Laurel Park: Which jockeys are in the zone?

As we kick off the second month of the year, we wondered which jockeys at Laurel Park were doing the most for the betting public. Who’s hot and who’s not?

Our metric includes win percentage, in-the-money percentage, and return on the wagering dollar. So some riders you may not think of are doing pretty well, while some with more impressive resumes aren’t doing the bettors’ many favors just yet.

It’s worth remembering it’s early days in the meet, and some jocks off to slow starts will pick it up as the year continues, while some others may hit some bumpy spots. Still: Who are helping the bettors out? And who aren’t?

On a scale where a rating of 100 will be at or near the top of the colony, the top five riders to have made at least 20 starts at the meet are:

  1. Will Humphrey: 90 – Humphrey is having a productive meet with relatively few starters, winning at a 20% clip and finishing in the money just shy of half the time. But it’s his return on the wagering dollar that zooms him to the top of the heap: if you’d bet on all 30 of his mounts thus far, you’d be showing a tidy 25% profit.
  2. Jeiron Barbosa: 88 – The meet leader with 20 wins from 88 starts, the apprentice is winning at a 23% clip while finishing in the money 66% of the time. Better yet: his horses are showing a small wagering profit.
  3. Jean Alvelo: 84 – Journeyman Alvelo has won with just four of 37 mounts thus far (11%) and has been in the money only 38% of the time. But when you look at the horses he’s winning on, he’s been overperforming to date. His wins have generated a +41% wagering ROI.
  4. Jaime Rodriguez: 75 – Rodriguez has been winning at a solid clip (21%) and finishing in the money over 60% of the time. But the bettors are onto the Rodriguez-trainer Jamie Ness combination, and wagering on Rodriguez’s mounts has been a money-loser at the meet so far.
  5. Carlos Lopez: 71 – Similar to Alvelo, Lopez has made up for modest win and ITM stats with a strong wagering ROI. Betting on all of his mounts to date at Laurel would have gotten you a 28% profit.


Through Feb. 2, 2023

NameStartsWin Pct.ITM Pct.ROIComposite score
Humphrey William3020%47%25%90
Barbosa Jeiron8823%66%2%88
Alvelo Jean C3711%38%41%84
Rodriguez Jaime7121%61%-13%75
Lopez Carlos Eduardo388%32%28%71
Karamanos Horacio4316%44%-19%58
Cedeno Carol2322%39%-27%58
Whitacre Grant234%26%15%56
Toledo Jevian6819%50%-34%55
Cruz Angel7915%43%-35%47
Perez Xavier3116%42%-54%37
Rosado Johan277%30%-61%17
Gomez Kevin239%26%-67%14
Marquez Charlie359%29%-72%12
Acosta J D205%10%-81%-6
Ortiz Yomar Orlando343%24%-94%-10