Charles Town: Latest trainer stats through April 4

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Breaking, Racing, Top Stories, West Virginia, WV Racing

Bound to Windsor, here winning the West Virginia Triple Crown Nutrition Breeders Classic. Photo by Coady Photography.

by Frank Vespe

Trainer Jeff Runco won nine races at Charles Town Races in the two weeks between our latest rankings and today’s version. That was enough to jump him from fourth place in our rankings to second, less than 20 points behind James W. Casey, who remains in first.

Casey has 302.28 points to Runco’s 283.57. The two of them are well clear of other rivals.

Our system takes into account wins, win percentage, earnings per start, and wagering return on investment. The trainer leading the colony in each category receives a score of 100 for that category, with other conditioners getting a percentage of that. That would give a trainer leading in all categories a perfect score of 400.

In brief, the rating system rewards those who win often and in the biggest races. We applied the stats to every trainer at Charles Town who’s made at least 20 starts and won at least one race.

Casey is in the top five in all four ratings categories and is the leader in one. His earnings per start of $4,408 is the highest of all trainers at Charles Town Races. He is also second in wagering return on investment, returning bettors $3.48 per $2.00 win wager on his horses; that trails only Kristy Gazzier’s $4.06 ROI. Casey is also tied for third in both wins and win percentage.

The fast-rising Runco has risen to the top of the standings by wins after a torrid March that saw him win 18 times to jump to 26 wins at CT overall. The streak also helped him rise to fifth in win percentage at 21.31 percent and third in earnings per start ($3,572).

Those two are followed in the rankings by Kevin Patterson (251.33 points), Ollie Figgins III (243.38), and Ronney Brown (241.28). Patterson, in limited starts, leads the colony with a win percentage of 30.43 percent and is second in earnings per start. Figgins is in the top five in wins, win percentage, and earnings per start, while Brown is second at the track with 21 wins.

Trainer Kristy Gazzier, who is sixth overall with 238.82 points, has the highest wagering ROI at $4.06. Javier Contreras, who was fifth two weeks ago, drops to seventh with 218.90 points.

The report covers racing action through April 4, 2018.




$2 ROI
1Casey James W302.281221.43%$4,408$3.48
2Runco Jeff C283.572621.31%$3,572$1.32
3Patterson Kevin S251.33730.43%$4,181$1.20
4Figgins III Ollie L243.381221.43%$3,549$1.88
5Brown Ronney W241.282118.75%$2,449$1.76
6Gazzier Kristy238.82520.83%$2,254$4.06
7Contreras Javier218.90820.00%$3,268$1.96
8Reynolds Joan A207.88622.22%$2,148$2.56
9Grams Timothy C203.151118.97%$2,888$1.34
10Carlisle John C181.99820.51%$2,327$1.26
11McKee John D175.441213.33%$2,617$1.06
12Casey John A165.45311.11%$2,070$2.86
13Pennella Rhea M146.21312.00%$1,245$2.72
14Jones Jr Michael E145.90613.64%$1,463$1.82
15Tracy Greg135.80513.16%$1,300$1.78
16Aylor Jr William L134.56312.00%$1,166$2.32
17Shanley Mark A131.07314.29%$2,049$1.06
18Gaffney Hubert125.20510.64%$1,480$1.52
19Boggs M Joanna124.07315.00%$1,246$1.42
20Rideouttii Anthony M123.81312.50%$2,487$0.60
21Corrales Jose120.07313.04%$1,592$1.20
22Correa Jr Alex A106.84210.00%$1,033$1.74
23Viands Stacey R105.9528.33%$1,474$1.52
24Davis Russell E92.7128.00%$1,525$0.98
25Pickett Crystal G92.5527.69%$1,584$0.96
26Dollinger-Stehr L90.1728.70%$2,007$0.34
27Lucas Anthony84.3026.45%$1,487$0.88
28Ingram Adam L71.8825.41%$787$1.16
29Stehr Joseph P65.3228.00%$969$0.38