From an ICHSWJ release.

The 2013 International Conference for the Health, Safety and Welfare of Jockeys (ICHSWJ) is taking place at Monmouth Park, New Jersey, USA on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September 2013. For those of you who have not attended before, the conference is organized by the European Medical Officers Group and comes under the auspices of the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities. The conference is aimed at administrators, racecourse doctors and anyone involved in licensing of jockeys.

This is the 5th conference; the previous four were held in Japan (2006), Turkey (2008), Dubai (2010) and last year at the same venue, Monmouth Park (2012). The conference focuses on jockey related issues and features presentations from some of the most highly respected medics, administrators, nutritionists and researchers who specialize in dealing with jockeys.

There is no registration fee and if you are interested in attending or being represented at the conference, please contact Michelle Byrne.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is involved with Jockeys to meet and hear presentations from representatives of the major racing authorities, to discuss jockeys health, safety and welfare related issues and to hear the results of the latest research that is being carried out with jockeys.

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