Maryland-bred steeplechase bonuses offered

Featured image by Douglas Lees

With the Spring steeplechase season on its way, the Maryland Horse Breeders Association would like to remind owners and breeders of bonuses available for Maryland-breds in the NSA sanctioned steeplechase and timber meetings in Maryland.  The 2023 events are My Lady’s Manor, Grand National, Maryland Hunt Cup, and Shawan Downs.

“We look forward to the Spring racing season and hope it is a showcase for Maryland-bred steeplechase horses again,” said Cricket Goodall, executive director of the Maryland Horse Breeders Association, “Steeplechasing is such an important part of Maryland’s horse community we are happy to reward and encourage breeders and owners to show off the quality of their Maryland-breds.”

Registered Maryland-bred horses who finish first, second, or third at these sanctioned Maryland steeplechase meets, in a steeplechase or flat race, will receive a 30% owner and breeder bonus. If the horse is sired by a Maryland stallion, the stallion owner will receive a 10% bonus. Training flat races are not included in the bonus program.

The Maryland steeplechase season begins on April 15 with the My Lady’s Manor races at Monkton, and continues with the Grand National Steeplechase on April 22, the Maryland Hunt Cup on April 29, and the Legacy Chase at Shawan Downs on September 30.

For more information, click here to visit the MHBA website.