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Announcer Tom Durkin called it “an impossible result.”

Perhaps — but Mine That Bird’s 50-1 Kentucky Derby upset has now become a movie.

A misfit group of New Mexico cowboys find themselves on the journey of a lifetime when their crooked-leg racehorse qualifies for the Kentucky Derby. Based on the inspiring true story of Mine That Bird, the cowboys face a series of mishaps on their way to Churchill Downs, becoming the ultimate underdogs in a final showdown with the world’s racing elite.

“50 to 1” is the biopic of the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner, Mine That Bird, best known for the stunning upset at 50 to 1 odds. Filming began on this long awaited project in September 2012 in the deserts of New Mexico. Mine That Bird was an American thoroughbred race horse with a career in both the United States and Canada. While competing in many races, it’s the journey to the Kentucky Derby and his win that caught the world’s attention. An owner of Mine That Bird, Mark Allen, will be portrayed by actor – singer Christian Kane (Leverage, Hide, Her Minor Thing), while Skeet Ulrich (Jerico, Law and Order L.A., Into the West) has been cast as the horse’s trainer, Chip Woolley. Oscar-award winning producer, Jim Wilson (Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard, Wyatt Earp, among others) serves as the film’s producer, director and co-writer.

In Mine That Bird’s lone start at a track covered by The Racing Biz, he ran second to Rachel Alexandra in the Preakness.

Watch the trailer here:

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