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by | Jun 5, 2018 | Breaking, Handicapping, Top Stories

Switzerland won the Maryland Sprint, part of the MATCH Series. Photo by Dottie Miller.

Anyone who has played in any of our free handicapping contests here at The Racing Biz starting with the May 18 contest (and excluding the May 30 contest) now has an entry in our free MATCH Series contest!

The MATCH Series contest features all 25 of the races being contested as part of the Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred Championships (MATCH) Series. You can find the full list of MATCH Series races here; seven have already been contested.

To be a part of the MATCH Series handicapping contest, a player must pick at least 15 of the 25 MATCH races; if he or she picks more than 15, his or her 15 best results will be used to determine his or her final score.

We are running two concurrent contest. The first is contested in our normal format, where each pick is equivalent to a mythical $2 win-place wager on the chosen horse, and the player with the highest mythical dollar total at the end of the contest is the winner. In the second, the winner is simply the player who chooses the highest number of winners during the contest (15 best races only).

With seven races in the books, we have over 230 players currently in the contest! There’s still time — but not much — to get into the contest. The next MATCH Series race — and thus the next chance to get in the contest — is June 17.


1Paul Wilhelm$55.60
2Bobby Fedo$50.00
3Thomas Kearney$48.60
4Mike Mauro$48.40
5Phillip Johnson$48.20
6John pape$47.60
7Pete Childs$46.60
8Drake Rogers$43.40
9john a churlin$43.40
10Dale Baker$43.00
11George Pepis$43.00
12Mark Daniels$43.00
13Stuart N Hoff$42.60
15Morris Murray$41.40
16Brian book$41.20
17SCOTT VOSS$41.20
18mike morgan$39.60
19tony calabrese$39.00
20Richard Coreno$38.60
21Alan Kling$38.00
22Joseph Fontenot IIII$38.00
23padraig gavin$38.00
24nick churlin$37.20
25Susan Loaiza$36.00
26Joseph Koran$35.40
27joseph saia$34.60
28Gary Fitzpatrick$33.60
29GeneTodaro 1$33.60
30Raymond Joseph Funkhouser$33.60
31Mel Daniels$32.60
32Joe DeVivo$32.40
33Seth Merrow$32.20
34Linda Ritchie$32.20
35Charles DiVenti$31.40
36Louis Bystrak$31.40
37Lisa Voss$31.40
38Tony R Jarvis$30.80
39Ryan Farnsley$30.40
40william PETROSKY$30.20
42Bobby Knight$29.20
43Bob Lunny$29.20
44Joseph Fontenot Jr$28.80
45sherwin siddons$28.60
46Chris Brown$28.40
48Jann Lunny$28.00
49Mike Nagle$28.00
50Dennis Phillips$27.80
51Beth Kornbau$27.60
52Sabrina Nicole$27.20
53Deb Graham$26.80
54jeff holt$26.00
55Joe Gibson$26.00
56Laura Woodside$26.00
57Mike Phillips$25.60
58Kim Koran$25.20
59Damon DiLodovico$24.80
60Suzanne Hurst$24.80
61john stewart$24.60
62Jolyan Butler$24.60
63Deb Graham$24.40
64Kevin O’Keeffe$24.40
65Leon Satz$24.40
66Ron Frizzell #2$24.20
67Charles A. Warner$24.00
68Mark Meszaros$24.00
69Ron Ritchie$23.60
70Blair Monroe$23.20
71gerald dreyer$23.20
72richard a warnick$23.00
73daniel topper$22.60
74Karl Deppen$22.20
75Susan Butler$21.60
76Bob Mcloud$21.40
77Richard Czajkowski$21.00
78Joe Gibson$20.60
79Stan Plastek$20.60
80Paula Young$20.40
82Mike Yeager$19.60
83Terri Bagley$19.00
84Tim Vocke$18.80
85Josh Adams$18.60
86Louis B.$18.60
87Paul Kisner$18.60
88Mike Famous$18.60
89Rob Tuck$18.60
90Fantastic Jack Pentifallo$18.20
91Tom Pendergast$18.20
92Anthony,t tolino$17.80
93Joseph Richardson$17.60
94John Bykowski$17.60
95Carlo Marinuzzi Jr$16.20
96Tony Mohutsky$16.20
97Anthony Vendetti$15.80
99wm pietschman$15.60
100Jermaine Haughton$15.60
101paul howard$15.20
102Ron Yonker$15.20
103Mark Bowers$15.00
104michael harris$15.00
105Lou Monaco$14.60
106David Beighle$14.60
108Dennis phillips$14.40
109Mike Watson$14.20
110Merrill Irey$13.60
111janet mason$13.60
112janet mason$13.60
113Lance Bradley$13.60
114Scott Drzonsc$13.60
115George Ekaitis$13.60
116Greg McLucas$13.40
117TED GROFF$13.40
118thomas mcnally$13.40
119George Lamson$13.20
120Buzz Phillips$13.20
121Milton Donahue$12.60
122James Geldhof$12.00
123Barry Spears$11.20
124Bill McGrath$11.20
125Floyd Richardson$11.20
126Edward Kraker$11.20
127Morris Murray$11.20
128Edwin Mitchell$11.00
129Michelle McSweeney$11.00
130steve allen wages$11.00
131Shawn Breiding$10.40
132Chris Rascher$10.40
133David Vocke$10.40
134Donald Petrosky$10.40
135Joseph Hansen$10.40
136michael wielgosz$10.40
137Steven Bice$10.40
138Francis Larson$10.40
139Dan Herman$10.00
140Michele Mathews$10.00
141Randall Thomas-2$10.00
142Matt Warthen$9.60
143Heather Yount$9.20
144Jeff Diday$9.20
145Katie Brown$9.20
146Kyle Holton$9.20
147Mike Lunny$9.20
148Timothy Blizzard$9.20
149Julie Spear Sommer$8.80
150Richard Dahlgren$8.80
151Deb Graham$7.00
153dawn lenert$7.00
154Gary Quill$7.00
155Joanne Tierney$7.00
156John Gradzki$7.00
157Jon Shonk$7.00
158Mike Fucci$7.00
159Anthony DeMeo$6.40
161Frank Ferrandino$6.40
162Joseph Underkoffler$6.40
163Micky fama$6.40
164Jason Deputy$6.40
165David Hunter Robison$6.20
166Gary Alvig$6.20
167John Lanahan Jr$6.20
168Kevin Dodson$6.20
169Lynn Horvath$6.20
170Michael Horvath$6.20
171Joe Puleo$6.00
172Mike Nagle$6.00
173Clarence Diehl$5.40
174Marike Emery$5.40
175bill hahn$5.40
176Steven Davis$4.60
177Ed hegarty$4.60
178Howard Chelin$4.60
179Joey underkoffler$4.60
181John T Massey$4.60
182mark kauffman$4.60
183Nancy H. Meyers$4.60
184BILL KUEHN$3.40
185Dennis Robinson$3.00
186Kaleka Rogers$3.00
187Renee Barnes$3.00
188Jon Shonk$0.00
189Brian Leckie$0.00
190Carlo Marinuzzi$0.00
191Randy Bednar$0.00
192Steve Davis$0.00
193Bren Stave$0.00
194Howard Blumberg$0.00
195Bob McGrath2$0.00
196Dale Holman$0.00
197Dan Tordjman$0.00
198Donald W Petrosky$0.00
199Francis Larson$0.00
200Floyd Richardson$0.00
201Faith Moss$0.00
202Jerry McClenin$0.00
203joseph Fields$0.00
204joseph w mckay$0.00
205Joe Puleo$0.00
206John Bykowski$0.00
207John walker$0.00
208Jim poulos$0.00
209Karin Brewer$0.00
210scott koerner$0.00
211Jim Kimbrew$0.00
212Susan Loaiza$0.00
213Mark Davis$0.00
214Mark Stout$0.00
216Buzz Phillips$0.00
217Lewis Near$0.00
218Kenny O’Hanna$0.00
219Patrick Dinovi$0.00
220Michael Andrew Horvath$0.00
221Paul Sparks Jr.$0.00
222mike bonino$0.00
223Ms G Artis$0.00
224richard allen$0.00
225John Stew$0.00
226Douglas stillions$0.00
227John Smith$0.00
228Lou Octavio$0.00
229Calixto F Garcia$0.00
230Dell Yount$0.00
231Vickie Baynard$0.00
232t. stutts$0.00

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