Miss Marissa
Photo by Allison Janezic.

Which jockeys and trainers at Parx Racing have been hot? Funny you should ask: we wondered the same thing.

So we created a quick-and-dirty metric for the handicappers among us. The metric includes wins, win percentage, and wagering return on investment in one number. To limit it to who’s hot, we’ve included data from just the past 50 or so days — since January 15, 2021.


Jockey Edwin Rivera, tied with Frankie Pennington for the wins lead in the last 50 days with 15, tops the list with a score of 113, just ahead of Navin Mangalee (112) and Jaime Rodriguez (110). They’re followed by Pennington and Ruben Silvera.

Rivera’s lead is built in large measure on his +25% wagering ROI, the best of any jockey with at least 10 wins during the period. The only other 10-win rider in positive territory was Castillo, who’s +3%.

Mangaelee’s success has come in limited opportunites — just 21 starts during the period. But he owns six wins (29% strike rate) and a +88% wagering ROI, tops of all riders with more than one win. Pennington is tied with Rivera for the wins lead, while Rodriguez and Silvera have 14 wins apiece.

The average score of all riders at Parx was 51.48.

1Rivera Edwin113
2Mangalee Navin112
3Rodriguez Jaime109
4Pennington Frankie92
5Silvera Ruben90


Trainer James Noble — with four wins from eight starts and a gaudy +559% wagering ROI — has been the bettors’ best friend at Parx over the last 50 days and tops our list with 130 points.

He’s followed by Carlos Soto (five wins, +42% wagering ROI) and Jacinto Solis (3 wins, +460% ROI); those three are the only trainers with scores over 100.

Jamie Ness, by far the wins leader during the period with 13 — six more than any other trainer — is tied with Robert Mosco (five wins, +7% ROI) for fourth with 99 points.

The average score of all trainers at Parx was 48.15 points.

1Noble James F130
2Soto Carlos111
3Solis Jacinto110
4Mosco Robert99
5Ness Jamie99