as Nick Hahn does, and The Racing Biz was fortunate to have the veteran reporter in the fold this year.  Beyond being a skilled reporter, Nick is also a talented photographer, and several of his shots graced our pages this year.

cnlopeningfog-hahn scaled

Riders emerge from the opening night fog at Colonial Downs. Photo by Nick Hahn.


Colonial Downs barbeques its Bermuda grass.

Colonial Downs barbeques its Bermuda grass.



Al Qasr takes the Kitten’s Joy. Photo by Nick Hahn.