Authentic on the track at Pimlico prior to the 2020 Preakness. Photo by Allison Janezic.

In light of preparations for Preakness weekend and related space issues, the Maryland Jockey Club will suspend its work-and-go program for horses stabled at Laurel Park for a period of eight days.

The company has permitted work-and-go while the Laurel Park main track undergoes renovation.

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    Most every Preakness weekend has one specific thing that sticks out in your memory. For me, this year’s will be the fire that wasn’t.

Horses will not be permitted to ship in to Pimlico for workouts from Sunday, May 9, through Sunday, May 16.

“We don’t have any place to put the horses,” MJC Racing Secretary Jillian Tullock said. “All of the stakes horses for the weekend will be heading here. We’re hoping it’s not a problem because horses racing Preakness weekend will have put in their final workouts by (Saturday, May 8). Once the Preakness is over we’ll be able to accommodate them again.”

The work-and-go program, complete with daily shuttle service, was implemented earlier in April when a project to repair the dirt surface at Laurel began. Horses are still allowed to gallop or jog on the outer half of the track at Laurel, but no horses are permitted to work out.