Laurel Park: Which jockeys and trainers are hot?

For bettors, finding jockeys and trainers on a hot streak can be a huge advantage. Which jockeys and trainers at Laurel Park are hot right now?

The metric we devised takes into account win percentage, percentage of in-the-money finishes, and wagering return on investment (i.e., if you’d bet on all of the jockey’s or trainer’s horses, how would you have done financially?).

The most heavily weighted of the three is wagering ROI, so a rider/trainer who is doing well in that category will generally score well even if their other elements aren’t great. But we included the other elements because a) a rider or trainer with a high strike rate and a high ROI is the best bet of all and b) they also go to whether a rider/trainer is usable in exotics. Of course, many other factors are also critical in constructing wagers.

To put the focus on the “who’s hot” element, we have included data only from the last 30 days. What’s more, to minimize small-sample-size problems that could significantly affect the list, we have included only those riders and trainers who have made more than 10 starts in the last 30 days.

Limiting the list to those with more than 10 starts leaves us with 26 qualifying jockeys and 29 qualifying trainers.


Here are the top Laurel Park jockeys from the last 30 days:

NameStartsWin Pct.ITM Pct.ROIComposite score
Butterfly Bryson L2025%55%180%189
Bocachica Arnaldo1741%71%46%137
Monterrey Richard2214%23%87%108
Whitacre Grant166%31%66%90
Briceno Jean Gregor1817%17%24%73
Batista Luis Angel1414%14%31%72
Humphrey William3318%42%1%71
Alvelo Jean C4316%40%4%70
Barbosa Jeiron9020%58%-21%68
Perez Xavier3225%53%-27%68

NOTES The composite scores of all qualifying jockeys range from 189 to 3; the median is 60.5… In relatively limited opportunities, Bryson Butterfly is both winning at a strong clip and steering home price horses; only one of his five winners in the last month was favored, and his +180% wagering ROI means you’d almost have tripled your money by wagering on all his horses… Bocachica, who is second here, is also seventh at Charles Town… Only two of the top five riders by starts — Jean Alvelo and Jeiron Barbosa — also appear on this list…


Here are the top Laurel Park trainers from the last 30 days:

NameStartsWin Pct.ITM Pct.ROIComposite score
Capuano Phillip1638%44%144%168
Gorham Michael E1932%58%92%139
Farrior Anthony2035%75%24%113
Ness Jamie4028%65%8%93
Sanchez-Salomon R3619%36%43%91
Robb John J2832%57%4%91
Serey Jr Mario3110%19%68%88
Smith Hamilton A1724%82%-6%88
Gaudet Lacey1527%67%-24%75

NOTES The composite scores of all qualifying trainers range from 168 to 11; the median score is 55… Young trainer Phil Capuano has hit the ground running in his first season as a trainer, winning often and sometimes at a price… Anthony Farrior was sixth in this week’s Charles Town stats… Jamie Ness’s 40 starts trail only Brittany Russell’s 41 at the Laurel meet in the last 30 days… The three trainers just off this list — Linda Albert, Jose Corrales, and Charlie L. Frock — are the only other qualifying trainers with positive ROIs the last 30 days…