Welcome back!

The Racing Biz is back after a two-day break, and we hope you’ll love (or at least like) the changes we’ve made.  Let’s look through them:

Maybe the first thing you’ve noticed are the changes we’ve made to navigating the site.  When you first arrive, there’s no top line menu bar.  But don’t worry — it appears when you start to scroll down the page.  In that line are where our most important and popular pages live.

If you’re more inclined to review the site by state, you have a couple of options for that.  You can click on the little menu icon next to the “Trending” stories in the top line when you first arrive; that includes the drop-downs so if, for example, you want to go to “Maryland racing” or “Pennsylvania breeding,” you can.  Alternatively, you can scroll down and find the “State News” menu in the right sidebar.  Either way should get you where you want to go.

You may also have noticed that the “Live racing” schedule that used to live in the middle of the homepage isn’t there.  We decided to reclaim that space for more important things — like actual news — and we’ve sent the racing calendar to the bottom of the right sidebar (but it’s still there!).

Also on that sidebar, you’ll notice that we’ve collapsed what used to be two lists of most-read articles into one.  The “Popular Now” list includes our seven most-read articles in the last three days.

You’ll also notice on the top line menu bar a new Racing Data page.  The Racing Data page includes several tabs of information — all right at your fingertips.  Among them: our Claimbox index of the region’s claiming trainers; our Top Midlantic-bred Poll results; our Big Movers, and more.  It also includes an “Active Tracks” tab, which will replace our daily “Midlantic Raceday” articles and includes links to entries, results, and videos for all currently active tracks in the mid-Atlantic; notably, it also includes live video from Laurel Park racing.

One other exciting new feature is Sound Off!  That’s our new forum/message board, where you can weigh in on any issues of concern or interest to you about any racing topic under the sun!

Finally, we’ve added a new Advertise page.  If you’re an avid reader of The Racing Biz with a product or service to sell, the best way to reach all of those other avid readers of The Racing Biz is simple — by advertising to them.  Get in touch with us today, and let’s put our heads together to create a plan that works for you.

We’ve also upgraded our site’s back-end, which should make it faster and more reliable for you on the front end.

Thanks for visiting, and please get in touch with any comments, questions, or concerns.