Juliet Foxtrot
Photo by Allison Janezic.

With Covid-19 having played a significant role, claiming activity in the Mid-Atlantic region is off more than 30 percent through the end of November 2020 versus the same period a year ago.

Through November 30, a total of 1,794 horses had changed hands this year via the claimbox. That’s 30.7% fewer than the 2,589 that had been claimed to this point of 2019.

And with the average claim price down over six percent, the dollar value of those claims was off by 35.0% versus 2019. The total value of claimed horses this year is a shade over $18.1 million – down from nearly $27.9 million a year ago.

Tracks throughout the region – and across the country – lost time this year when closed down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the case of the full-year tracks like Charles Town, Parx Racing, Penn National, and the Maryland tracks, those closures ranged from two to three months.

Additionally, both Monmouth Park and Delaware Park opened later than anticipated, and short-meet tracks also took a hit. Colonial Downs in Virginia lost 12 of its 18-day meet when it was forced to close because of a Covid outbreak, and with the Maryland State Fair canceled this year, Timonium did not run any of its seven allotted days.

Despite the closures, two of the region’s tracks – Charles Town Races and Delaware Park – have actually seen more claiming activity in 2020 than they did in 2019. At Charles Town, the number of horses claimed has risen from 149 through November 30, 2019 to 227 this year. And the number of claims at Delaware’s meet, which ended in October, rose from 103 in 2019 to 148 this year.

Those increases, however, were not sufficient to offset declines at other regional tracks, particularly Parx Racing and the Maryland tracks. At Parx, the number of horses claimed to date has dropped from 1,192 in 2019 to just 630 this year – a 47% decrease. The track was closed for about three months earlier in the year because of Covid-19.

At the Maryland tracks – Laurel Park and Pimlico, along with Timonium – the number of claims has fallen from 547 to 391 – a decline of 28.5% during the year. The Maryland tracks were closed from mid-March through the end of May because of the pandemic.

While much has changed, the names of the busiest owners and trainers continue to look similar to prior years. Among trainers, Jamie Ness has claimed by far the most horses; his 84 claims to date this year is 26 more than any other trainer. He’s followed by Claudio Gonzalez, Scott Lake, and Kieron Magee.

Ness’s Jagger Inc. has been the busiest owner, claiming 54 runners. That’s followed by Joe Besecker, who hasn’t slowed down much despite having had a high-profile “dispersal” of his stock in 2019; Robert Cole, Jr.; Roger Sterling; and James Wolf.

The report covers Monmouth Park and the Meadowlands; Parx Racing and Penn National; Delaware Park; Laurel Park, Pimlico, and Timonium; Charles Town Races; and Colonial Downs. It is based on Equibase statistics.


1Ness, Jamie84$1,216,250$14,479
2Gonzalez, Claudio A.58$1,052,000$18,138
3Lake, Scott A.50$499,250$9,985
4Magee, Kieron44$547,500$12,443
5Farrior, Anthony43$405,000$9,419
6Demasi, Kathleen A.36$435,750$12,104
7Pino, Michael V.35$337,000$9,629
8Taylor, Joseph32$369,500$11,547
9Brown, Ronney W.31$215,500$6,952
10Farro, Patricia30$221,500$7,383
11Kreiser, Timothy C.25$217,500$8,700
12Diaz, Jorge23$177,250$7,707
13Potts, Wayne22$204,000$9,273
14Kulp, Brandon L.21$149,250$7,107
15Capuano, Dale21$324,000$15,429
16Vazquez, Juan C.18$143,000$7,944
17Robb, John J.18$273,500$15,194
18Mancilla, Carlos A.16$182,000$11,375
19Graci, Kimberly A16$102,500$6,406
20Dandy, Ronald J.16$110,500$6,906
21Breen, Kelly J.16$238,500$14,906
22Velazquez, Daniel15$241,500$16,100
23Patterson, Kevin S.15$138,000$9,200
24Delgado, Jose H.14$176,500$12,607
25McMahon, Hugh I.13$195,000$15,000
26Betancourt, Eli13$107,500$8,269
27Wyner, Harold12$110,500$9,208
28Soto, Carlos12$147,000$12,250
29Serey, Jr., Mario12$93,000$7,750
30Reid, Mark J.12$150,500$12,542
31Gorham, Michael E.12$106,250$8,854
32Solis, Jacinto11$86,000$7,818
33McMahon, Demelza11$62,000$5,636
34Guerrero, J. Guadalupe11$86,500$7,864
35Grullon, Riquelvis11$71,000$6,455
36Abrams, Ronald B.11$113,500$10,318
37Zulueta, Marcos10$134,000$13,400
38Sanchez-Salomon, Rodolfo10$142,000$14,200
39Nunn, Douglas10$86,000$8,600
40Hurley, Jack10$56,000$5,600
41Rodriguez, John M.9$75,500$8,389
42Posadas, Pedro9$48,250$5,361
43Mosco, Robert9$117,500$13,056
44Moore, Michael M.9$149,500$16,611
45McClellan, Erin C.9$59,250$6,583
46Maldonado, Jonathan9$106,000$11,778
47Hawthorne, Bobbi Anne9$78,000$8,667
48Gaudet, Lacey9$145,000$16,111
49Figgins, III, Ollie L.9$54,250$6,028
50Pennella, Rhea M.8$49,500$6,188
51Maymo, Jorge J.8$62,500$7,813
52Johnston, Robert J.W.8$53,750$6,719
53Hollendorfer, Jerry8$83,500$10,438
54Flores-Coba, Felix L.8$68,000$8,500
55Englehart, Jeffrey S.8$68,000$8,500
56Dominguez, Mario A.8$67,500$8,438
57Caison, Jody L8$45,000$5,625
58Bennett, Dale8$168,500$21,063
59Aristone, Philip T.8$90,500$11,313
60Albert, Linda L.8$104,500$13,063
61Velez, Irving7$39,500$5,643
62Smith, Everton7$50,000$7,143
63Riviezzo, Ralph R.7$40,000$5,714
64Reynolds, Joan A.7$75,000$10,714
65Penaloza, Miguel7$55,000$7,857
66Moreno-Barban, Leandro7$41,500$5,929
67Montoya, Marya K.7$78,500$11,214
68Guerrero, Juan Carlos7$51,000$7,286
69Feliciano, Jr., Benjamin M.7$56,500$8,071
70Brown, Jr., Howard R.7$73,000$10,429
71Bouchard, Leslye G.7$47,500$6,786
72Allen, III, A. Ferris7$94,000$13,429
73White, Donald R.6$65,500$10,917
74Vega, Richard6$48,000$8,000
75Sillaman, Richard P.6$69,000$11,500
76Rodriguez, Paige6$35,500$5,917
77Pattershall, Mary A.6$55,000$9,167
78O'Callaghan, Carl6$82,000$13,667
79Noble, James F.6$53,500$8,917
80Milian, Carlos J.6$50,000$8,333
81Hogan, William J6$41,000$6,833
82Garibay, Lucia6$30,750$5,125
83Frock, Charles L.6$91,000$15,167
84Eppler, Mary E.6$107,000$17,833
85Dunham, Bernard G.6$47,000$7,833
86D'Angelo, Ricardo6$40,000$6,667
87Cruz, Jesus6$53,500$8,917
88Carrasco, Jr., Victor6$44,500$7,417
89Carlisle, John C.6$36,000$6,000
90Camejo, Jose M.6$56,000$9,333
91Wilhelm-Saldana, Jennie5$38,000$7,600
92Stites, Flint W.5$47,500$9,500
93Schneider, Geoffrey L.5$33,000$6,600
94Rideoutt II, Anthony M.5$33,000$6,600
95Reese, Cynthia G.5$33,000$6,600
96Ramirez, Saul5$38,000$7,600
97Pickett, Crystal G.5$55,000$11,000
98Oliva, Robert5$26,000$5,200
99Linder, Jr., Louis C.5$52,500$10,500
100Kravets, Bruce M.5$25,000$5,000
101Kirby, John T.5$51,000$10,200
102Huston, Rory K.5$61,000$12,200
103Houghton, Roy D.5$35,500$7,100
104Ferreira, Fernando5$29,000$5,800
105Catalano, Jr., Michael L.5$58,000$11,600
106Brooks, Gerald E.5$65,000$13,000
107Bailes, W. Robert5$42,500$8,500
108Walters, Henry4$47,000$11,750
109Tzortzakis, Emmanuel4$33,500$8,375
110Sweezey, J. Kent4$38,500$9,625
111Servis, J. Tyler4$72,500$18,125
112Salzman, Timothy E.4$39,500$9,875
113Salvaggio, Mark V.4$61,000$15,250
114Rohena, Rafael Jose4$21,500$5,375
115Mc Allen, John P.4$56,000$14,000
116Mazza, Joseph W.4$41,000$10,250
117Martin, Silvio L.4$32,250$8,063
118Lisowski, Katie4$92,500$23,125
119Klesaris, Steve4$64,750$16,188
120Jones, Jr., Michael E.4$38,750$9,688
121Jones, Carl C.4$28,000$7,000
122Gazzier, Kristy4$29,000$7,250
123Gallimore, Trevor4$25,000$6,250
124Dini, Michael4$52,500$13,125
125Comi, Jr., Ralph W.4$20,000$5,000
126Brennan, Regina4$47,000$11,750
127Bravo-Estrada, Jaime4$38,000$9,500
128Boggs, M. Joanna4$24,500$6,125
129Beattie, Cody4$21,250$5,313
130Volk, Scott J.3$72,000$24,000
131Tessore, Bruno3$15,000$5,000
132Taylor, Bryant R.3$17,500$5,833
133Stidham, Michael3$33,500$11,167
134Smylie, Timothy J.3$40,000$13,333
135Serey, Juan3$17,500$5,833
136Ryan, Derek S.3$36,500$12,167
137Russell, Brittany3$100,000$33,333
138Ritchey, Timothy F.3$17,500$5,833
139Reid, Jr., Robert E.3$47,500$15,833
140Rawlings, Amanda Colleen3$20,000$6,667
141Potts, Ron G.3$29,750$9,917
142Pantaleo, Joseph3$22,500$7,500
143Morrow, Shaun C.3$17,000$5,667
144Mangual, Manolo3$15,000$5,000
145Magill, Patrick J.3$26,000$8,667
146Krebs, Steven3$21,500$7,167
147King, Yolonda Y.3$16,250$5,417
148Guerrero, Melecio Saldana3$22,500$7,500
149Eubanks, Annette M.3$29,000$9,667
150Dunn, John J.3$22,500$7,500
151Dove, Jr., Kevin3$15,000$5,000
152DeMario, Charles A.3$15,000$5,000
153Curry, Dee3$48,500$16,167
154Crowell, Susan L.3$15,000$5,000
155Cronk, Samuel F.3$24,500$8,167
156Corrales, Jose3$20,000$6,667
157Collazo, Luis Daniel3$23,000$7,667
158Beattie, Ryan3$16,250$5,417
159Badillo, Jonathaniel3$20,000$6,667
160Atkins, William Earl3$14,500$4,833
161Aguirre, Anthony3$20,000$6,667
162Wolfe, Jr., Robert A.2$32,000$16,000
163Weeks, Michael Lee2$19,500$9,750
164Wames, John J.2$13,000$6,500
165Walters, David2$25,000$12,500
166Vuyosevich, Jeanne L.2$15,500$7,750
167Velazquez, Alfredo2$17,500$8,750
168Vazquez, Nairo R.2$11,250$5,625
169Trujillo, Elvis2$10,000$5,000
170Trombetta, Michael J.2$50,000$25,000
171Tobin, Edwin L2$15,000$7,500
172Stickler, Jr., Lester J.2$28,500$14,250
173Stehr, Joseph P.2$10,000$5,000
174Stahlin, John L.2$10,000$5,000
175Sinnefia, Paulina2$29,000$14,500
176Simoff, Andrew L.2$29,000$14,500
177Simmonds, Michael A.2$10,000$5,000
178Servis, Blane2$15,000$7,500
179Saville, Niall2$20,000$10,000
180Sanderson, Wade S.2$20,000$10,000
181Salvaggio, Jr., Michael W.2$50,000$25,000
182Sacco, Gregory D.2$13,000$6,500
183Russo, Victor2$10,000$5,000
184Runco, Jeff C.2$20,000$10,000
185Romero, Roque R.2$10,000$5,000
186Rodriguez, Jose S.2$11,250$5,625
187Rigattieri, John2$10,250$5,125
188Preciado, Guadalupe2$21,000$10,500
189Polachek, Janet2$15,000$7,500
190Padilla-Preciado, Ernesto2$20,000$10,000
191Nunn, David2$10,000$5,000
192Nicholson, Jr., James E.2$15,000$7,500
193Miller, Craig S.2$12,500$6,250
194Michaels, Jr., Thomas H.2$11,250$5,625
195Mercedes, Pedro2$15,000$7,500
196McMahon, W. Thomas2$15,000$7,500
197Martinez, Alexander2$15,000$7,500
198Mann, Farrel2$15,000$7,500
199Lynch, Anthony C.2$10,000$5,000
200Leaf, Jr., Robert2$17,500$8,750
201Kee, Willie J.2$10,000$5,000
202Iannotti, IV, Thomas2$14,250$7,125
203Houghton, T. Bernard2$37,500$18,750
204Hess, Jacob G.2$10,000$5,000
205Harris, Holly L.2$32,500$16,250
206Hamilton, Stephen2$12,500$6,250
207Greaves, Vernon2$9,500$4,750
208Gordon, J. D.2$17,500$8,750
209Geralis, Emanuel J.2$26,000$13,000
210Gaffney, Hubert2$15,000$7,500
211Frangella, Jr., James A.2$25,000$12,500
212Follett, Norman C.2$10,000$5,000
213Dimitriou, Harry E.2$18,000$9,000
214Dilodovico, Damon R.2$41,000$20,500
215Delgado, Jorge2$13,000$6,500
216Delgado, Alison P.2$15,000$7,500
217Day, Diane M.2$15,000$7,500
218Cox, Kenneth M.2$32,000$16,000
219Correnti, Armand W.2$12,500$6,250
220Contreras, Javier2$17,000$8,500
221Compton, Greg2$10,250$5,125
222Cibelli, Jane2$17,500$8,750
223Castro, Jeremias2$11,250$5,625
224Castillo, Michelle2$21,000$10,500
225Casey, James M.2$13,000$6,500
226Caruso, Nick Joseph2$25,000$12,500
227Calo, Johnny2$10,250$5,125
228Bennett, Gerald S.2$58,000$29,000
229Bedard, Alan2$12,500$6,250
230Aylor, Natasha L.2$10,000$5,000
231Arriaga, Antonio2$28,500$14,250
232Zalalas, Michael1$8,000$8,000
233Yates, Gary C.1$5,000$5,000
234Worsley, John E.1$6,250$6,250
235Woolley, Tim1$15,000$15,000
236Wilson, Tony1$5,000$5,000
237Wilson, Joan A.1$5,000$5,000
238Whylie, Herold O.1$7,500$7,500
239West, Aaron M.1$10,000$10,000
240Viands, Gregory1$5,000$5,000
241Vance, Thomas D.1$5,000$5,000
242Utterback, Barry1$5,000$5,000
243Thompson, Glenn R.1$5,000$5,000
244Tapsas, Elias1$5,000$5,000
245Synnefias, Dimitrios K.1$16,000$16,000
246Stites, William P.1$5,000$5,000
247Stettinius, Suzanne1$5,000$5,000
248Spanabel, Kelly R.1$5,000$5,000
249Smith, Thomas R.1$16,000$16,000
250Smith, Donovan1$5,000$5,000
251Simone, Michael V.1$5,000$5,000
252Simon, Linda1$5,000$5,000
253Shea, Timothy H.1$10,000$10,000
254Shanley, Timothy1$5,000$5,000
255Shanley, Mark A.1$5,000$5,000
256Seale, Christopher1$12,500$12,500
257Schottroffe, Edward T.1$4,500$4,500
258Schoenthal, Phil1$12,500$12,500
259Savoye, Jacqueline1$16,000$16,000
260Santangelo, Brett T.1$10,000$10,000
261Sandoval, Michael1$5,000$5,000
262Rozell, Ron1$8,000$8,000
263Roman-Salon, Nelsi1$5,000$5,000
264Rojas, Eduardo E.1$8,000$8,000
265Rogers, Ronald W.1$5,000$5,000
266Rogers, J. Michael1$6,250$6,250
267Rodriguez, Miguel A.1$4,000$4,000
268Riuiezzo, Ralph1$4,000$4,000
269Reightler, Sr., Jeffery C.1$12,500$12,500
270Ramos Agosto, Miguel1$5,000$5,000
271Ramirez, Silvino1$12,500$12,500
272Ramirez, Ricardo Gabriel1$4,000$4,000
273Ramirez, Jose A.1$6,250$6,250
274Racanelli, Mark Joseph1$10,000$10,000
275Pyke, Joseph1$5,000$5,000
276Preciado, Ernesto Padilla1$7,500$7,500
277Pradenas, Sergio H.1$16,000$16,000
278Pollara, Frank L.1$7,500$7,500
279Plaza, Alberto1$12,500$12,500
280Perez, Elisha1$5,000$5,000
281Paterson, Kevin1$5,000$5,000
282Parram, Derrick A.1$10,000$10,000
283Pannella, Rhea1$5,000$5,000
284Ortega, Leopoldo M.1$5,000$5,000
285Obed-Letts, Keturah E.1$4,500$4,500
286O'Neill, Tonya M.1$5,000$5,000
287O'Dwyer, Jeremiah1$10,000$10,000
288Nixon, Justin J.1$5,000$5,000
289Nichols, Priscilla B.1$12,500$12,500
290Neilson, Wallace C.1$8,000$8,000
291Milosevic, Milan1$12,500$12,500
292Mileni, Jr., Nick Guy1$4,000$4,000
293Merryman, Michael1$5,000$5,000
294McMullen, Marilyn G.1$10,000$10,000
295McGee, John1$5,000$5,000
296McClure, Diana L.1$4,500$4,500
297McCaslin, John S.1$7,500$7,500
298McBurney, Patrick B.1$7,500$7,500
299Maymo, Alejandro1$5,000$5,000
300Martin, Sandee D.1$5,000$5,000
301Manchio, Linda L.1$6,250$6,250
302Malgarini-Mawing, Tina1$5,000$5,000
303Maldonado, Joel1$10,000$10,000
304Magana, Jose V.1$16,000$16,000
305Magana, Jose J.1$5,000$5,000
306Madrigal, Sr., Rodrigo1$16,000$16,000
307Machiz, Stacy1$30,000$30,000
308Luqueno, Giovanni1$5,000$5,000
309Lee, Haleem R.1$5,000$5,000
310Kurtinecz, Lilli1$40,000$40,000
311Komlo, William R.1$25,000$25,000
312Klesaris, Robert P.1$16,000$16,000
313Kirby, Timothy1$5,000$5,000
314King, Clarence B.1$8,000$8,000
315Keefe, Timothy L.1$16,000$16,000
316Katz, Gary R.1$10,000$10,000
317Joy, Kevin J.1$5,000$5,000
318Johnson, Carlos M.1$5,000$5,000
319Ippolito, Mark1$5,000$5,000
320Hussey, David A.1$5,000$5,000
321Houghton, Dove P.1$5,000$5,000
322Hendry, Stacy Lane1$5,000$5,000
323Hendriks, Richard J.1$8,000$8,000
324Helmetag, Robert P.1$12,500$12,500
325Heath, George1$5,000$5,000
326Haynes, Ernest M.1$15,000$15,000
327Haynes, C. Robert1$10,000$10,000
328Haughton, Donnovan1$16,000$16,000
329Harting, Chris R.1$5,000$5,000
330Hanscom, Sherry D.1$5,000$5,000
331Graham, Robin L.1$12,500$12,500
332Geris, Jr., Samuel J.1$5,000$5,000
333Galvan, Baltazar1$6,250$6,250
334Fisher, John L.1$16,000$16,000
335Farley, Phillip J.1$4,000$4,000
336Estrada, Jaime B1$8,000$8,000
337Espinosa, Victor M.1$5,000$5,000
338Escobar, Alison1$5,000$5,000
339Englehart, Chris J.1$8,000$8,000
340Eckert, Brittany E.1$16,000$16,000
341DiPrima, Gregory1$12,500$12,500
342Demeza, Donald L.1$8,000$8,000
343Davis, Samuel G.1$25,000$25,000
344Davis, Russell E.1$5,000$5,000
345Davis, Billy Ray1$5,000$5,000
346Cunningham, Phillip P.1$5,000$5,000
347Cruz, Jaime1$4,000$4,000
348Craig, Jr., Lewis E.1$5,000$5,000
349Cornwell, Jr., James L.1$5,000$5,000
350Cooney, Susan S.1$5,000$5,000
351Collins, Timothy M.1$5,000$5,000
352Coletti, Jr., Edward J.1$16,000$16,000
353Cobb, Amber1$8,000$8,000
354Class, Raymond1$5,000$5,000
355Carvajal, Jr., Luis1$5,000$5,000
356Capuano, Gary1$25,000$25,000
357Captan, Bassam1$5,000$5,000
358Canani, Nick1$7,500$7,500
359Campbell, Marshall T.1$4,500$4,500
360Bullock, Jordan M.1$7,500$7,500
361Brinkman, Brett A.1$4,000$4,000
362Boys, Cynthia M.1$7,500$7,500
363Boyce, Brian L.1$5,000$5,000
364Bobadilla, Jose F.1$4,000$4,000
365Blankenship, Deborah K.1$5,000$5,000
366Beattie, Jr., Richard L.1$5,000$5,000
367Barr, Donald H.1$8,000$8,000
368Ashton, Patrick1$5,000$5,000
369Archer, Constance1$5,000$5,000
370Allen, Jeffrey S.1$4,500$4,500
371Allard, Edward T.1$20,000$20,000
372Alcala, Cesar1$10,000$10,000
373Albright, George R.1$5,000$5,000
374Albright, Amy1$7,500$7,500
375Aguirre, Jr., Anthony1$5,000$5,000