Monmouth unveils $3.7 million stakes schedule for ’17

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Breaking, Business, New Jersey, NJ Business

From a Monmouth Park release

With the $1 million, Grade 1 Haskell Invitational leading the way, Monmouth Park will offer a $3,725,000 stakes schedule for the 2017 racing season, which kicks off on Saturday, May 13.

Set for its 50th renewal on Sunday, July 30, this year’s golden anniversary Haskell will once again be sponsored by Betfair, the world’s largest Internet betting exchange, and will anchor four other graded stakes races on that day’s card: Monmouth Stakes (G2), WinStar Matchmaker (G3), Monmouth Cup (G3) and Molly Pitcher (G3).

Monmouth’s other Grade 1 Thoroughbred event, the United Nations Stakes, will be renewed for the 66th time on July 1. Other highlights of the racing season include the Salvator Mile on June 17, the Pegasus Stakes on June 18, the Monmouth Oaks on Aug. 12 and the Philip H. Iselin Stakes on Aug. 26.

The New Jersey Thoroughbred Festival, with three stakes races on the card, will mark its 15th anniversary on Aug. 27, just one week before the racetrack hosts the HH Shk Zayad Bin Sultan Al Nayhan Cup Handicap, a first for Monmouth Park. That Grade 1 Arabian stakes, to be contested on Sept. 4, is the third leg (Diamond Jewell) of the United States Arabian Triple Jewell Series.

The entire stakes schedule is:

5/13/2017Wolf Hill$60,0003&Up5F(T)5/5/2017
5/27/2017Red Bank (G3)$100,0003&Up1M(T)5/13/2017
5/28/2017Blue Sparkler$60,000F&M 3&Up5F(T)5/19/2017
6/3/2017Eatontown (G3)$100,000F&M3&Up1M 1/16(T)5/20/2017
6/10/2017Crank It Up$60,000F3 YO5F(T)6/2/2017
6/11/2017Decathlon$60,0003&Up6 F6/2/2017
6/17/2017Salvator Mile (G3)$100,0003&Up1M6/3/2017
6/18/ Pegasus (G3)$100,0003 YO1M 1/166/4/2017
6/24/2017Jersey Shore$60,0003 YO6 F6/16/2017
7/1/2017United Nations (G1)$300,0003&Up1M 3/8(T)6/17/2017
7/2/2017Lady’s Secret$75,000F&M3&Up1M 706/17/2017
7/8/2017Long Branch (L)$100,0003 YO1M1/166/30/2017
7/15/2017Boiling Springs (L)$75,000F3 YO1M 1/16(T)7/7/2017
7/16/2017Regret$60,000F&M 3&Up6 F7/7/2017
7/22/2017My Frenchman$60,0003&Up5 1/2(T)7/14/2017
7/29/2017Lamplighter$60,0003 YO1M 1/16(T)7/21/2017
7/30/ Haskell Inv. (G1)$1,000,0003 YO1M 1/8Invitational
7/30/2017Monmouth Stakes (G2)$150,0003&Up1M 1/8(T)7/15/2017
7/30/2017WinStar Matchmaker (G3)$100,000F&M 3&Up1M 1/8(T)7/15/2017
7/30/2017Monmouth Cup (G3)$100,0003&Up1M 1/167/15/2017
7/30/2017Molly Pitcher (G3)$100,000F&M 3&Up1M 1/167/15/2017
7/30/2017John J. Reilly Hdp NJB$60,0003&Up6 F7/15/2017
8/5/2017Colleen$60,000F 2YO5 1/2(T)7/28/2017
8/6/2017Tyro$60,0002 YO5 1/2(T)7/28/2017
8/12/2017Monmouth Oaks (G3)$100,000F3 YO1M 1/167/29/2017
8/19/2017Violet (G3)$100,000F&M 3&Up1M (T)8/5/2017
8/26/2017Philip H. Iselin (G3)$100,0003&Up1M 1/88/12/2017
8/27/2017NJ Breeders Hdp NJB$60,0003&Up5 1/2(T)8/13/2017
8/27/2017Charles Hesse III Hdp NJB$60,0003&Up1M 1/168/13/2017
8/27/2017Eleven North Hdp NJB$60,000F&M 3&Up6 F8/13/2017
9/2/2017Sorority$60,000F 2YO6 F8/19/2017
9/3/2017Sapling (L)$75,0002 YO1M8/19/2017


HH Shk Zayad Bin Sultan Nayhan Cup Hdp (G1)$50,000