Podcast: Handicapping the Kentucky Derby

by | May 5, 2017 | Breaking, Handicapping, Regionwide, Top Stories


Last year’s Kentucky Derby winner, Nyquist. Photo by The Racing Biz.

by Linda Dougherty, Nick Hahn, and Derby Bill Watson


Handicapping experts gather to talk Kentucky Derby 2017! Host Frank Vespe, of The Racing Biz (theracingbiz.com) is joined by:

  • Linda Dougherty, correspondent for The Racing Biz and handicapper for The Trentonian newspaper;
  • Derby Bill Watson, regular on Off to the Races on The Racing Biz Radio Network and former Colonial Downs on-air handicapper; and
  • Nick Hahn, correspondent for The Racing Biz and creator of the eponymous Nick’s Picks tipsheet.

Who’ll win the Derby? And why? And how do we make money off of that?

Our experts have the answers! Tune in for horse-by-horse analysis, selections, and wagering advice on Saturday’s Derby. Oh, and good luck on Derby day!