Math Wizard
Math Wizard was along in time to upset the 2019 Grade 1, $1 million Pennsylvania Derby. Photo by Allison Janezic.

Parx Racing has an 11-race card this afternoon, and Joe Parisi is on board to handicap. Post time is 12:55 p.m. Good luck!

Carryovers: None

Note: Joe likes multi-race wagers, so horses in these may be considered for doubles and Pick 3s, in particular.


  • #1 Four Seasons Girl (5-2):  Third race after claim and showed some late speed last time.
  • #7 Dona Camile (8-5): Set a tiring pace last time against similar, held second.
  • #3 Juliet’s Music (9-2): Has run a few decent races, which is more than can be said for most of these. Has some early speed but usually tires.
    • PICK 4 WAGER (the following wagers are meant to cover a range of possibilities while putting more money behind those considered most likely):
    • $2.00 P4     1/2/7/3
    • $1.00 P4     3,7/2/7/3     1/3,9/7/3     1/2/2,4/3     1/2/7/6,9
    • $0.50 P4     3,7/3,9/7/3   3,7/2/2,4/3    3,7/2/7/6,9    1/3,9/2,4/3    1/3,9/7/6,9    1/2/2,4/6,9  
    • TOTAL: $22.00


  • #2 Mischievous Juan (5-1): Got caught in a duel last time. If he gets on the lead alone today he will be tough to deal with,
  • #3 Saafen (9-2): Showed good early speed after a bad start in debut. Should improve in second try.
  • #9 Tequilamademedoit (2-1): Will try to get a fast start with Pennington aboard. If he can get off fast, he has a chance.


  • #7 Cape Cod Sally {3-1): Was going well at this level two races ago before trouble. Three-year-old has ascending speed figures and may run a big one here.
  • #4 Twirling Dervish (4-1): Linder wins at 19% in next after a maiden claiming score. This filly does not look overmatched here.
  • #2 Yourindenial (7-2): Decent speed figures should put her in contention for a piece of the pie.


  • #3 Powerful Venezuela (3-1): Has been facing better and dropping to lowest level of career. Speed figures make him competitive here,
  • #9 Runs For Luck (9-2): 10-year-old gelding is past his prime but may still have a good race or two left in him. Not many other quality horses in here.
  • #6 Majestic Jazz (7-2): Should be able to get the lead with this group of horses and if he does will be tough to catch.


  • #2 Did I Stutter (8-5): Aqueduct shipper has won three in a row and seems to outclass this group.
  • #1A Fine One Won (5-2): Won for fun in her last race and has won two in a row.  Will win again if she can repeat.
  • #5 Bamboo Garden (10-1): Has been competitive at this level before. Should compete here if she runs one of her better races.


  • #8 Hero for Hire (2-1): Was running well at 12,500 now back down to 5000 N1Y where she should be able to score.
  • #5 Cotton Candy Cutie (4-1): Dripping to lowest level of her career and can win if she runs back to last year’s form.
  • #11 Thatta Boy Girl (8-1): Good chance to get the early lead and can win if she runs back to her races last year.


  • #3 Our Stormin Norman (9-5): Was very competitive at this level last time and Ness good on first after claim.
  • #6 Too Much Johnnie (4-1): Good try last time. Fits very well in this field.
  • #7 Jw’s Third Mischie (5-1): Speed horse who usually tires but manages to get a piece of the exotics.


  • #3 Pitching Ari (6-1): Should improve in third try of 4 year old season after being freshened.
  • #6 Kingsville (9-2): Speed figures solid enough to compete here.
  • #9 Federal Case (8-1): Ran a solid 2nd last time after stepping up to this level.


  • #2 Tomarie (5-1): Will probably inherit the early lead in a race with no pace. If she gets loose she may be hard to catch.
  • #5 Lil Miss Hotshot (10-1): Should be in the mix if she gets a good start
  • #6 Assume Control (6-1): Speed figures are as good as any other horse in this race.


  • #5 High Velocity (5-2): Early speed but tired in New York, but speed may hold against these.
  • #4 Final Shot (8-5): Usually competitive at this level and likely to be again
  • #3 Branco Maria (3-1): Tampa shipper trying Parx for the first time. Ran well enough in Florida to be in the mix here.


  • #4 Blackjack Jedi (3-1): Dropping to lowest level of career and if form matches last year will be competitive here,
  • #5 Freedom Force (4-1): Horse is frequently claimed, which means many trainers think he is worth having in their barn. May have found his level at Clm 7500.
  • #1 Grays the Bar (8-1): Has been competitive at this level. May have tried to go too fast early last time.