It’s a Virginia summer tradition, and racing at Colonial Downs wouldn’t be complete without Nick’s Picks.  Nick Hahn gives out the top three finishers in every race all season at Colonial!

For Wednsday, June 12, the answers are…

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Nick’s Notes

What a great start to the meet! Not necessarily on the record for Nick’s Picks (three winners in 17 races but as you may expect at Colonial, those winners paid nicely), but for the entertaining racing we saw opening weekend. After three steeplechase races on opening day, the thoroughbred segment opened with apprentice rider Chelsey Keiser delivering an $85.00 winner on Radnor Road.  Steeplechase trainer Jack Fisher brought in Popplestone off the jumps to Colonial’s winner’s circle.  Ashland became the center of the “equiverse” on Sunday with trainers Stephanie Nixon and Karen Dennehy Godsey capturing three races between them.  Stay away from the chalk.

One omission in this year’s meet is track photographer Jeff Coady. For the first time in the Colonial’s history, Coady is not taking photos this season at Colonial Downs.  Please keep Coady in your thoughts and prayers as he fights cancer.  Coady is a master of handling the affairs in what can often be a crazy winner’s circle.  Many tracks limit what is done in the winner’s circle but with Coady’s masterful management, I can’t remember an incident and Colonial’s winner’s circle is a fun and exciting place.  The walls of my at-home racing office are covered in Coady Photography.  My favorites are with my son or daughter on my shoulders.  The meet never concludes for me without a brew with Jeff usually over the subject on how to improve racing.  He told me Tuesday that Colonial is his favorite track and with more racing days he would become a Virginia resident.  Tip one for Jeff this season and Jeff, get well soon.