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featuring Delaware Park


1Mark Davis$68.40
2Bill Juhasz$68.30
4Tim Vocke$61.50
5Susan Loaiza$58.70
6Joe Underkoffler$58.50
7Bob McGrath$57.80
8Mike Mobley$55.70
9Pete Childs$55.20
10Anthony Vendetti$53.20
11Anthony Vendetti$53.20
12Michele Mathews$50.10
13Robert Archangelo$50.10
14Dennis Robinson$49.90
15Dale Baker$49.50
16Bobby Fedo$48.00
17Stuart Hoff$48.00
18Julie Spear Sommer$47.90
19David Molenda$47.20
20Scott Voss$46.30
21Michele Mathews$46.10
22Mark Meszaros$44.40
23Dick Johnstin$44.10
24Michael Harris$43.90
25Jim Harper$43.70
26Katie Brown$42.50
27DeNnIS PhIlLiPs$42.00
28john a churlin$40.20
29John Panetta$39.90
30Joe DeVivo$39.30
31Richard Stamper$38.90
32Tony Mohutsky$37.70
33DJ Burnham$37.50
34mark kauffman$37.50
35Bob McGrath$37.30
36Donald Petrosky$36.90
37Jim poulos$36.70
38John Panetta$36.50
39SR Vegas$36.40
40Bruce Herbst$36.00
41Blair Monroe$35.50
42Blair Monroe$35.50
43Terry Alger$35.40
44Kenny O’Hanna$34.70
45Kenny O’Hanna$34.70
46Jon Miller$34.70
47DELL YOUNT$34.60
48tim vocke$34.60
49nick churlin$34.10
50Mark Cichowicz$33.70
51john a churlin$33.20
52Charles Helms$32.70
53scott koerner$32.20
54Kevin Brew$31.70
55Bill McGirr$31.50
56Steve ridgway$30.90
57Robert Taylor$30.80
58Mel Daniels$30.60
59Brian Leckie$30.50
60Jann Lunny$30.30
61Diane Obusek$30.10
62John Gradzki$30.10
63Joe Lloyd$30.10
64Bruce Herbst$30.00
65Jacqueline Routhier$30.00
66Lewis Near$29.90
67William Petrosky$29.80
68The Bumps$29.70
69art hilt$29.60
70Sheila Fuchs$29.30
71William Fuchs$29.30
72Joshua Miller$28.40
73Thomas Kearney$28.30
74SR Vegas$28.30
75Ken Faris$28.00
76Shawn Meyers$27.90
77Shawn Meyers$27.90
78Mark Daniels$27.80
80Gary Quill$27.60
81Mike Nagle$27.40
82Steve ridgway$27.30
83Wayne Blanchard$27.30
84Dennis Robinson$27.20
85drake rogers$27.10
86Joanne Tierney$26.90
87frank petrino$26.70
88greg mclucas$26.70
89Bobby Fedo$26.70
90Lou Octavio$26.70
91Robert Borgus$26.70
93Karl Deppen$26.20
94Joe Saia$26.10
95William Fuchs$25.50
96Richard Stamper$25.50
97David Molenda$25.00
98Steven Davis$24.90
99Joe Underkoffler$24.70
100Douglas stillions$24.70
101Katie Brown$24.50
102Gary Quill$24.50
103George Ekaitis$24.20
104Lisa voss$23.90
105Francis Larson$23.50
106Padraig Gavin$23.40
107Mark Daniels$23.30
108Frank corsa$22.90
109Bill Juhasz$22.70
110Ken Rein$22.40
111Michael Phillips$22.30
112stan swiatkowski$22.30
113Jermaine Haughton$22.30
114richard allen$21.30
115Mark Davis$21.30
116Charles DiVenti$21.20
117Mel Daniels$21.20
118Michael Phillips$21.20
119Mike Nagle$21.10
120Carlo Marinuzzi$20.90
121Mark Bowers$20.90
122Ron Yonker$20.90
123Dale Baker$20.80
124Kenny O’Hanna$20.40
125Kenny O’Hanna$20.40
126Carlo Marinuzzi$20.30
127Jeff Klahr$19.70
128kaleka rogers$19.70
129scott koerner$19.30
130Chris Brown$19.30
131Harry Young$19.20
132Jim Cassedy$18.90
133Nicholas Korn$18.80
134Karl Deppen$18.70
135Anthony Vendetti$18.60
136Anthony Vendetti$18.60
137Charles k$18.60
138Douglas stillions$18.00
139Paula Young$18.00
140Tim Vocke$18.00
141Susan Loaiza$17.70
142Mark Cichowicz$17.70
143Francis Larson$17.50
144Joe Lloyd$17.50
145John walker$17.50
146Gary Fitzpatrick$17.50
147Bill McGirr$17.50
148ted groff$17.50
149Beth Kornbau$17.50
150The Bumps$17.50
151Robert Archangelo$17.50
152Bob Lunny$17.50
153Jann Lunny$17.50
154Diane Obusek$17.50
155Wayne Blanchard$17.50
156frank petrino$17.50
157Joe Saia$17.30
158Joe Saia$17.30
159kaleka rogers$17.30
160Charles DiVenti$17.30
161dahunter robison$17.00
162Chris Brown$16.70
163Bob Lunny$16.50
164Tim Vocke$16.10
165Dennis Hilgart$15.50
166Joanne Tierney$15.50
168Tim Vocke$15.50
169tim vocke$15.50
170Devon Dougherty$15.30
171francis baker$15.00
172Pete Childs$14.90
173Clarence Diehl$14.90
174Dennis Hilgart$14.40
175Jim poulos$14.00
176Jim Harper$13.90
177Ivan Lopez$13.90
178George Ekaitis$13.80
179drake rogers$13.70
181Blair Monroe$13.50
182Douglas Stillions$13.50
183David Smith Sr$13.50
184Blair Monroe$13.50
185Stuart Hoff$13.50
186nick churlin$13.50
187William Petrosky$13.50
188Steven Davis$13.50
189DeNnIS PhIlLiPs$13.40
190Ed DeMatteo$13.40
191Robert Taylor$13.20
192John Fleming$13.20
193George Dowden$12.80
194Scott Voss$12.40
195Dennis Starr$11.70
196Jon Miller$11.70
197Donald Petrosky$11.70
198Charles Helms$11.70
199Mike Mobley$11.30
200Sheila Fuchs$11.30
201Charles Warner$11.30
202tony calabrese$11.20
204Devon Dougherty$11.10
205Mary Ellen Safchick$10.10
206Charles Warner$10.10
207Julie Spear Sommer$10.10
208Frank Ferrandino$9.80
209tony calabrese$9.20
210Beth Kornbau$9.20
211Padraig Gavin$8.80
213richard warnick$8.10
214mark kauffman$7.90
215Bob Werner$7.40
216Robert Borgus$7.20
217Douglas Stillions$7.20
218Frank Ferrandino$5.80
219Joe Saia$5.80
220richard warnick$5.80
221Joe DeVivo$5.80
222Lisa voss$4.60
223Katherine Morse$4.30
224Ron Yonker$4.30
226Charles k$4.30
227Lou Octavio$4.30
228Jacqueline Routhier$4.30
229John Bykowski$4.30
230Ken Faris$4.30
231Mark Bowers$3.80
232John Bykowski$3.60
233DJ Burnham$3.20
234dahunter robison$3.20
235art hilt$0.00
236francis baker$0.00
237francis baker$0.00
238Katherine Morse$0.00


  • Entries must be in NO LATER THAN 1:05 p.m. EDT on Saturday; once submitted, you cannot change your selections (so make sure you get it right before submitting!).
  • No player may have more than two (2) entries. If submitting two entries, they must both be submitted together.
  • You must pick a horse in each race.
  • Under each race, put the number of the horse you want.  Note that when there are coupled entries, you get both halves of the entry with one selection.
  • If your horse scratches, you will receive the post time favorite in that race.
  • Each play will be a mythical $2 win-place wager on the horse you choose.
  • Once you’ve selected your horses, follow the directions to submit.
  • Your score will be determined by adding together the total payoffs of your mythical wagers.
  • We will update the scores intermittently during the day.
  • Please note that listed times are approximate and come from the early entries; times may change for a variety of reasons.
  • You can view the full rules here.
  • Good luck and thanks for playing!