Math Wizard
Math Wizard was along in time to upset the 2019 Grade 1, $1 million Pennsylvania Derby. Photo by Allison Janezic.

Parx Racing has a 10-race card this afternoon, and Joe Parisi is on board to handicap. Post time is 12:35 p.m. Good luck!

Carryovers: None

Note: Joe likes multi-race wagers, so horses in these may be considered for doubles and Pick 3s, in particular.


  • #4 New Jersey (3-1): Usually runs a competitive race and although does not have blazing early speed, he will probably get the lead with these.
  • #3 Lula’s Roadrunner (5-2): Speed figures are superior to others in here, and has faced tougher. Beaten by New Jersey two back.
  • #6 Twirling Dervish (4-1): In very good form and figures to be in the mix with these.
    • PICK 4 WAGER (the following wagers are meant to cover a range of possibilities while putting more money behind those considered most likely):
    • $2 P4:  4/1/1/9
    • $1 P4   3,6/1/1/9    4/2,5/1/9    4/1/4,6/9    4/1/1/3,7
    • $0.50 P4:     3,6/2,5/1/9    3,6/1/4,6/9    3,6/1/1/3,7    4/2,5/4,6/9    4/2,5/1/3,7    4/1/4,6/3,7
    • Total:$22


  • #1 La Purissima (2-1): Big early speed advantage on the rail and may be hard to catch.
  • #2 What About Tonight (12-1): Won two races last year and drop to N2Y might wake her up.
  • #5 Bayleaf (5-2): Winner of two in a row. Linder’s horses can go on winning streaks, and she should be in the trifecta at worst.


  • #1 Fix Me a Sandwich (4-1): Speed on the rail and dropping in class.
  • #6 Arrecife (5-1): Closer could pick up the pieces if the speed collapses.
  • #4 Too Much Johnnie (8-1): Good try last time. Fits very well in this field.


  • #9 Danzing the Polka (12-1): May improve on second try at this level. Has been working well and had a clear lead last time before fading.
  • #7 Oak Creek Canyon (5-2): Fourth race at this level since shipping to Parx. Third with new trainer and has shown improvement every time.
  • #3 Misbehaving Lady (8-1): Has run evenly in recent races and should figure in the exotics again.


  • #5 Explain (6-1): Dropping down to a level where he should be able to handle these.
  • #4 Grandfire (8-1): One of the speed horses in here will try to take them gate to wire.
  • #1 Bundi Bundi (4-1): With Silvera back on top, this consistent runner should find his way into the exotics again.
    • 5/4,1/4,1


  • #1 Unbridled John (9-5): Class of the race. Should handle these easily.
  • #2 I Saw It All (5-2): Has speed but always seems to run into trouble, usually of his own making. Still has a chance with this group.
  • #5 Afleet Melody (8-1): After mandatory class increase back down where he should be.


  • #1 My Man Elvis (5-2): Seems to be the fastest in this group. Moving back down to where he almost won in February.
  • #6 Earthquake (7-2): His speed figures put him in the mix in the exotics.
  • #4 Nobiz Like Jetbiz (12-1): Class drop may put him in the mix.
    • PICK 4 WAGER (the following wagers are meant to cover a range of possibilities while putting more money behind those considered most likely):
    • $2 P4: 1/3/4/9
    • $1 P4:     4,6/3/4/9    1/4,6/4/9    1/3/1,5/9    1/3/4/1,8
    • $0.50 P4:   4,6/4,6/4/9    4,6/3/1,5/9    4,6/3/4/1,8    01/4,6/1,5/9    1/4,6/4/1,8    1/3/1,5/1,8

RACE 8Unique Bella Stakes

  • #3 Savatiano (8-1): Had some late kick at this level last time.
  • #4 Breithorn (2-1): Won at this level last time and could repeat if he runs that race back.
  • #6 Classified Info (9-2): Seems to be rounding into form and could run a big race here.


  • #4 Lorden’s Love (6-1): Abrams horse should improve on second after claim and a short layoff. Nice workout pattern for this horse. May run big today.
  • #1 Slingin Sammy B (6-5): Going for three in a row after running a 75 figure last time.
  • #5 Whyisshesoolucky (6-1): Aqueduct shipper has been facing tougher in New York.


  • #9 Bolita Boyz (5-1): Has been running reasonably well lately.
  • #8 Bob’s My Uncle (5-2): This 9-year-old still has some gas in the tank and should compete for the win here.
  • #1A Psychic Energy (9-2): Always in the top 3 when he ran at this level before. That should continue against this field.