Company: “No affiliation” with suspended trainer Potts

Trainer Wayne Potts recently received a 45-day suspension from the New York Gaming Commission after that body found a drug not FDA-approved for use in horses in his tackroom. That suspension is to begin April 10.

The product, known as EquiFlow, is described by its maker, ReCellerate, as being “for the treatment of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH).” The company says the product is “a concentrated protein serum product that is sourced from the stem cells of a horse” and is “a biologic and should not be mistaken for a traditional drug.”

In the wake of the Potts news, company principals Karl Nobert and Chris Grove, a former Maryland-based trainer, issued the following:

Regarding the recent suspension of Mr. Wayne Potts, ReCellerate would like to clarify that our product was never sold to Mr. Potts nor do we have any affiliation with him.

Furthermore, the New York Racing Association suspended Mr. Potts without knowledge of the product and has made no effort to contact us for information about EquiFlow™.

ReCellerate’s EquiFlow™ is for the treatment of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (“EIPH”) or bleeding in high performance horses such as Thoroughbred racehorses, 3-day eventers and barrel racers. EquiFlow™ has been tested and is awaiting FDA approval.

EquiFlow™ is a concentrated protein serum product that is sourced from the stem cells of a horse. Like all stem cell treatments EquiFlow™ is a biologic and should not be mistaken for a traditional drug. EquiFlow™ is delivered by nebulizer and administered right in the stall by a licensed veterinarian. It is given by nebulizer to ensure that the product reaches site of injury in the horse’s lungs. The product works by helping the body to regenerate the damaged tissue and blood vessels that cause bleeding. Treating the problem rather than just reducing the symptoms leads to consistent outcomes in performance.

With the inevitable removal of Lasix from U.S. horse racing and without a viable alternative horses are going to continue bleeding and the severity of that bleeding is going to increase. It is the horses that are going to suffer. ReCellerate wants to stop this suffering by offering a safe all-nature non-drug alternative that not only stops bleeding but also protects the tradition of horse racing for future generations to come.

EIPH is regularly diagnosed in high performance horses worldwide particularly in Thoroughbreds. Prevalence numbers vary according to the type of examination and the moment when that exam is performed. Some research suggests that at least 65% of all horses are affected when racing at maximum speed and it has been estimated that almost every horse experiences at least one episode of EIPH during its sporting career.

Research also accepts that EIPH may contribute to long-term pulmonary damage, a decrease in performance, shorten a horse’s competitive career, and contribute to consequential economic loss for owners and trainers.

Testing has produced very positive results showing EquiFlow™ to be not only safe but also effective for the treatment of EIPH. A recent study involving 9 horses showed a reduction in bleeding post-treatment in all horses. More specifically 7 of the nine horses exhibited no bleeding at all, 2 horses had trace bleeding, and 1 showed improvement and won its next race.