Guadalupe Preciado
Trainer Guadalupe Preciado got the 2,000th win of his in 2020. Photo by Photo By Barbara Weidl/EQUI-PHOTO.

Guadalupe Preciado and Mychel Sanchez finished the 2020 season as the top-rated trainer and jockey, respectively, at Parx Racing in The Racing Biz year-end rankings.

While Sanchez also led the track in starts, wins, and purse earnings, Preciado had strong success with a smaller stable. He was ninth in purse earnings, with $737,413, 27th in starts with 96, and tied for eighth in wins with 27.

The rankings take into account win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. Specific to each track, they compare each trainer or jockey to the average at the track, with the higher the score, the better. Trainers and Jockeys who make fewer starts than the average at a given track see their scores reduced to minimize the impact on the standings of a rider who wins with, say, two of four starters.

At Parx, the average trainer score was 2.45, while the average jockey score was 2.62.

Preciado earned 5.04 points. While he didn’t lead the track in any categories, he ranked highly in all of them. The conditioner, who earned his 2000th win during the season, won with 27 of 96 starters, good for a 28% strike rate that was the second-best among trainers with at least 50 starts.

His wagering return on investment for the season was +17%. That was good for fifth among all trainers with at least 50 starts at the track in 2020 and the highest among trainers who had at least the track average of 72 starts.

Preciado’s runners earned $7,681 per start. That was the second-most of any trainer with at least 72 starts, trailing only John Servis, whose 118 runners at the track earned a per-start average of $8,008.

OVERALL: Preciado was followed in the rankings by wins leader Jamie Ness (4.76 points), Tyler Servis (4.18), Juan Carlos Guerrero (3.95), and Marcos Zulueta (3.75).

WIN PERCENTAGE: Jamie Ness, who led Parx in wins with 109, also led all trainers who started at least 72 times in win percentage. Ness won at a 31% clip to outpace Preciado and Juan Carlos Guerrero (22%). Ness finished with 4.76 points and was second in the rankings.

EARNINGS PER START: John Servis narrowly edged Preciado in the earnings per start category and finished seventh in the overall rankings with 3.65 points. Ness was third among trainers making an average or greater number of starts, followed by Kathleen DeMasi and Guerrero.

WAGERING RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Among trainers who made at least the track average in starts, Preciado led the way, followed by Guerrero (+11%), Donald White (+9%), and Ness (+4%). White finished 27th overall with 2.30 points.


1Preciado Guadalupe5.049627$737,413
2Ness Jamie4.76354109$2,453,216
3Servis J Tyler4.185413$340,614
4Guerrero Juan Carlos3.9514431$680,433
5Zulueta Marcos3.754514$370,170
6Flores-Coba Felix L3.687015$320,213
7Servis John C3.6511825$944,981
8Wyner Harold3.2816927$665,059
9Demasi K A3.2116827$830,015
10Pino Michael V3.1615231$689,330
11Soto Carlos3.0015021$531,667
12Vega Richard2.9315021$657,520
13Abrams Ronald B2.917611$270,010
14Taylor Joseph2.8932650$1,414,838
15Gonzalez Claudio A2.8921738$1,003,904
16Linder Jr Louis C2.8320431$784,454
17Mosco Robert2.8013916$604,249
18Martin Silvio L2.807210$219,446
19Dominguez Mario A2.7414322$454,979
20Moore Michael M2.729112$402,440
21Lake Scott A2.6827236$1,039,748
22Brennan Regina2.46488$265,100
23Vazquez Juan C2.4421024$581,858
24Farro Patricia2.3525327$697,989
25Hawthorne Bobbi Anne2.33517$149,800
26Velazquez Daniel2.33539$231,786
27White Donald R2.301129$344,260
28Coletti Jr Edward J2.3017217$744,332
29Milian Carlos J2.2714617$345,609
30Diaz Jorge2.2118720$459,930
31Velazquez Alfredo2.19608$286,993
32Castillo Michelle2.14838$189,652
33Whylie Herold O2.1311813$296,025
34Smylie Timothy J2.11505$149,157
35Martinez Alexander2.09459$139,130
36Aristone Philip T2.07788$253,234
37Guerrero J Guadalupe2.0611011$264,614
38Montoya Marya K2.06585$176,433
39Jones Carl C2.05457$129,945
40Betancourt Jr Eli2.03919$201,483
41Bouchard Leslye G2.01625$134,650
42Catalano Jr Michael L1.84898$288,727
43McCaslin John S1.81506$128,280
44Rodriguez John M1.79517$168,750
45Reid Jr Robert E1.79887$325,320
46Bravo-Estrada Jaime1.78367$144,330
47Reese Cynthia G1.78235$101,704
48Pearce Penny1.68706$176,006
49Maymo Alejandro1.68604$136,226
50Solis Jacinto1.62927$149,750
51Penaloza Miguel1.57875$204,579
52Allen Randy1.55544$173,568
53Collazo Luis Daniel1.52273$59,392
54Breen Kelly J1.51175$153,350
55Rohena Rafael Jose1.47145$90,500
56Smith Everton1.47584$103,564
57Englehart Jeffrey S1.43356$132,460
58Padilla-Preciado E1.41254$74,540
59Serey Juan1.40724$124,980
60Riviezzo Ralph R1.36855$131,800
61St Lewis Uriah1.351207$287,667
62Chacon Gustavo1.34634$138,320
63Kirby John T1.21343$74,005
64Brown Jr Howard R1.181106$212,019
65Correnti Armand W1.07223$88,897
66Krebs Steven1.05393$102,620
67Gallimore Trevor1.021936$191,867
68Lawrence Dalton1.02133$42,620
69Taylor Bryant R0.99393$152,772
70Dunn John J0.94223$57,310
71Kreiser Timothy C0.94144$97,090
72Hedus William C0.93393$73,720
73Day Diane M0.86123$66,185
74Lee Haleem R0.83164$52,840
75Simoff Andrew L0.7673$49,900
76Delgado Jose H0.7462$65,570
77Lawrence II James L0.73103$76,410
78Pollara Frank L0.73303$57,750
79Madrigal Sr Rodrigo0.7192$72,440
80Englehart Jeremiah C0.7173$89,350
81Servis Blane0.70203$64,048
82Houghton T Bernard B0.69132$69,426
83Huston Rory K0.68102$54,100
84Stites Flint W0.66172$60,840
85Sheppard Jonathan E0.6563$59,350
86Handal Raymond0.6443$54,900
87Graci Kimberly A0.64143$54,460
88Camejo Jose M0.6352$49,350
89Lott Woodrow C0.63132$36,740
90Nevin Michelle0.5793$58,680
91Allen III A Ferris0.5452$48,750
92Magee Kieron0.53102$51,970
93Bentley Fenneka T0.5372$30,720
94Henson Frank0.5172$32,700
95Hendriks Richard J0.50102$37,950
96Seymour Gerald E0.4832$28,450
97Kantarmaci Mertkan0.4592$35,630
98Cibelli Jane0.4142$32,050
99Rodriguez Rudy R0.3762$31,180
100Dunham Bernard G0.3262$24,750

Sanchez enjoyed a banner year at Parx Racing in 2020, leading the track’s riders in virtually every meaningful category. Unlike the trainer standings, in which conditioners with relatively few starts nevertheless did well, the leading rider standings fairly closely tracked the overall standings.

Sanchez, who registered 4.41 points, led all riders local riders with at least 60 starts – the track average was 88 – with a 21% strike rate after notching 131 wins from 624 starts. He was also third among those with at least 60 starts in wagering ROI, finishing +3%, and second in earnings per start ($5,390).

OVERALL: Sanchez was followed in the overall standings by Ruben Silvera (3.83 points). The next three were closely grouped: Frankie Pennington (3.66), Angel Castillo (3.56), and Angel Rodriguez (3.46).

WIN PERCENTAGE: Among riders with at least 60 starts, Sanchez took top honors in the win percentage category. He was followed by Pennington and Silvera, both at about 19%, with Kyle Frey next at 18%. Frey, who made just 72 starts at the track, finished 13th overall with 2.52 points.

EARNINGS PER START: Pennington, Sanchez, and Frey were the top three in earnings per start. All three were above $5,100 in that category; no other rider hit the $5,000 mark.

WAGERING ROI: Hector Caballero grabbed the top spot in this category. Caballero, who rode 11% winners at Parx in 2020, nevertheless posted a +14% ROI. He finished eighth overall with 2.77 points. He was followed by Kyle Frey and Mychel Sanchez, both of whom were in slightly positive territory, and Jason Nguyen and Wilfredo Garcia, who were both in slightly negative territory. Nguyen finished 11th overall with 2.56 points, while Garcia was 26th with 1.75.


1Sanchez Mychel J4.41624131$3,363,576
2Silvera Ruben3.83614115$2,758,538
3Pennington Frankie3.6651799$2,834,996
4Castillo Angel3.5646572$1,819,951
5Rodriguez Angel R3.4642668$2,068,179
6Laprida Jeremy3.2836552$1,399,081
7Gonzalez Silvestre2.9643553$1,374,051
8Caballero Hector2.7721324$559,469
9Ocasio Luis M2.7734138$1,086,545
10Nunez Anthony Y2.7118018$622,451
11Nguyen Jason2.5615816$407,184
12Milan Gerardo2.5328934$728,896
13Frey Kyle2.527213$370,994
14Rivera Edwin2.5145244$1,264,541
15Haddock Dexter2.4650547$1,384,722
16Bisono John2.4313312$408,197
17Rosado Roberto J2.4322322$766,161
18Torres Jomar2.138213$368,912
19Rodriguezcastro LA2.1211012$272,650
20Rodriguez Jaime2.009111$313,283
21Salgado Anthony1.9225820$735,536
22Ocasio Jonathan1.8513412$246,207
23Bowman Adam1.8330021$615,503
24Mangalee Navin1.776911$259,792
25Esquivel Emmanuel1.769510$294,000
26Garcia Wilfredo J1.7517410$285,709
27Adorno Abner1.6019613$456,242
28Hernandez Jann N1.5814811$317,385
29Flores Jr Laureano1.4633117$515,784
30Arroyo Angel S1.30588$188,275
31Rivera Luis D1.001135$153,093
32Gonzalez Jorge Luis0.99685$135,050
33Cedeno Carol0.97204$125,600
34Carmouche Kendrick0.96286$164,895
35Cruz Joel0.81295$102,624
36Vargas Jr Jorge A0.77114$105,568
37Burke Jermaine0.71624$84,455
38Villanueva Luis G0.59143$55,980
39Conner Tyler0.5563$99,170
40Rosado Johan0.51563$188,596
41Lopez Erick0.49492$91,464
42Sarmiento Rigo0.45302$57,540
43DeCarlo Christopher P0.39192$82,396
44Lopez Paco0.3573$57,350
45Perez Jorge M0.32262$40,650
46Worrie Andre S0.3172$43,440
47Castillo Jr Angel0.27102$31,870
48Gutierrez Reylu0.2732$24,550
49Felix Jr Javier M0.25132$35,428
50Pinero Felix A0.23321$46,290
51Flores Emilio0.2011$20,160
52Castillo David0.18701$64,310
53Halliday Vince0.1881$13,440
54Flores Adrian0.18231$22,687
55Torres Wesley0.18501$41,114
56McCarron Matthew Otis0.1721$18,900
57Hole Taylor M0.1761$45,210
58Gonzalez Edwin0.1511$41,160
59Wood George0.1421$21,300
60Vasquez Rolando0.13181$30,932
61Wolfsont Andrew0.1311$18,480
62Mejia Tomas B0.1311$14,400
63Rosales Victor0.1121$9,850
64Diaz Jr Hector R0.0811$10,200